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The Gnosis and the Law
Chapter 17

Like the peal of an organ played by a master hand, the Age of Cosmic Ceremonial is dawning on the Earth, bringing along with it many blessings to the evolving humanity, one of which is the approaching and eventual returning of the Archangels and the Angelic Kingdom to the Earth. For aeons of time, These blessed Beings have guided and protected mankind, though the latter, as the years went by, in their headlong involution, have not only ignored These friends but, in many instances, have altogether forgotten them.

In response to the invitation from the Ascended Master Saint Germain and His students, the Archangels, with Their Angelic Kingdom, have broken their Cosmic silence, for the first time in many thousands of years, and opened the door to Their Realms of Consciousness and Radiation to all those of humanity who choose to accept Their Presence and Their Gifts.

As we have already seen in the great Plan of Creation, the Archangels represent the feeling of the Father-Mother God, as the Elohim represent the mental qualities. The sustaining of these feelings in the atmosphere of Earth where they are available to the souls of man, is the service of the Archangels and the Angelic Kingdom. Now, as the Age of Cosmic Ceremonial has dawned upon the Earth, with it comes the Fiat of the Eternal to unite the Kingdoms of Angels, man and the elemental in conscious cooperation and endeavor to fulfill the Divine Plan. In obedience to this Fiat, the Archangels with Their evolution, are coming closer to us, bringing not only Their love, Their Radiation and Their service but, also, a description of Their world, Their work and Their activities. In the following, Archangel Michael introduces us to "the world of the Angels".

"...The world of the Angels is a world of Love - a golden Sea of pulsing, breathing, radiant flame, with the Cherubim and Seraphim disporting Themselves in the living Heart and Bosom of the Father. The only pathway to the actual experiencing of Their personal presence is Love - but this Love must be clothed in great inner peace and tranquility, as if your innermost being was a sea of blue water and your consciousness a lotus flower opening to the sun of God, resting on the blue sea and pouring forth the radiance of Its Being. Dwelling thus in an inner tranquility and poise, you may step on soft, reverent feet at any moment into the presence of the Angels, but the least emotional unrest or nervous tension closes the door, temporarily, to Their presence." ("Archangel Michael", p. 12)

The world of the Angels, as a subject of study and deeper understanding, for the great mass of men is almost unknown. The main reason for it, as often we have referred in these pages, is the fact that after the "Fall" and the refusal of man to recognize even the existence of the Angelic Kingdom, the Angels, to a great measure, withdrew themselves from the Planet, with the result the closer relation between the two evolutions, man and angel - with rare exceptions - disappeared. Now, with the invocation of practically all of the evolving students of various Ascended Masters, but particularly those of Saint Germain, as well as the dispensations which the Cosmic Law has granted to the latter, (1) the Angels started anew passing the bridge that separated them from man and to come closer to Earth. It is to be regretted however, that this so important an event for the spiritual advancement of humanity has been completely ignored, without the least appreciation, by those who had the means and the facilities to bring it to the attention of the masses of the people. Worse, some organizations, when the matter was brought to their attention, went as far as to denounce it as anti-Christian, false and "heretic".

In their evolution, Angels, as they climb higher and higher reach the heights and importance of Archangels, Seraphim, Cherubim (2) and other Cosmic Beings, beyond our knowledge. But like man and the elementals, they belong to various Rays, and according to the Quality of the Ray, they render their service. As previously stated, at the head of each Ray, for the Angels is an Archangel, for the elementals an Elohim, and for man a Chohan. The diagram given, as we proceed shows the divisions. This however, was not from the beginning, and even before the "Fall" the Archangels acted as Chohans for the human evolutions. After the "Fall" and for aeons of time, this continued, especially when the human involution was at its nadir. (3) This, however, no longer exists and human evolution has progressed enough to not only develop its own Chohans of the Rays, but as well as its own Planetary Logos. The coming of the Angels indicates, "to those who know", that a Golden Age is dawning on the Earth and man is rising from the depths he had fallen to eventually fulfill his mission on the Earth. (4)

Divine Complements
El Morya
Faith / Will
Wisdom / Illumination
Paul the Venetian
Divine Love
Elohim of Purity
Purity / Discipline / Hope
Mother Mary
Science / Consecration / Healing
Elohim of Peace
Lady Master Nada
Service / Ministration / Peace
Purple / Gold /Ruby
Saint Germain
Invocation / Freedom / Mercy / Transmutation

As already stated, the feeling world is the magnetic power that attracts the Angels. Faith, Love and absolute obedience to their Creator are their basic qualities. Respecting the human freedom of will, they never impose or interfere in affairs of men and are attracted only to those who have faith in them; they love them and they are seeking their cooperation. (5)

Instinctively noble, they refrain from cooperating with those who avoid them. Feeling, being for them the main Quality, intellectual accretion, deep thought, even spiritual attainment does not attract their presence. They, like the bee, who is attracted by the sweet essence of the flower, so the Angels; it is the essence of love and feeling that attracts them. (6) Color, perfume and the Virtues of God's feeling are their basic magnet. The "open gate" through which they enter into any Planet is the expression of the feeling of Love for God, the Universal "I AM" Presence, as well as Love and consideration for the Angels themselves. As man progresses and climbs higher in the ladder of evolution, a greater intercourse and fraternal cooperation will be between man and the Angelic Kingdom. (7)

For thousands of years, human discord refused to acknowledge the existence of the Angels, and if it were not for the few noble spirits who acknowledged them, loved and invoked them, the Angelic Kingdom long ago would have been withdrawn from the Earth. This done, the Earth, as a living Planet, would have ceased to exist and its inhabitants - man - would have no planetary home to live and fulfill his mission on life. (8) It is through the efforts of beneficent and God-loving spirits that the Angels are attracted to the Earth and assist man, through the energy of their Divine Virtues. They revitalize the spiritual centers in the hearts of the individuals, raise the quality of their efforts and prompt them to higher evolution. This is accomplished for the Angels' Radiation is positive, constructive, pure and perfect. When this Radiation becomes general and penetrates the entire planet with its evolutions, it will change the quality of energy of the race and will, eventually, bring harmony and peace to the world. This will take place some day; and when man gets a fuller realization of the service the Angelic Kingdom render to him and to the Earth, the bridge, which connects the two kingdoms - human and Angelic - will widen, the number of the passing toward the Earth Angels will increase and man's evolution will advance.

On certain parts of the Earth's surface, there are enormous concentrated spiritual currents which are guarded by Angelic Powers, under the direction of certain Seraphim and Cherubim. These currents were created and are maintained as a result of Cosmic Plan "to hold the balance of Pure Life Forces requisite to sustain the Solar System" (Archangel Michael). In other parts, highly evolved souls, through their conscious invocation, magnetized and established spiritual centers, Light steadily is projected, much like the rays of the Sun, and it is the privilege and the love of Seraphim and Cherubim to enfold them with their protective power, so that they will not dissipate their efficacy by the human effluvia.

The more attention and love that can be given to Cherubim and Seraphim, in their service to sustaining these God Currents, the greater will be the reserve of spiritual concentrated force and the more giving out. When these currents become intense, the human effluvia are dissolved and anyone entering these spiritual foci feels immediately their beneficent Radiation. This has been done at Lourdes and it is always felt in the Retreats of the Masters when students are admitted.

During the liturgical service of the great Cathedrals, Cherubim and Seraphim are leading groups of Angels in there to raise the spirit of the congregation and strengthen the blessing coming down on them from above. Here is how the Maha Chohan presents it:

". . . Now let's take the service in a Cathedral - with the congregation gathered - and at the elevation of the Cup - a group of these Angels is sent right into the Church. They stand in "V" formation with either a great Seraphim or Cherubim of mature proportions right over the altar and then, at a given moment, when the priest utters the sanctified words, from Their bodies, They release freely, and in very great power, that Spiritual Anointing from Above. Now in the smaller churches throughout the city and country, less experienced Angelic Beings gather and the release is sometimes so rapid, because every angel has to work with the whole to make the tremendous power of ceremony as efficacious as Saint Germain, in the future, intends to manifest. . . . "

" . . . The smaller Angels experiment in places where less numbers are gathered, but where there are great groups gathered together, we send groups of the Angelic Host every thirty minutes to release the substance which flows down through the people. Above the Angelic Host are Mighty Devas who guard Our Temples and Churches and world movements. They receive the life force much like the Beings in the Temples and They hold that within Their bodies sometimes for five or six thousand years, and when you step into a great church you are just bathed in that sanctity and that holiness and you take it away with you; but were such a Deva to release that force, your old Cathedrals, like Rheims, would not have the particular Radiation they do now. Some of these foci go back as far as Atlantis. . . . " (" Beloved Archangel Michael")

Dissimilar to man, whose nature was meant to express more than one Virtue or Quality, the Angels are one-sided and extremely concentrated on the Quality or Virtue which they express. (9)

On this point, Archangel Michael gives us the following:

"Every Angelic Being belonging to the Court of Heaven and serving God through Radiation, embodies some specific Radiation, Quality, Virtue, or positive feeling which is One of the Manifold expressions of the Nature of Divinity! Century after century - each such Being has drawn the Stream of Primal Life Essence which forms the core of the individual Flame and qualified that Essence with the predominant feeling of His Own Natural Virtue!

"Mankind, unlike the Angelic Host, was originally designed to manifest a 'Twelve-fold' nature, similar to that of the God Father and Mother of the System to which They belong. Thus you will see that the Power of a particular Quality is much more concentrated through the Nature and Being of an Angel that even through the most advanced and matured nature of a member of the human kingdom, where the qualified energy fills twelve Virtues, instead of one!

"The nature of the Archangels, the Seraphim, the Cherubim, and the Angels is One Pointed in the extreme - and They represent concentrations of particular God Qualities which - like Suns - fecundate the germs of like Qualities through the souls of mankind wherever the Divine Ones minister.

"I AM privileged to represent the Cosmic Quality of Faith in all the Power of the God that flows through and animates every physical heart, that feeds the soul of every lifestream, incarnate or discarnate, that belongs to this evolution. It is My privilege and opportunity to convey My Faith through the feelings to those who open themselves to My Presence and My Power. People have Faith - but it is not anchored in God. It is anchored in the shadows of their own creation. It is for Me to radiate Faith in God as the only Power that can act. It is My hope that some among the human race, at present, will so invite My Presence that I may Fire the consciousness with My Conviction and enable them to bear witness to that All Power, stimulate interest in His Kingdom, and bring that Kingdom through the outer consciousness into manifestation for the Planet in these years of Planetary changes. . . . "

Elsewhere Archangel Michael gives us the following:

" . . . It is not the plan of the Archangels to abide within flesh forms, nor to bind Their shining Spirits in the forgetful robes of flesh, in vehicles designed, created and sustained as suitable housing for another type of evolutionary Spirit, whose Fire and Light are tempered to these garments. . . . "

" . . . The Intelligences within the Central Sun Who form the Children of the Central Sun are known as the Archangels. They are already in complete possession of the God Power of the Father-Mother of the Galaxy and They live to radiate the Light that fills the system and forms the effulgent atmosphere of God's Heart. When each lesser Sun is sent forth in the rhythmic outbreathing of the Central Sun, (each rhythm taking countless centuries of time), Seven of the Archangels with Their Twin Flames go forth to become the Guardian Presence of all the Angelic Beings, mankind and the elementals who will form the evolution of that Sun and its Planets. I (Michael) came forth with our present Sun, together with the other six Archangels who form the Guard, not only of the Earth, but the physical sun, the planets of this system, their satellites and the Seven Inner Spheres which form the Heavens for this particular chain.

"Coming from the Central Sun, it is within Our natural heritage to rise into the chains above Us, as occasion demands, and the Cosmic Highways into the Heart of Our System are open to Us at all times, whereas the lifestreams evolving toward Perfection on the Earth chain alone are bound by the periphery of the chain to which they belong.

"With Us, from the Great Central Sun came Our Own Guard of Honor, and countless Legions of Angelic Beings Whose Purpose in Being is to fulfill Our Will, which is one with the Will of the Father. Then added to this countless Legion are the Angelic Beings who have "evolved" and are "evolving" from within the chain itself and who join Our ranks from time to time, as the Liberated Members of the human race join the Great White Brotherhood. As Sanat Kumara is to the Great White Brotherhood, so am I to the Angelic Brotherhood (forgive the personal reference). The reason I speak of it is because the Activity of the Archangels is diversified in the extreme, covering the fields of Healing, Illumination and Protection, but the joining of the Angelic Kingdom to the Emancipated Brotherhood of Mankind is My particular Service to Life.

"As Saint Germain, through the Seventh Ray, will draw the Angelic Host and the mankind of Earth into conscious cooperative action through the beautiful rituals of the Ceremonial Ray, you will see how We all work with This Plan, you from among the human race - I from the Angelic Kingdom - and the Beloved Saint Germain from the Ascended Master Kingdom - the Trinity again - in action - to fulfill God's Plan.

"Besides the Angelic Host drawn forth by Helios and Vesta, Who are evolving within the Inner Spheres, there are countless Legions of Angels evolved through the Free Spirits of Those who are engaged to Cosmic Unfoldment as Saint Germain's Angels of the Violet Flame, created and sustained by His Own Love and Light and there are many God-created Angelic Beings of My Own household drawn forth and sustained by My Love. . . . "

For a fuller understanding of the Service given to man by the Archangels and the Angelic Kingdom, I present in the following, excerpts of an Address given by Archangel Michael to the students at the Royal Teton, during the Karmic Board's Convocation, December, 1953. ("Bridge", Series 3, Book 4)

"Hail, Children of God! Living, breathing Fire Beings, representative of the three Great Kingdoms, Guardian Spirits from other Stars and Planets! Angels wearing the robes of flesh! Elementals, presently incarnate to help the evolution of the race - and Earthlings too! . . . I bring to you the Blessings of the Great Eternal Father and Mother of our System, before Whose Throne I bowed, kissing the hem of Their Celestial Garments and asking for the privilege - the Opportunity - to guard the souls of men, until each and every one might be transformed and transmuted into the Eternal White Fire Body and pass Triumphant from the wheel of birth and death, into their Eternal, Immortal God-Freedom.

"Do you know then how much I love you, individually! Each one of you is part of My Pledge to Life! I have watched over your souls from the very first day when your sweet feet touched the Planet Earth on the first lap of your great journey toward individual creative development and Perfection. Whether you came as a Guardian Spirit - whether you came as an Angelic Being, as a member of Our Own Court; - whether you came as one of the Builders of Form or whether you were among the sweet and Holy Innocents for whom the Planet was created and has been sustained to this day - I pledged My Life to see you Free!

"Ah! Through these long centuries that have been, have I walked by your side through incarnations in which the tears dimmed your eyes! Many times, as your heads were bowed and as you had seemingly lost faith in God and good and purpose, have I stood close and whispered - 'Faith, little brother - Faith, little sister', and again you lifted your head, straightened your spine and moved forward - endeavoring in that Earth life to balance your debts and to conduct yourselves in a manner worthy of the God Life which is your heartbeat.

"Many a time have I taken your weary soul (as the last breath was placed in the keeping of the Holy Comforter) into My Own Arms, and brushed from your soiled garments with My Own Hands the spots and stains of the iniquities which you consciously or unconsciously had woven into the substance of your being! Many is the time I have answered a heart call from someone who loved you more than you loved yourself - and in that heart call turned you back from the brink of the second death to renew your endeavors to complete your journey in honor and in dignity. Many is the time I have kissed your brow as you took upon yourself again the weight of the Karma alloted you by the Karmic Board and, passing into the realm of form forgot for a time your friends, the Angels! I AM your Friend, for My Life is pledged to set you Free!

"I remember well when the priests in the Temples were notified that the laggards of the other System were to be given habitation on the Earth and were told to make the application required to protect the evolution that had been living in the innocence of the 'Garden of Eden' from the effluvia and contagion of the thoughts and feeling of those who, on their own Planet, either did not or could not control the energies enough to proceed with their Planet into greater Light.

"I remember well My Own contemplation, pondering on how I might best serve in the ages that were to come. It was then I fashioned out of thought the Sword of Flame which has been with Me all through the aeons since and which has been constantly used to cut the souls of men free from the shackles of their own creation and to release imprisoned life caught in the thought forms of the humanly created entities that make up the astral and psychic realms, which is My self-chosen home and habitation for twenty hours out of every twenty-four.

"I fashioned that Sword of Flame by thought, for I knew that there would come a time when the souls of men should require more than the energies of their own lifestreams to cut themselves free from the shackles and creations into which they would weave their energies. I charged into that Sword My Love of men - My Love of the heartbeat - My Love of God. . . . It is not a Sword of which to be frightened - It is a Sword of Redemption, a Sword of Hope, a Sword of Freedom, and when the last soul has passed over the bridge into Eternal Light; when the last Book of Record has been closed and sealed; when the Ascension of the last lifestream is completed and every tiny electron that is presently functioning in distorted form is again redeemed and returned to the Sun - that Sword shall be no more - Then we shall sing our Hallelujahs together - 'Glory to God in the highest and Glory be to the Light in the hearts of free men'!

"Within man is the Kingdom of the mind where the elementals, responding to thought, become the form which is designed within the consciousness. Within man is also, the great emotional world which is the Kingdom of the Angels, to which they respond, amplifying every Virtue, every tiny pulsation of Hope, Purity, Peace or Kindness generated within the feeling world.

"The mind is the magnetic center for the Elemental Kingdom. The feeling world is the magnetic center for the Angelic Kingdom. Within mankind one day both shall be blended consciously and man will be master through controlled energy in the feelings coupled with definitely directed thought - that is why it is said that man is a 'bridge' between the two great kingdoms. . . . "

" . . . The great Angelic Kingdom came to your Planet Earth primarily as Protectors - as Amplifiers - of the Virtues of God - they came after the darkness had begun to gather round your Planet - to bring within Their Shining Bodies the remembrance of those God-Qualities from the Heart of the Eternal - they stand yet within the auras of men and women who are enmeshed in their own human creations and through the Power of Radiation, help them to continue to place one foot before the other moving onward and upward until the Cosmic Day dawns when more help can be given. . . . "

The Angels evolve, primarily, through the control of Radiation. They learn through the control of energy to become Cherubim, Seraphim, Archangels, and finally, great Beings that guard and protect Planets, Galaxies and large Systems of Worlds.

The Beloved Archangel Jophiel, in His Temple, works with the Angelic Kingdom much in the same manner that the Beloved Venetian works with the Elemental Kingdom. Jophiel revealed:

" . . . The small Angels are taught how to draw Radiation how to emulate a feeling. The Deva or Teacher in charge radiates a feeling, we will say, of Faith. The color and Power of this Quality passes out from His Body and is instantly recreated in the feeling worlds of the little Angelic Beings who disport themselves in it and, like the bees that cluster around a flower enjoying its nectar, they absorb the Quality of the Virtue, laugh in it and are joyous. As they grow - they go just a little way from the Temple and the Quality of the Virtue passes out from their bodies without any restraint or control, making little sparkles of light, of Quality and color in the atmosphere - something similar to the "sparklers" that are used in the celebration of your great Independence Day.

"As they learn to hold within their bodies the Quality under assignment for a longer period of time, they are evolving in controlled energy. They are then assigned to a ceremonial deva or some experienced member of the Angelic Kingdom who is about to proceed into the lower atmosphere of the earthlings. They are asked to hold the Quality (of faith in this instance) within themselves until the directing angel points out some lifestreams who are in need of faith and thus they sally forth on their mission. Sometimes they are able to hold the Radiation for the prescribed period and sometimes they are not. . . . It is not important in the beginning, but if they are able to follow through, they will come down into the atmosphere of Earth and the silent Watcher of a city will direct them to a home where perhaps a mother watches by a sickbed or where there is an individual in distress of some kind. He will then instruct the little angel to release the Quality it is holding within its consciousness into the feeling world of the needy one and thus render the service for which it was created. . . .

" . . . The Faith of the Angel is its Gift to the human being - the human being feels the angel's presence in a surge of new hope - of confidence, but he neither sees nor knows his little celestial visitor and the latter (its mission accomplished) rushes back quickly to the protective aura of its director - the whole contingent finally speeding back into the Sun or Temple from which they issued forth.

"The angels grow in this wise until they become invested with enough control of energy to be given the keeping or care of a home, a church, a hospital, or an asylum of some kind. . . . There they remain, drawing down the energy of the God-head to bless their charges weaving out of the energies of the inhabitants thereof, whatever prayers come forth - the people thus (perhaps unconsciously) giving back a balance and blessing for God's love and light. . . .

"You see, the Angelic Kingdom is concerned primarily with bringing the gifts of God and they are one-pointed in the extreme. . . . If they are told to bring faith, that Quality represents their entire consciousness. . . . They are embodied obedience - They render the service allotted to them and return home.

"Now, another activity of the Angelic Host is to expand the virtues already present in mankind. They are not overwhelmed, however, by this service at the moment - because the vices of the race are not balanced by the virtues - unfortunately. . . . "


1. Talking to the students in Philadelphia, on Christmas Eve in 1952, Saint Germain said the following:

" . . . I was enabled to secure the Dispensation required to bring some of the lovely members of the Cherubic Hosts to dwell with you, with the understanding that once each month I would have to attend each one to see if it were kindness to allow this lovely Being to remain longer in such association. The Lords of Karma promise Me that if we prove successful in this experiment, I shall be allowed the honor of bringing more of this Kingdom into the lower atmosphere of Earth around the magnetic heart centers of Love which specifically qualified students may provide. We shall see. . . !" ("Archangel Michael", p. 57)

2. In an address given to the students at the Royal Teton, December 24, 1956, Adelphia, Guardian Angel to the students of the Light, gave the following information, in regard to Cherubim, Seraphim, and Angels: ("Bulletin", Vol. 5, #41)

" . . . Some of you have desired to know the difference between the Seraphim, the Cherubim and the Angelic Host - Cherubim are primarily Beings Who plunge deep into the Electronic Belt around the Sun to which They belong, saturate Themselves with the Virtues of that Sun God and Goddess and bring that feeling and Virtue to the Earth. They learn, even as you do, through experimentation, how to hold the Virtue and radiate it out to bless those to whom they are sent. There are little Cherubim - who dissipate that Virtue in the strong impact of unbelief and rebellion but who grow - until they can hold within their Auras the blessing they have been sent to radiate and remain untouched by the energies of less developed lifestreams. The great Cherubim Who guard world movements - such as Cherubim Lovelee (1) are Those Who have so developed and earned the opportunity of enfolding peoples all over the Planet in Their Radiation of Grace. . . ."

" . . . The Seraphim are glorious Beings Who usually form the Court - the Honor Guard - of Beings Who travel through the Cosmos. Always when such Beings. make a visitation, you will see the Presence of the delicate, graceful Seraphim preceding the Cosmic Being, Master or other Divine Guest. They, too, are a Radiating Center of Divine Love and Protection, but, for the most part, Their Service is One of Ministration to the Divine Messengers.

"The Angelic Host (as a whole) are created by Archangels, Archaii, Cosmic Beings and Ascended Masters and form the 'Spiritual Court' of such Beings. For instance, around Beloved Mother Mary, there are countless Angels of Protection. These Angels are Messengers of the Beings Who have created them out of Their Own Heart and carry the Gifts of the Being into the atmosphere of Earth, when directed, to bless and uplift whomsoever chooses to accept that Gift and Their Reality. . . . "

The service of Lovelee, in the present civilization, can be compared to that of Angel Micah during the Jewish dispensation under Moses. ("Bridge", March, 1957, p. 2)

3. The Cosmic Being Zarathustra, in an address given to the students during the midyear convocation of the Karmic Board at the Royal Teton, July 8, 1954, and referring to the conditions extant on Earth after the "Fall", He said the following: ("Bridge", November, 1958, p. 5)

"...Then, as the immortal Flame of God within the heart was ignored; as the attention of mankind fed primal life into the appearance and built those entities of thought and feeling which formed the great blanket of astral and psychic pressure, even the physical use of the fire element was lost to the masses and there were eras upon this fair Earth, where physical fire was known not! Such an era preceded the coming of Sanat Kumara and the Lords of the Flame from Venus. In those times, the great hordes of savages, the degenerate races had no use and knowledge of fire, and the spiritual community wherein the spiritual lifestreams retained the knowledge of the physical fire were walled in, and the warmth, the comfort, and the light of the fire which was a protection not only against the invisible psychic and astral creations but against the roaming animals was denied the mankind who had forgotten to feed and sustain the immortal Flame which was their God Presence with all the Power of God the Father..."

Continuing, Zarathustra said that this condition continued until the coming of Sanat Kumara, Who through invocation, did magnetize again from the Heart of the Sun a Priest of the Order of Zarathustra, Who came and walked the Earth and brought to mankind, outside the walls of the sanctified, the use of the physical flame once more.

4. In the following, the Maha Chohan gives us more information on the Angelic Kingdom. ("Bulletin", Vol. 6, #33)

"Every great evolutionary scheme has been carried to fruition on the loving wings of Angelic Host, Devas, and Builders of Form. They are the invisible expression of The Fire of Creation, which molds Substance and Light according to the directing intelligence of God Beings.

The Great Angelic Hierarchy, from the time immemorial, has served mankind and God and fully three-fourths of all accomplishment has been due to Their kind ministration and selfless service. Because They serve in Their entirety, without human will or desire, the nature of Their Being is obedience to Love. The greatest happiness and delight of Their hearts is to plunge into any progressive constructive endeavor and give all of Themselves toward its successful fruition.

The Ascended Masters of Light and Wisdom Who have from time to time, guided the progress of the Planets and their people, are well aware of the glorious companionship, friendship, and priceless service of the Angelic Host, for no upward arc could be achieved without Their Presence.

Due to the intensely materialistic state of consciousness mankind has adopted, they have become callous toward the Invisible Dwellers in the Angelic Kingdom, which state of affairs has made Their conscious cooperation with man more difficult.

Through special Dispensation, henceforth the Angelic Host shall become an active conscious part in mankind's worship, evolution and progress toward perfection. They are the Harbingers of Good and always precede Divine Manifestation as They did before the Birth of Jesus, and as They are now preceding the full unfoldment of the Golden Age.

May I suggest that you train your consciousness to accept the Presence of the Angels in your homes, auras, Sanctuaries, and the lives of those who seem dear to you, - we honor the Angelic Host from the small thumb-nail fairy, to the Devas Who stand larger than the highest peak of the Andes. . . . If you had worked with mankind as long as We have, you would understand the gratitude We express toward the Angelic Host, Who live for Love, Who live to obey the slightest wish of Our hearts, and Who make Our tedious and strenuous service to mankind more easy by Their generous and constant attendance.

The Brotherhood of Angels and men shall find expression on the Earth Plane and I would appreciate your accepting Their friendship deep in your feelings and hearts. By so doing, I can assure you - you will have powerful help in bringing into manifestation the secret God desires of your Holy Christ Self."

5. The Maha Chohan further stated:

"The apparent submission at times of the destructive forces who would keep the Earth and her people in turmoil, is in great measure due to the calls of the children of Light. Waves of energy flow from the Angelic Kingdom at the calls from incarnate members of the human race to hold such forces of evil inactive and render them impotent to carry out their plans of destruction until such forces of evil are held and sealed by the Light.

When an Angelic Being has the conscious assistance of an individual on Earth, He utilizes the energies of his human companion as an open door through which to reach into the human consciousness of a race, a nation or a people. Although the intricacies of the procedure would be too involved for explanation here, in the future the combination of an Angel and a member of the human race will do much to hasten in The Golden Age. Certain Angelic Beings, at present, are devoting all Their energies to the dissolution of the inner core of the forces of evil who plan deliberately to arouse the emotions of unwakened mankind, at various points on Earth. . . ." (The Maha Chohan," Bulletin", Vol. 10, #27)

6. In an address given July 2, 1956, Archangel Michael, referring to Mother Mary's love for the Angels (to which Kingdom, incidentally, She originally belonged) said:

"...Once, long ago - when She (Mother Mary) was a very small child and alone in that Great Temple, I took upon Myself the aspect of loving comfort to Her. Sometimes I would visit Her little room at night, before She slept, and entertain as well as instruct that little One by telling Her stories of Our Kingdom. Then I would sometimes bring to Her tiny Angels, directing them in rhythmic "drills" and other manifestations of beauty and grace, right there on the counterpane of Her bed. You know She was only three when She entered that Temple and during the time of Her stay there, I tried to banish some of Her loneliness and make a little happiness for Her..." ("Bridge", September, 1957, p. 18)

7. In the following, the Maha Chohan is giving us some very interesting information. ("Bulletin", Vol. 3, #25)

"...The coming age of Freedom will bring a tremendous at-one-ment between sensitive earth spirits and the Angelic Host, who will work hand-in-hand to heart, in the establishment of God's Way on Earth. Meanwhile, as these heavenly spirits are temporary exiles from the realms of Peace and Harmony, the creation and sustaining of an atmosphere in which they can find refreshments and peace is a great service that has as yet not been understood by the travelers on the Path. In the physical homes and gardens of people there could be set aside sections where everything could be made conducive to the presence and sanctuary of the Angelic Host - and those places would be highly charged by Their Presence and Their gratitude that any human being who steps within them would experience the ecstasy of the Kingdom of Heaven which is the natural Radiation of the Angel.

In the East; in the south of France; in the Scottish Moorlands, there are certain old gardens and secluded spots in nature which, many centuries back, were dedicated by pure souls to the Angelic Kingdom and sensitive people can instantly feel these Radiations. In the future, places like these will be natural healing centers - any lifestream can dedicate such a place and then take the responsibility of drawing and focusing the love of the Angelic Kingdom if he or she should so desire to render a service to these exiles of Love.

In the great Himalayan Mountains, there are way-stops for the travelers where they may gain rest and protection from the forces of the elements as well as an opportunity of rebuilding their strength for their spiritual journey. In a like manner, these foci for the Angelic Kingdom must be established preceding their entrance and their stay in the lower octaves of Earth - They love flowers, natural perfumes, light and airy spaces, music and, of course, - primarily Peace."

8. In one of His addresses, Archangel Michael, referring to the above, stated that centuries ago, it was the daily invocation, of certain monks in a Western European Monastery, that kept Him close to Earth.

9. Perhaps this is the reason why an Angel, if he wishes to become creative, must change evolution and assume human form and human responsibilities.

About the Author

Tellis Papastavro was born in Greece and spent his formative years in the radiance of Beloved Pallas Athena's Temple of Truth. When he was 17 years old, he came to America where he spent his life seeking the answers to the questions "Who am I? Where did I come from?" Tellis found his answers in the information and teachings that were being released to Humanity, in an accelerated fashion, in accordance with Cosmic Edict. This information and teachings came from several key sources and was preparing Humanity to work in cooperation with the Ascended Host for the purpose of transforming the Planet into Her Divine Heritage, which is Heaven on Earth.

Realizing the necessity of a publication that would make these teachings available to every seeker - neophyte and experienced alike - Tellis compiled this information into "a handy manual of ordered teachings" and ""The Gnosis and the Law" was created. The material is considered the "Jewel Teachings" of the Spiritual Hierarchy.

Tellis was a selfless servant of the Light, and his sole purpose in publishing this sacred book of illumined Truth was to expand the wisdom and knowledge of God on Earth. Our Beloved Tellis returned to Greece in 1988 where he made his final preparation to leave the Earth. He was called home on February 3, 1989 at the age of ninety nine.

  1. Papastavro, Tellis "The Gnosis and The Law" Chapter 17   (Copyright for The Gnosis and The Law was given to Patricia Diane Cota-Robles by Tellis S. Papastavro on October 29, 1980. This information may be copied for the benefit of Humanity, however, please give credit as to the source.)
  2. Pearls of Wisdom ®, (The Summit Lighthouse, 1958 - 1972)
  3. Luk, A.D.K.   The Law of Life: Book II, (Pueblo, Colorado: A.D.K. Luk Publications, 1989)
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