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Ascended Master Art and Photos

We Are One

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Galactic Beauty Kwan Yin Pillars of Creation Portia Saint Germain
Sanat Kumara Spiral Galaxy Gate to Paradise Core of Galaxy Mary and Jesus
Surya Hyperion Kronos Mighty Cosmos Golden Age Earth
Great Central Sun Ascended Master Great Divine Director Goddess of Liberty
Lady Master Nada Temple of the Sacred Heart Athena Portia Kwan Yin
Eye of God Nebula Eagle Nebula Elijah and Elisha Boomerang Nebula Cosmic Creation
Olympian Gods Sahara Desert 70,000 years ago Threefold Flame Door to Higher Realms The Voyage of Life
Rose of Light Sombrero Galaxy Holy Spirit Angelic Temple Goddess of Music
Crystal City John on Patmos Seven Solar Logoi Retreat of the Blue Lotus Lux Invictus
Eros Retreat of the Liberty Flame Mother Teresa Amerissis Lakshmi
Life After Birth Electronic Body Rays of God Consciousness Christ Presence Resurrection of the Earth
Elizabeth & Mark Prophet Ascended Master Retreat Morya El Gold at the end of the Rainbow God of Light
Ambassador of Helios Saint Germain Venus Lanto Cherubim of the Golden Heart
Paul the Venetian Angelic Hosts Light of the Heart Goddess of Liberty Hilarion
White Dwarf Eloha and Elohae Love of the Heart Ascended Master Love Moses
Goddess of Gold Ascended Master Retreat Aureole Nebula Taj Mahal Lord Maitreya
Aurea, Solar Logos Diana, Solar Logos Apollo, Solar Logos Krishna Sophia
Etheric City Kwan Yin Godhead Charioteers Harmony Planetary Perspectives
Saint Cecilia Helios Wesak Ceremony Will of God Amoghasiddhi
Aries Diana, Goddess of Fire Isis Mercedes Merlin
Fortuna Dawn Holy Grail Amaryllis Maximus
Athena Omega Light of God Angel of the Agony Krishna
Omri-Tas Healing Temple Galaxy Pair Light Expanding Holding Light
Nada Potter Ascension Cosmic Sea of Light and Life Arcturus and Victoria Pomona
Crystal Golden Age Virgo Great Central Sun John the Beloved Amaryllis
Cartwheel Galaxy You and God Ramona Beauty of the Universe Astrea

Great Central Sun Angels

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