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Frequently Asked Questions


by Allen Buresz


Question - I was enjoying your article on the Violet Flame until I came one paragraph which brought my reading to a screeching halt: "Visualization is essential to successful invocation of the Violet Flame. You cannot create what you cannot visualize, just as an artist cannot paint a picture he cannot see."   What are the implications of this for people whose mind's eye is blind? I've never had any sense of having a mind's eye - it is always dark inside my head, there has never been a color or a picture - closing my eyes is like being in a pitch-black room. The faculty for memories and imagination are entirely absent. Are you saying that I cannot use the Violet Flame because I have no visualization? If that is not the case, can you tell me another way to invoke the Violet Flame? I find it hard to believe that as a human being with this particular cognitive handicap, I am somehow excluded from the gifts of the Violet Flame.

Answer - Every time you think a thought, you create thought-forms - which are visualizations. Even if you are not conscious of those thought-forms, nevertheless you are creating them. This artcle by Edna Ballard may help: Thought Forms.


Question - Are there any indications that Guy or Edna Ballard received any promptings that there might be a need for later Messengers?

Answer - The students of The I AM Activity originally believed that there would never be a need to continue with new Messengers. They also believed that there would eventually be enough Transmutation and Purity in the world that Direct Communications from the Ascended Masters through visible tangible Flames would be possible,(1) and that eventually visible tangible Ascended Master Teachers would address students directly. When the court cases and bad publicity at the beginning of the 1940s resulted in so many students deserting the I AM Activity, it appears that the full concentration of Edna Ballard was intended to be on the protection of the organization as a stable foundation for publishing and preserving what had been released up to that time, as well as organizing foundational Instruction. In the meantime, the Ascended Masters proceeded to explore other avenues outside The I AM Activity (which was burdened with bad-publicity) to reach out to the general public. That was the intent of the establishment of The Bridge to Freedom (and later The Summit Lighthouse, when Geraldine's lower bodies were not able to maintain perfect alignment and attunement during Dictations). When Edna's mind-set would not allow her to accept that there could be a change of plans by the Brotherhood, the Ascended Masters did not attempt to upset her further on this matter. (2)

Remember this: the Ascended Masters of the Great White Brotherhood (the Brotherhood and Sisterhood of Light) are wholly Divine. They are wholly LOVE - the very Expression of the Being and Nature of God Almighty. Having opened the Door to the Wisdom Teachings of the Ascended Master Octave (formerly only taught to Initiates in the Retreats of the Ascended Masters), and then stopping all outer contact through public Dictations and Addresses to the mankind of Earth upon the Ascensions of Guy and Edna Ballard would not make any sense! This would be implausible and irrational from the understanding of the outer mind, and illogical and contrary to the Wisdom of the Divine Mind of the Higher Mental Body! This would be contrary to the LOVE of our Beloved Ascended Master Saint Germain and the Ascended Host for humanity, and contrary to the necessity for ongoing Divine Direction in order for the Dawning Golden Age to come into external manifestation in the physical octave of Earth in this 21st century.


Question - I have heard that ________ claims to be a Messenger delivering Dications from Ascended Masters with the same names as those that spoke through Guy Ballard in the 1930s. Could this be authentic?

Answer - First of all, I would like to say that I have previously attempted to write an article on how one could recognize a true Messenger, but I now realize that this is not possible. This is not something that can be argued intellectually or conveyed from one person's viewpoint to another. One of the abilities we are intended to develop and refine while in embodiment is sensing and hearing the Voice of the Presence through our Heart Flame. This - and only this - can be our means to determine who are the true Messengers. I suggest shifting your sense of self away from the lower bodies and identifying with the Pure Christ of your Higher Mental Body and Mighty I AM Presence. By attuning with your Holy Christ Presence, you will be able to discriminate between the Real and the unreal, the Truth of Cosmic Law and the error of human creation. By knowing the Vibration of God, the Vibration of your own Beloved Mighty I AM Presence, you will be able to discern God Reality and never be led astray by the counterfeits and the psychic imposters. (13)

Secondly, I would like to point out that the delivery of Ascended Master Dictations is in no way like spiritualism, in which someone may decide to try being a medium and contact individuals like "Uncle Charlie" or "Aunt Minnie" who have passed from physical embodiment and are in one of the sub-planes of the emotional or mental octaves. The one trying to make such contact may in fact get responses from such disembodied persons, but these are not Ascended. The Authority to deliver Dications from Ascended Masters, Archangels, Elohim, and Cosmic Beings is by Dispensation by the Cosmic Council and the Karmic Board. It is not merely up to the individual's desire or decision to make contact. An Ascended Master Activity is intended to be a continuing Outpost and Release of the Brotherhood of Light and of the Spiritual Hierarchy to this age. Absent the safeguards of Hierarchy, there is a spiraling into abuses of the psychic and astral planes. During the Atlantean era, groups found themselves enthralled with the glamour of the intermediate planes of consciousness. Rather than moving through those planes, they became permanently sidetracked there, fixated on many things that are not God Reality. This is a racial karma we all must deal with, for there are many Atlanteans who have come again. (3) (4)


Question - I read somewhere that there were times over the last century when there were more than one set of authentic Messengers in more than one authentic Ascended Master Activity. Could this be happening again at this time?

Answer - Causing schism and division among Ascended Master students or Saint Germain's Ten Thousand Torch Bearers makes no rational sense to me. The Ascended Masters of the Brotherhood of Light are certainly practical and rational. In my personal analysis of this question, I certainly have not seen or heard any logical or rational arguments that hold up in support of this concept being true at this time. In cases where there were such multiple Messengers at the same time, these were times of transition - of passing the Torch (on the Inner) from Messenger to Messenger. The Goddess of Music stated at the Freedom Conclave of The Temple of The Presence on July 6, 2007:

" . . . We understand that for certain of these creative endeavors, more than one are given a piece of music to write, a picture to draw or paint, a poem to write, but when We convey Cosmic Law, We are more particular as to who is taking that Dictation from Our Consciousness. For as you can see, there are many vehicles that must translate from the Highest Dimension of Ascended Master Octaves to convey it to the mankind of Earth.

"So We train. We tutor. We refine and Fire with Our Consciousness, Our Momentums, for many lifetimes, so that when We send forth Our Representative to speak on Our behalf it is a lifestream that can be trusted. We do not use multiple teachers of Cosmic Law to deliver our Dictations in any given era, save in the passing of the Torch from one to another. And the reason for this, is so that when there is the Word that has the Vibration and Consciousness of the Ascended One, it is True, it is Pure, it is Holy. When Our Twin Flame Messengers step forth, they know well the responsibility. They each hold a Pillar of the Temple, so that the canopy that stretches far and wide across the Earth to encompass the Word as it goes forth, will telegraph the Tone, the Vibration, the Consciousness of the Ascended Octaves. This is the marked difference between those who merely teach the Word, and those who are Dictating the Word.

"Know well, blessed ones, that each of you may - under the canopy of your own God Presence - reflect the Instruction, build a Momentum of that Instruction, establish that Tone and Consonance with Our Vibration. But the safeguard to be sure that the Teachings are not distorted, that the Truth of the Law goes forth generation upon generation, carrying with it the Highest Teaching, then there will be deference always afforded to those whom We have sent forth. . . . "   (5)


Question - What do you consider some obvious "red flags" that give one reason to question the validity of someone's claims of being a "messenger" or "amenuensis" of the Ascended Masters?

Answer - Here are 3 that - in my personal opinion - are obvious ones to me:

  • If someone denies that Mother Teresa attained Her Ascension on September 7, 1997, then this conflicts with Mother Mary's announcement:

    " . . . I would likewise speak of another sadness, but of the greatest Joy. For in the loss of the beloved Mother Teresa, Heaven has gained another Star. In this day, beloved Teresa has gained Her Ascension in the Light, and will walk in the Octaves of Light to Radiate Her Greater Help and Guidance for those who would follow in a selfless Path of Service and Surrender. Beloved Teresa, with the Guidance of the Ascended Masters in Council, chose this very time and hour for Her Transition in the Light in the wake of the passing of a princess. For it was Her desire that She not be a great focus of attention. She wished only for the Good which She had accomplished to continue on. For those Activities of Light that She had supported, had put Her whole Momentum behind, to keep up the work, to not be swayed at Her passing, but to keep putting one foot in front of the other, in selfless Service and true Charity of the Heart."   (6)

  • If someone denies that Pope John Paul II attained His Ascension on May 1, 2005, then this conflicts with Serapis Bey's announcement:

    "I, Serapis, stand before you this day to proclaim that within this Earth body has been the release of Light from the Ascension Current of one beloved Son of God who has taken his Ascension. You know well the Lifestream, for much has been reported of the good of his accomplishments – of even in this last embodiment. I speak of the Pope, having been Pope 27 years within that office. John Paul II has entered into the Oneness of the Eternal Life with his own God Presence. This Life he has elected to move forward known as John Paul the Great, to remind the faithful of the Ascended Masters - that it is not merely what accomplishments you have deemed were important by the outer ego, but those that were important to your own God Presence in the fulfillment of the Divine Plan of your lifestream and the bending of the knee before the Allness of God. This Son of God set the example for one who was faithful to the Heart of God and to the blessed Mother Mary. He invoked the Light daily into his countenance so he might have the election of God, not merely because he was the Pope and it was his Divine Office to fulfill, but because he desired the closeness of God, the reverie of God, and ultimately the Oneness that comes forth when you know yourself to be a part of the Divine Family of God."   (7)

  • If someone claims to be delivering the direct Words and Instruction from Ascended Masters, yet continues to refer to individuals on this Earth as created "souls" instead of Individualizations of the Most High Living God that have Incarnated into the lower matter planes, then beware! This is not the clarity of the original Instruction that Ascended Master Saint Germain gave to humanity in the 1930s. In 1954 Maitreya explained what the "soul" actually is:

    "Through the ages, blessed children, the creation of thought forms and the energizing of those forms by feeling, as well as the action that follows through the flesh, has built an etheric consciousness. The 'soul' is the accumulated consciousness resulting from your experimental use of life, action and reaction. The tendencies, habits and nature of your 'soul' are determined by the ways in which you have used life through the centuries and what life has returned to you, age after age.

    "Your 'soul' endures in embodiment and between embodiment. Your 'soul' will continue to live until it is transmuted by the Flame in your Heart and there is no longer this shadow self that thinks and feels apart from the Christ. Your 'soul' lives through every personality (embodiment) that you use. Today you have a name, you were born into a family, you live - if fortunate - approximately threescore and ten years and then you 'pass away' as a personality. That personality is no more, but the 'soul' of you, in the etheric garment, influences each personality which you become in each succeeding incarnation. If you were to look at an unbroken stream of one hundred of your Earth lives, you would find that the 'soul' was more or less the same through each personality.

    "Now we have to undo the effect of millions and millions of these embodiments, in the matter of a few short years! We are endeavoring to teach you to enter, again, into the Authority of your own I AM Consciousness, drawing Primal Life and getting directions from your Presence. You must learn to silence the cravings of your lower bodies, the etheric rumblings, the human tendencies. Then, in the mastery and control of your own life, you must begin to build anew, as your God Self would have you do, until there are not two - the 'soul' and God - BUT GOD ALONE."   (8)

  • The most astounding Revelation that Saint Germain made, through the "I AM" Activity, was that each of us is the Incarnation of the I AM Presence - not a creature or “soul” – but an embodiment of an Individualization of God "The One"! Saint Germain explained in 1930:

    "When one Individualizes within the Absolute, All-Pervading Life, he chooses of his own free will to become an Intensified Individual Focus of Self-Conscious Intelligence. He is the Conscious Director of his future activities. Thus, having once made his choice — he is the only one who can fulfill that Destiny — which is not inflexible circumstance but a definitely designed Plan of Perfection. It is a Blueprint which he elects to express in the realm of form and action.quot;   (9)

    "When You, the 'Mighty I AM Presence,' will to come forth into an Individualized Focus of Con­scious Dominion and use the Creative Word, 'I AM,' Your First Individual Activity is the Forma­tion of a Flame. Then you, the 'Individualized Focus' of the 'Mighty I AM Presence,' begin your Dynamic Expression of Life. This Activity, We term Self-consciousness, meaning the Individual who is conscious of his Source and Perfection of Life, expressing through himself."   (10)


    Question - I heard that Lotus stated, in a Dictation after Her Ascension, that she approved of other Messengers continuing the work that She and Godfre began in the 1930s. Is that true?

    Answer - Ascended Lady Master Lotus stated on July 2, 1973:

    " . . . Some of you here knew Me in My last embodiment and you called Me 'Mama'. . . I AM Lotus, and I enfold you in the Fragrance of My Love for Freedom and for the Will of God. . . I speak now directly to those students who were with Me in The 'I AM' Activity. And I say to you, regardless of all evidence to the contrary or of anything which might have passed from My Lips while I was in embodiment, . . . I understand from Ascended Levels of Consciousness the nature of the ongoingness of Hierarchy. And although there are only Two Messengers of the Brotherhood, the Two Messengers constitute the Office of the Two Witnesses spoken of in the Book of Revelation. This, then, is a high and holy calling to which Twin Flames are ordained in every age. Thus as there is only One Christ, so there are many Manifestations of the Office of the Christ; and as there are Offices in Hierarchy, so the Opportunity to Serve in those Offices is given to Ascended and unascended Sons and Daughters of God as they evolve in the Hierarchical scheme of the Great White Brotherhood.

    "Thus today We stand and espouse the Cause of Freedom as it unfolds to a new generation of Lightbearers who shall carry the Torch of the Knowledge of the I AM Law that is made clear through the Wisdom of the Mother Flame - that is expanded by the Power of the Love of the Holy Spirit. Thus each successive Endeavor of Hierarchy embellishes the previous Endeavor, and all move forward in the Light as Jewels in the Consciousness of the Lord of the World. . . . "   (11)


    Question - Even if some organization that claims to be presenting direct Instruction from Ascended Masters is not 100% accurate, what is wrong with that? A little bit of the Truth of the Teachings presented to the general public is better than none! Don't you agree?

    Answer - I absolutely disagree! This reminds me of my experience with Ray Stanford's work in the early 1970s. Many considered him to be the "new Edgar Cayce" since he gave "readings" in a similar fashion. One series of his "readings" were the result of questions that had been posed on the subject of the Fatima apparitions of Mary the Mother of Jesus, and had later been published in book form as Fatima Prophecy. I was impressed with the inspirational insights in these "readings", as well as various other ones that were later published in his organization's journal. Yet only a couple years went by before some of the "readings" began to be described as being from "Brothers" - including Kuthumi. The shocker was that this counterfeit "Kuthumi" stated that giving affirmations and decrees vocally was a waste of time! He stated that only silent meditation was effective for individual spiritual development or for world service! So much for mixing Truth and error!

    The Ascended Masters' Instruction on the importance of giving vocal Decrees has been repeatedly emphasized throughout the last 78 years. Today in the twenty-first century, the Ascended Masters are publicly releasing the correct understanding and Teaching of the Truth of the Law. Beloved Vesta promised on October 11, 1998 that this clear defining of the facts will continue to occur through The Temple of The Presence and will be

    "an ongoing Release of Light from the Heart of the Great Central Sun to bring forth the Truth and the Reality of God. Where there is error, where there is a misrepresentation, it will be dispelled by My Representatives. And My Representatives will go forward in the Fullness of the Light. And where that Light stands, no untruth, no unreality can stand."   (12)

    a scribe


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