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I AM Fiats and Affirmations


Adapted from "The I AM Discourses", Volume III
By Beloved Saint Germain



Saint Germain



I AM the Full Activity of God.

Anything less than Perfection which attempts
to make an appearance in my experience is not true. 
I accept only God, which is Perfection in my Life, 
everywhere manifest.

I AM anything and everything I wish to be!
When I contemplate or declare I AM, I loose the
Inner God Power, Love, Wisdom and Truth and
set It into action in my outer experience.

God I AM is the Giver, the Receiver, and the Gift,
and is the Sole Owner of all the intelligence,
substance, energy and opulence
there is in the Universe.

God is abundant supply omnipresent; I need only
demand for supply and abundance, and the Law of
the Universe permits it to come into expression and
my individual use. Therefore, I AM the great
Opulence of God made visible in my use
right now and continuously.

I AM consciously creating the Mighty Ring of Pure
Electronic Force around me. I stop all leaks in the
generation of this Limitless Essence, and hold it
in reserve for conscious use and direction.

With deep feeling of devotion and Love, I invite the
Limitless Mighty and Wondrous Powers of God
into my outer use. I AM generating about myself
this Electronic Ring of my God Presence, and
there is no power that can penetrate it except
Divine Love. Only my consciousness of Divine Love
can penetrate within this Great Inner Blazing Belt
of the Godhead, through which the Godhead
sends back to me Its Great Outpouring.



I send forth my desire clothed in the God Presence,
Power and Intelligence; therefore it cannot fail.
It must bring back to me that which I desire.

Beloved Saint Germain, I thank thee for revealing
to me the Truth that thought and feeling are
the Creative Power of God in Action.

Mighty I AM Presence, this outer self has made
a mistake. I call on the Law of Forgiveness, and
I demand wisdom and strength not to make
the same mistake a second time.

I AM the fulfilled activity and sustaining power
of every constructive thing I desire.

I AM here and I AM there in whatever I want
to accomplish. I AM using the One Activity,
and I rise above the consciousness of separation.

I AM the Mighty Consuming Flame that now and
forever consumes all past and present mistakes,
their cause and effect, and all undesirable creation
for which my outer is responsible.

When I speak in the Name, Power, and Authority
of the Mighty I AM, I release limitless energy
to do my bidding to fulfill my desire.

I no longer allow doubt and fear to beset me, for
I AM the Open Door which no man can shut
into the great Opulence of God -- waiting, surging
to press forward to heal, to bless,
and to prosper me abundantly.

I dare to be God, I dare to feel God, and I dare to use
this Mighty Authority -- God in me.

I AM the Mighty Electronic Energy flowing through,
filling and renewing every cell of my mind and body --
right now. I dispel any disturbing condition
in my mind or body and allow that Mighty, Pure
Energy to do its work, uncolored, unaffected
by any discordant element in my own thought.

I dismiss all discord from my mind. I fill my mind
with this Pure Electronic Essence, and no discord
can enter - so long as I keep it filled with this
Presence. I AM the Authority in my world, and
because my thought is filled with this Essence,
no discord will touch it.



I clear away all discord, and declare with no
uncertainty: I AM the Supremacy of man,
everywhere I go! I AM God in Action!

I activate the Electronic Circle surrounding me,
which is my absolute Invincible Protection; through
Its Protection, Divine Wisdom acts. This
Omnipresent Wisdom and Intelligence always
prompts me to refuse acceptance of anything into
my system, either through feeling, thought, or food
that would in anywise disturb its harmonious activity.

I AM conscious of and I contact the currents of
Healing Force of tremendous Power which are
consciously directed through the atmosphere of the
earth through the Power of Cyclopea, the Secret
Love Star, and the Rays from the Golden City.

I AM the Pure Radiance of Divine Love enfolding
individuals visiting my home or my space, and this
Garment enfolds them when they come and
when they leave.

Through the Mighty Power and Intelligence which
I AM, I go forth while my body sleeps, make
conscious contact with, and abundantly fulfill this
requirement of which I have been made aware,
no matter what it is. I know that this activity is
Self-sustained, therefore it cannot fail in any way.
It is a mighty way of setting into motion my Mighty
I AM Presence. And whatever the I AM commands
while my body sleeps must be obeyed.

I accept and apply my Mighty I AM Presence with
full confidence, knowing that I cannot use the
I AM Presence without having instantaneous Activity.

When I say I AM in any condition, it means that
instant action is taking place there by the Greatest
Power in the Universe. The moment I become
conscious that I AM is the Full Activity of God --
containing all the attributes of the Godhead --
that moment I do have the full use of this Mighty Power.

I AM the Perfect Intelligence active in this brain.
I AM the Perfect Sight looking through these eyes.
I AM the Perfect Hearing through these ears.
I go at these treatments with determination
and they cannot fail.



I enter into the Confidence of the I AM, and It will
soon do away with all obstruction. I AM the
Consuming Power and Presence of every bit of fear,
doubt, and questioning in my outer activity
concerning this Invincible Activity of the I AM. I keep
this up, and I will always know instantly what to do.
I take this and use it, and thus remove every
obstruction to the I AM Activity. I operate
consciously, and I know positively it is done.

I feel, joyously accept, and with all my Being know
that the Power of precipitation is no myth. It is real.
As I enter into this feeling deep enough, I will have
the precipitation of anything I want.

I do not give a thought to the world or individuals
who do not understand these things. I go right on
rejoicing in the visible, active Presence, precipitated
into my Life and use, of whatever I wish.

I AM the precipitation and Visible Presence of
whatever I desire, and no man can interfere with it.

The more I put it into use, the greater the power I put
into it. I know I can do it with the Inner Spiritual things
far greater and quicker than in the outer things, for
with Spirit, the Power acts instantly. There is no
waiting when the I AM acts.

My persistent, determined recognition of my
I AM Presence will take me through anything to
absolute certain accomplishment -- unless I lie down
on the job. I will not submit to the binding claims of
limitation, for with persistent effort and determination,
I can open the door and step through into this great
Inner Chamber, filled with such Dazzling Light, jewels,
gold, and substance from which every kind of food
in the Universe can be precipitated!

My I AM Presence is the Heart of God. I AM immediately
in the Great Silence the moment I say I AM. Because
I recognize that I AM that I AM, then whatever
I declare is manifest that moment.

I do not allow myself in the human sense to consider
the element of time in anything I do, but enter into a thing
joyously, and stick to it until it does manifest.



Having once entered the conscious path, I instantly
silence all outer activity or any slightest intimation
of disturbance or resistance of any kind by declaring:
I AM the obedient, intelligent activity in this mind
and body; I AM the governing power and
do govern it harmoniously.

I constantly use many times a day, and silently
declare: I AM the Invincible Guard, established,
sustained and maintained over my mind, my body,
my home, my world and my affairs. I keep conscious
that this Guard, being the I AM Presence, naturally
has Infinite Intelligence. This will establish an
Intelligent Guard and activity about me that does
not have to be constantly repeated.

I AM the governing Love, Wisdom and Power with
its attendant Intelligent Activity which is acting today
in every single thing that I think or do. I command
this Infinite Activity to take place every moment and
be the sustaining Guard about me, that I move,
speak and act only in Divine Order. Then during
the day, whenever I think of it, I take the firm
consciousness: I AM the commanding, governing
Presence, moving everywhere before me during the
day -- commanding Perfect Peace and Harmony in
all activity.

I take my firm stand that my body is the Temple of
the Most High Living God. This is an Unquestionable
Truth, and this attitude consciously maintained will
more rapidly bring my body into the Perfect Activity
which was intended from the beginning.

When my I AM Power and Presence is set in motion,
It can no more fail in Its Accomplishment than the
Universe stop its activity.

I stand guard with great watchfulness that I do not
use the I AM in negative expression, for thereby
I throw this mighty energy into action to destroy the
thing I wish to accomplish. This always happens
whenever I use the word "I", for that is the release
of the Universal Power. When I say "MY," it is the
same energy acting, because there is only one
person who can say "I" or "MY," and that is me,
decreeing for my world.

I AM the only and Perfect Energy acting there.
Therefore, every appearance of disturbance
is instantly corrected.



It is much better to go directly to my Great I AM
Presence and receive Its All-Powerful, Limitless
Assistance which cannot fail, than to give power to
something that leads me around Robin Hood's barn
to get assistance from something in the outer
to which I have given the power.

I affirm that energy becomes power through
conscious use.

I understand that the simple key to Perfect
Happiness and its inherent sustaining power is
Self-control and Self-correction. This is so easy
to accomplish once I learn that I AM the
I AM Presence and Intelligence controlling and
commanding all things.

I affirm that thought and feeling are the only and
Mightiest Creative Power in Life or in the Universe.

With my thought and feeling held upon a given
desire unwaveringly, with my consciousness that
it is the I AM Presence and Intelligence thinking --
that it is God in Action -- thus do I understand that
I may bring into visibility, precipitate into visibility,
whatsoever I desire.

I dwell earnestly upon the Great Truth that:
Where my consciousness is, there am I,
for I AM everywhere.

I affirm often: Through the Power of the Electronic
Circle which I have created, I AM no longer touched
by any doubts or fears. I joyously grasp the Scepter
which I AM and step boldly forth into any of these
Higher Spheres that I wish, retaining perfectly clear
conscious memory of my activity there. In this way
I may quickly find myself enjoying Limitless Freedom
and the Perfect Happiness of being active in any
sphere I choose.

As I become aware that I really have control of my
own Creative thought, power, and feeling, then I know
positively that I can precipitate into my visible use,
or bring into my use from the outer where it is already
created, anything whatsoever upon which I hold my
Creative thought and feeling firmly.

The moment that I AM truly aware of this, then do
I know I AM forever free from the need of the wealth
of the outer world, or anything that the outer world
can give. Thus I have entered into the Mastery and
Dominion of my own world, the only world that is
ever existent to me, and which is my God-given Birthright.



This brings me into that Transcendent State and
consumes the longing for the wealth of the outer
world, which is but rubbish in comparison to the
transcendent, Creative Power inherent in me and
every individual. I can bring this Transcendent Power
into my use through my own Self-control and Mastery.

Now I know that meditation really means - feeling -
the Active Presence of God. Therefore, as I enter
meditation, I cannot drag all the disturbance that has
beset me during the day along with me. Therefore,
I consciously remove from the feeling and attention
every disturbing thing, and enter into my meditation
to feel the Presence of God, and I do not revolve
my trouble.

I understand that everyone who manifests in the
physical form today has made plenty of mistakes -
sometime, somewhere. So I take not the attitude,
"I AM more holy than thou;" but my first attitude is
to call on the Law of Forgiveness. For if I be feeling
or sending criticism, condemnation, or hate to another
of God’s children, a brother or sister, I can never have
enlightenment or success until I call on the Law of
Forgiveness. Further than this, I must say to that
person to whom I feel disturbed in any way - silently:
"I send to you the fullness of the Divine Love of my
Being to bless and prosper you." This attitude is the
only release and Freedom from the seeming failures
of my outer activity.

Now I know that for me to continually revolve in my
mind and discussion a business or project that has
disintegrated will surely in the end destroy me,
unless I face about, and through calling on the Law
of Forgiveness find complete conscious release from
the entire situation.

Now I understand that for me to hold an attitude of
revenge for any seeming wrong, imaginary or
otherwise, can only bring upon myself incapacity of
mind and body. I hold to the old, yet wondrous
Statement brought down through the ages: "Unless I
be willing to forgive, how can I be forgiven" -- it is one
of the Mightiest Laws for use in human experience.

Now I joyfully realize that there is but one sure, certain
rock upon which to build my eternal financial freedom,
and that is to know and feel with every fiber of my Being:
I AM the wealth, the opulence, the substance, already
perfected in my world, of every constructive thing that
I can possibly conceive of or desire. This is true financial
freedom and will bring it as surely as it is maintained -
and it will not get away.

In this day of falling thrones and governments,
individual fortunes and otherwise, I need to know and
understand that if my wealth has flown away through
ignorance of understanding, then the I AM Presence
in me, God in Action, is the sure Rebuilder of my faith,
confidence, wealth, or to whatever I wish to direct my
conscious attention. Thus I allow to flow into my desire
this Mighty Inner Energy - which is the only Power that
ever accomplished anything.



Now I realize, that if I hold vicious thoughts to
another, I in reality but destroy myself, my business
and my affairs. There is no possible way of averting it,
except for me to awaken and consciously reverse the
currents. Thus, never will I set myself up in judgment
of another of God’s Children.

Now I know that there is perhaps no single element
responsible for so many diseased conditions of body
and mind as the feeling of hate sent out to another
individual. There is no telling how this will react upon
the mind and body of the sender.

When I say I AM, I set God into action; but there is
a lot more to it which I will come to realize - once
I feel and know the enormity of the use of this

I AM God’s Energy, always waiting to be directed.
Inherent within my expression of the I AM is the
Self-sustaining Activity. Then I know there is no time.

I AM Divine Love, which is a Power, a Presence,
an Intelligence, a Light, that can be fanned into a
Boundless Flame or Fire; and it is within the
conscious intelligence of every individual, especially
fellow students of the Light, to so create and generate
this Presence of Love that It becomes an Invincible,
Exhaustless, Peace-commanding Presence
wherever I consciously desire to direct It.

I AM Love, the First Principle of Life that may be
generated to any degree, or without any limit
whatsoever, for Infinite Use.

As I strive for the Light, I feel being toughened as the
toughest steel, which wears the longest, holds the
best, and is the strongest. Therefore I shall never grow
weary of well-doing, nor meeting the experiences that
sometimes seem to weigh heavily on me; but rejoice
that every step forward leads to that Eternal Goal
which does not seem to be repeated.

I now understand that the Power of Precipitation
is within my I AM Presence. I AM here, the Life
Principle and Intelligence in this body. I AM everywhere,
even unto the Heart of God, the Governing Principle of
the Universe. Therefore, when I wish to precipitate
anything whatsoever, I know: I AM the Power acting;
I AM the Intelligence directing; I AM the Substance
being acted upon, and I now bring it into visible
form and my use.



I shall always remember, there is only one thing in
the Universe that is permanent, real and Eternal.
That is the I AM Presence, God in me, which is the
Owner, the Creator, and the Intelligence governing
all manifested form. Then to know that I AM that
Presence, that I AM Presence, places me
independent of all outer manifestation.

I AM the Presence charging this water with the
Life-giving Essence which I absorb and which
renews my body in Perfect Health and Eternal
Youth. I AM here and I AM there, I AM the conscious
action everywhere. To discordant activities I say:
I AM the Presence preventing this. I AM the
positive, peaceful control of this whole situation.

In the I AM Consciousness is the Wisdom that
knows what is required. I AM the controlling,
governing Presence of this meeting or situation.

I AM on guard to reverse all negative conditions that
appear to the senses. If my senses report to me cold,
I reverse my consciousness and assert my warmth.
If my senses report too much heat, I reverse it with a
sense of perfect, normal coolness. If my senses
report to me ecstatic joy over certain enlightenment,
I say: “Peace, be still”, and assert my calm poise
and assurance. My ideal in all sense reports is to move
in the middle way, the balance always asserting the
Calm Mastery of control which I AM.

I now deeply understand, and I shall never expect the
Masters to do for me the thing that I require in solving
my problems, for it would not only retard my progress,
but weaken me immensely.

I have become firmly aware that I AM the Conscious
Controlling Power in my Life, in my world, and that
I can fill it with any quality that is needed or that
I may choose.



Should there be intermittent physical disturbance in
my body, I take the consciousness often: I AM the
perfectly controlled breath of my body, and feel myself
breathing in that rhythmic breath. This brings about a
certain balance of breathing which is immensely
helpful in the control of my thought.

Whenever possible I avoid listening to things that are
disturbing, for in doing this I often let in unknowingly,
elements I do not desire. Where I cannot with
discretion avoid listening to things of this kind,
I declare: I AM the Presence on guard here and
consume instantly everything that seeks to disturb.
Thus will I not only protect myself, but help the other
person as well. I should at no time fear anything, yet
it is necessary to keep up the conscious guard until
I have attained sufficient Mastery to control my
thought, feeling and receptivity.

I keep as much as possible in the joyous enthusiasm
of my I AM Presence. I give It all power, and I do not
hold any questioning in the mind. I throw everything
to the winds; I give everything to my Glorious I AM
Presence, and thus receive Its Magic Revelation. It is
the Mighty, Miracle-Working Presence that can and
does solve all things, not only problems, but questions
whose answers need revealing. I AM the
Miracle-Working Presence in everything I require
to have done.

I AM the quality of whatever I wish to use; then I know
I can produce in visible, tangible form whatever I have
within my consciousness. The moment the questioning
of my outer mind can be put under control and made
to subside, the greatest revelations pour forth, almost
tumbling over each other.

I cultivate the activity of expectation as vital in receiving
from my Inner Presence. This faculty shall benefit
me a great deal.

I AM the balancing-breath, a great deal more beneficial
than many breath exercises without the aid of
an Ascended Master.

No matter what the problem is to be solved in my Life,
there is only One Power, Presence and Intelligence
that can solve it, and that is my recognition of the
All-powerful Presence of God -- with whom no outer
activity may interfere -- unless my attention is
knowingly or unknowingly drawn from my central
recognition and acceptance of the Supreme God Power.

I stand with my attention fixed firmly on my I AM
Presence, on God and with God, thereby I become an
Invincible Power with which no outer manifestation of
mankind can interfere.



Unless I hold my attention on my I AM Presence,
God within, long enough and with sufficient
determination, I will find myself surrounded by
the undesirable.

I desire to know the Truth, and the Truth
shall make me free!

I AM the Illumining, Revealing Presence, and no outer
activity that I need to know can be withheld from me,
because I AM the Wisdom, I AM the Perception, I AM
the Revealing Power bringing everything before me
that I may see and understand, and be able
to act accordingly.

I AM the Only Intelligence and Presence acting.
I have the Scepter within my own hands, and through
my I AM Presence I can compel everything I need
to know to be revealed to me.

If at any time there are those who through their outer
activity attempt to take from me that which belongs to
me, then it is my right to command through my I AM
Presence that the whole condition be adjusted and
my own brought to me. Yet, I understand that once
I have set the Divine Law into motion and Divine Justice
begins to take place, I take care that I do not become
over-sympathetic and thereby interrupt the action
of the Law.

I realize now that when I start to do wrong, that moment
I set in motion the Great Universal, or Cosmic Law of
retribution, and I can no more avoid retribution striking
me sometime, somewhere, than I can stop the action
of the planets. To the innocent victim, retribution
sometimes seems a long time coming, but the longer
its arrival is delayed, the more powerful it acts when it
does arrive. There is no human being in existence that
can avoid this Law.

From out the seeming mystery of Life's ceaseless
activity there is the Illumining Presence of my Mighty
I AM Within that stands ever ready to bless me with
untold, inconceivable Blessings -- if I only let It. How do
I let It? By the joyous acceptance of my Mighty
Presence, that I have this Mighty Power within me;
and then I do not hesitate in every detail of my activity,
no matter how small it seems, to call It into action;
for there is no energy in the Universe but God to act
through my consciousness, my mind, my body,
my world.

I keep using the statement at all times that: There is
nothing hidden that is not revealed to me. This is
always necessary. However, no matter what individuals
want to do, my safeguard is always to pour out
the Love of God to them.



I AM God, the All-knowing Presence and Power, that
knows and discovers all things. I can say for another:
Mighty Master Self, the I AM Presence within this
individual, come forth in Thy Conscious Power, with
Thy Mighty Insight and Foresight, with Thy Wisdom
and Directing Intelligence; and see that all things are
adjusted for him/her, and that he/she is given the
peace and rest he/she so much deserves. I AM the
Commanding Presence directing and commanding this
to be done, and it is done now. Lift the consciousness
into the Full Dazzling Light, where he/she may see and
know the repose, rest and beauty that is his/hers by
his/her own creation and service.

To perfect conditions I say: I AM the Presence there --
governing and healing the situation.

I understand that sex is ninety-five percent of the
cause of old age and the loss of sight, hearing
and memory.

In any wrong condition, the first thing for me to do is
to call on the Law of Forgiveness; then, to remember
that when a thing has been set in motion or energized,
it simply acts.

I now know that to direct and handle physical objects
by the mind alone needs an accumulation of Electronic
Force in my Electronic Circle. When using the energy
below the Ascended State, this consciously generated
energy is held within the Electronic Circle which
surrounds me and every individual to a more or less
degree. This accounts for some individuals seeming
to have a limitless amount of energy, for that which is
accumulated in one lifetime is carried over into the
succeeding lives.

I AM the Pure Love of God that never goes below the
heart. True Love never requires sex contact of any kind.
The Great Ascended Host of Light are ever with those
who want to do right. I send my thought out to Them,
and I shall always receive help.



I AM the Resurrection and the Life.
I AM the Energy I use in every action.
I AM the Light, illumining every cell of my Being.
I AM the Intelligence, the Wisdom, directing my
every effort.
I AM the Substance, omnipresent, without limit, which
I may use and bring into form without any limit.
I AM Thy Strength -- Thy Perfect Understanding.
I AM Thy Ability to apply it constantly.
I AM the Truth that gives me now Perfect Freedom.
I AM the Open Doorway into the Light of God
that never fails.
I give praise I have entered into this Light fully,
using that Perfect Understanding.
I AM Thy Sight that sees all things visible
and invisible.
I AM Thy Hearing, listening to the Bells of
Freedom, which I hear now.
I AM Thy Ability, sensing the most ravishing
fragrance at will.
I AM the Completeness of all Perfection I ever
wish to manifest.
I AM the Full Understanding, Power and Use of
all this Perfection.
I AM the Full Revelation and use of all the Powers
of my Being which I AM.
I AM the Love, the Mighty Motive Power
back of all action.

I understand that for me to wonder and question in my
own mind about the progress of another students is
most retarding, and it is never admissible. For everyone,
especially students like me, must realize that we have
only one thing to do, and that is to feel, see, and be
Perfection in our own worlds.

I perfectly understand that I cannot long use the
Statement I AM, even intellectually, until I begin to feel
a deeper and deeper conviction that: I AM all things.
I shall think often what these two marvelous Words
mean, and always couple with the use of these two
Words the Statement that: When I say I AM, I AM
setting in motion the Limitless Power of God in
whatever I couple the expression I AM with.

I know and affirm, that there is only One Presence in
the Universe that can or ever does solve any problem,
and that is the I AM Presence, everywhere present.

I shall always remember that when blessing others or
visualizing them in the Light, there is a double activity
of the quality I send out. In doing this there is a certain
amount of protection that is the automatic result, but
the thought and quality in the Light and blessing
registers principally within my own consciousness, and
at the same time intensifies that quality in the one
to whom it is sent.



I take the eternal stand that: I AM what I want to be.
I resolve I must use my I AM Presence
consciously always.

I do not give any more consideration to the element
of time. Manifestation must come instantly when I give
my I AM Presence freedom enough. I go on, apply,
know, and let my I AM Presence take care of the
element of time. When I make a declaration of Truth
and stick to it, I must receive. My outer has no power
of itself at all. Its duty is simply to know that my I AM
Presence is acting. Sometimes, without being aware
of it, my outer self is looking for the time of

I am grateful to Saint Germain for the conviction and
the feeling that when I command as the I AM
Presence, Almighty God moves into action.

My power of Self-control would say: Only God's
Perfection goes forth. This handles any condition of
uncontrolled impulses with which I contend. When I
already let something go forth that is undesirable, then
the thing to do is to consciously consume it -- instantly.

I realize now that my constant use of "God bless this"
directed to inanimate things brings amazing
accomplishment. The easy way to see and feel
Perfection is for me to qualify every thought and feeling
going forth with Perfection. When an impulse comes
to do anything, I instantly qualify it with Perfection.

I give everyone his complete freedom mentally. If I
speak of freedom for myself, I make sure and give it
first to everyone else. When there is a condition in
another that I wish to help, I affirm I AM the Perfect
Manifestation there.

I stand on my feet the first thing in the morning and I
say with feeling: I AM the Presence filling my world
with Perfection this day.

When I take the stand I AM Perfection acting through
any official, that moment I impel the I AM Power
and Action there.

The first thing in the morning, I say: I qualify everything
in my world this day with Perfection, because I AM
Perfection. I qualify this mind and body with Absolute
Perfection and refuse acceptance of anything else.



I now know I cannot expand so long as I have an
opinion about anyone else. It is stifling to my own
progress. There is a time comes with me and everyone
when I must stand up and face myself, my outer
creation, then say this: Whatever there is of
imperfection left in me has to get out.

My desire holds the Power or energy of my I AM,
through the attention on the thing I desire to do.

I AM the Full Revelation and the Perfect Application
for precipitating what I desire, and I do know what is
the Perfect Thing to do in my outer self while

I say often: I AM the precipitating Presence of this
thing. I will not be anxious; but just know it with calm
certainty. When I become conscious of my I AM acting,
I know it is moving forward. I do not let in the sense of
disappointment -- rather, I say: I AM the Perfect
Harmony of my thought, feeling and action.

God, which is Progress, knows no defeat in anything.
I shall always remember this, which will enable me to
maintain the so-much-needed peace and poise of mind.

I throw everything to the winds and stand joyously
and determinedly in the One Mighty Presence which
I AM; this enables me to have a continuous stream of
victories marked down to my benefit. No effort ever
made in the Name and Presence which I AM, can ever
fail; but must go forward from one Victory to another until
I attain and am able to use the Scepter of my
Full Dominion.

I affirm that the correct way to call into action the Law
of Forgiveness is to say: I AM the Law of Forgiveness
and the Consuming Flame of all inharmonious action and
human consciousness. This sets into motion the
completed Action.

If I find disturbance in the home at times, I use this
Statement and feel it deeply: I AM the Conquering
Presence, commanding Peace, Love and Harmony in
my home and environment.

I know that in the Pure State, whether in the Infinite or
the finite, when there is no imperfection, the brain and
heart activity become One, for the motive power of all
activity sent forth is Love from the Heart. …Therefore,
in the Pure State, the heart and brain are synonymous,
for within Divine Love is contained Love, Wisdom and



I AM the Infinite Energy always present awaiting use,
but not acting in my Life except under Conscious

I ratify that there is absolutely but one road to
Self-conscious Mastery, and that is the Conscious
Direction of the Eternal Energy into whatever I desire.

I understand that my desire is an indirect action of
my attention, but my desire, sustained by the
determined use of my attention, causes my desire
to become an invincible manifestation.

For contacting the Ascended Masters, I use: I AM
the Presence preparing the way and bringing visible
contact with the Beloved Ascended Masters.

When I speak in the I AM Presence, I speak in the
Presence which the Ascended Being is. I realize
deeply that when I say I AM, it is the Full
God-Power acting and knows no failure of any kind.

When I become strong enough -- firm enough --­ to
stand alone with my Mighty I AM Presence, never
dividing for a single hour the Presence and Power
of God, I will find myself steadily rising into that
Mighty Perfection, forever free from all sense
or recognition of any limitation.

If there are conditions in my Life, home or environment
that I wish to be rid of, I command through my I AM
Presence that they be dissolved and consumed
before Its Mighty Light and Power.

I realize it is a mistake on my part to feel disappointment
because a certain thing I have worked on does not
manifest instantly, when as yet, I have not generated
great enough power and activity to produce it that
quickly. My attention must always be on the I AM only.

As Jesus said: "Ye cannot serve two masters,"
I cannot make steady progress if I give power to
anything but my Mighty I AM Presence.

I realize that a suggestion when given sets the Law
into action to accomplish it. For when my attention is
on a thing, the power within myself goes instantly into it.

To negative suggestions from others I say: I AM the
Presence, annulling all this, so it cannot affect me,
my home or world. Thus, it is the easiest thing in the
world to consciously dissipate something that is
voiced in my presence; I simply say: I AM the only
Presence acting here.

To anything I do not wish to continue I say: Through
the Presence that I AM, this thing shall cease, now
and forever. I go after it like I was going to knock over
a wall. When I really feel and mean a thing, I loose the
power that does the thing. Truly, Limitless Power is
at my command.



I realize, that when I become instantly angry,
I puncture other spheres of that quality and the
accumulation rides in. I shall beware, that jealousy is
the wide-open channel upon which every other
destructive activity rides in. For when things are
done consciously, they have much more power.

I know that when my feelings are excited, they are
accepting that instant. I can sit and listen to
destructive conversation unaffected, so long as I control
the feeling at the solar plexus. There cannot a thing
enter my world -- unless it be invited.

For my financial Freedom, I affirm: I AM the riches of
God flowing into my hands and use that nothing can
stop. The Presence I AM governs every existing
channel in manifestation. It governs all.

I command my outer memory to retain and bring into
my outer consciousness everything I desire to know.

I now truly understand that God does not act except
through the consciousness of individuals, else He
would not have them here. God can only act in the
physical world through His Individualizations, and even
all nature is governed by Individual Intelligence --
the ground, the plants, and all.

I ratify that there is omnipresent all the force and
energy needed for a given purpose when loosed by
my I AM Presence. Thus, through the use of my I AM
Presence, I can release Power of which as yet my
outer has no conception.

For cleanliness, I use frequently: I AM the Presence
here, keeping my clothes and home perfectly spotless.
After a time the force becomes so powerful that it
instantly consumes or repels anything not wanted. The
more I consciously act upon a thing, the more
concentrated it becomes.

When I say: The Presence that I AM, charge this (water)
with (boiling energy), I can charge the water so powerfully
that it boils with the power of the energy there. I do not
let anything question in my mind as to whether my
command worked or not.

I now understand, the First Principle of activity from the
Godhead is projection, or precipitation. Therefore, Its
nature is to project, or precipitate Itself.

In unpleasant experiences, I consciously withdraw from
those conditions all power I have given them, mostly
unknowingly. When it is necessary to discuss some
condition to understand it, I immediately follow by
withdrawing any power that has been given it, and then
I know: I AM the Harmonious Presence, ever pervading
whatever the condition may be.



I AM the Governing Presence, governing in Perfect
Divine Order, commanding Harmony, Happiness, and
the Presence of God's Opulence in my mind,
my home, and my world.

I AM the Conquering Presence! I command my I AM
Presence to govern perfectly my mind, home,
affairs and world.

I give praise every night and morning for the
magnificent Presence of Life which animates
my mind and body.

I AM the Presence thinking through this
mind and body.

I AM the Active Presence of all channels of distribution
of all things acting for my good. Whenever the thought
comes, "This is all I have," I nip it in the bud and say:
I AM the opulence of God in my hands and use today.

When I take from my I AM Self, it is impossible for me
to take anything from any personality which rightfully
belongs to that one. I AM decreeing for my world, so
I cannot take from anyone when knowing my own Law:
I AM the Presence acting everywhere. There is no
possibility of division of the I AM Presence.

If I need money, I say: I AM the Active Presence,
bringing this money into my hands and use instantly.
Yet, it is so important to get away from the importance
of money. It is but a means of exchange. I do not give
it power. I put all my power back with God, and then
when I command -- no matter what it is I want -- I have
all power instantly on hand to bring forth the fulfillment
of my Decree.

I AM the Presence of forgiveness in the mind and
heart of every one of God's children. This releases
enormous vibratory action after its kind. I hold the
following with vividness: I AM the Pure Mind of God.

I know that my faith to believe in the things not seen is
one of the greatest means to open the door to the
conscious activity of the Light of my I AM Presence.

I realize that where there is a questioning in my mind,
knowingly or unknowingly, concerning the All-Power of
my I AM Presence, it is a subtle form of doubt; that any
attempt to argue the question of the Reality of the Great
Truth of Life, whether believed or not, is to admit
doubt into my life.

I understand that better were students like me be
stoned in the streets than to condemn, criticize, or
judge the Light that is given me; for if I will only enter
into my I AM Presence as directed, every question,
every problem in my life will disappear as the mist
before the radiance of the morning sunlight.



I take care, that if I cannot as yet feel in my heart the
Truth of these Instructions brought to me on a golden
platter, then I won't ever, in the Name of my I AM
Presence, say or do that which would discourage
another from the Light he might receive.

I fully realize that in the beginning of these marvelous
experiences, there must be faith to tide over, until I can
manifest the Reality, for faith is the Sustaining Power,
and if I can keep it generated, it becomes Reality.

I know that there are always the two activities of the
Law when I get deep enough into the action of it. They
are: first, condensation, and second, etherealization.
I go serenely along, and do not let time, place,
nor things interfere.

With all the enthusiasm I can command, I ratify:
I AM, I AM, I know I AM the use of God's Limitless
Opulence. In accord with fellow students, working from
the same principle, I use this Statement to not only
bring into my own world and use this Great Opulence,
but also to bless my associate students with the same
thing, because I AM the Presence in each one. This is
the mighty power of cooperative action which everyone
should use.

As Children of God the Father -­ who has given His
Children free will that we may choose -- we must
understand that it is for us alone to decree what shall
act in our lives and world. Having free will, I truly
understand that God can only act in my Life and world
according to my conscious direction.

I understand that the most unfortunate understanding
established by the orthodox idea that God acts of His
own Free Will in my Life as an individual or in the
nation, is positively not true. God can only act through
the mind of His own individualization, which is clothed
with the personalities that I see about me. These
personalities are but vehicles of use and expression of
this Mighty Individuality -- which is God's Will and my
free will -- and it only comes into use by my conscious

I understand that the Stream of Life flowing through my
mind and body always comes into me pure and
unadulterated, containing within It all the strength,
courage, energy and wisdom that can ever be desired;
but by the lack of control of my thought and feeling,
I unknowingly requalify this Pure Essence with the
outer ideas upon which my attention has been fixed.

I AM the only Intelligence acting. This command keeps
that Mighty, Wonderful Stream of Life from being
discolored, or disqualified, by the wrong conceptions
of the outer activity of my mind. This is the simple
secret of really all Perfection -- if I can but comprehend it.

This Great Life comes into my and everyone's use Pure
and Perfect, but through lack of understanding, my outer
mind is constantly requalifying It with discordant
conceptions, and thus my human self changes Its
otherwise Perfect Action into that which I find expressed
in limitation and discord in my outer activity.



I now understand that there is no radiation that goes
forth anywhere in the Universe except through
conscious projection. The Radiation projected from the
stars, so-called, to our earth does not and cannot come
into contact with the earth without the conscious
direction of the Cosmic Being who is the Conscious
Directing Presence of that star or planet. This
conscious direction is what makes the Radiation from
one planet to another reach its destination; but the
Radiation thus directed does not carry any adverse
aspect to any individual there.

I now realize that the Universal, Cosmic Laws of the
earth, which impel growth through the law of experience,
hold within themselves that which I know as resistance.
If there were not that resistance, I would not make
conscious effort, and this would make it impossible for
advancement in understanding, or the return to the
Father's House from which I have strayed. Resistance
has nothing whatever to do with discord. Resistance is
a Natural Law. Discord is a human creation. There is no
discord in the Universe except that which the personality

I take the dynamic consciousness: I AM the Pure Mind
of God in everyone present here. And I know this shuts
out human desire.

As a student, I should not expect to see the same
activity as another; for students are not supposed to
see or feel alike.

I know there is not a moment in the day that I do not
visualize something, because the power of vision is
acting all the time. I keep all out of my mind except the
picture I want, for that is all with which I AM concerned.
I do not let my attention become focused on the
seeming emptiness.

For my encouragement, strength, and certainty in my
mind, I shall remember that the Consciousness Jesus
used for his Great Victory was the use of the I AM
Presence which I AM being taught.

I now know that when Jesus said to His Disciples and to
humanity: "The things that I have done shall ye do also,
and even greater things shall ye do," He knew whereof
He spoke, knowing that within each individualization, or
Child of God, there was this Mighty I AM Presence by
whose use I AM impelled forward with no uncertainty.

The constant use of my I AM Presence does impel me
forward in spite of any activity of my outer self. So long
as this single Idea is held firmly, storms, distress and
disturbance may rage about me, but in the Consciousness
of my I AM Presence, I can and I AM able to stand serene,
unmoved by the seething vortex of human creation which
may or may not be about me.



For at least five minutes daily, I talk to my I AM
Presence: Great Masterful Presence which I AM! I love,
I adore Thee. I give back unto Thee the fullness of all
Creative Power, all Love, all Wisdom, and through this
Power which Thou art, I give Thee full power to make
visible in my hands and use the fulfillment of my every
desire. I no longer claim any power as my own, for I now
claim Thee, the Only and All-Conquering Presence in
my home, my Life, my world and my experience.
I acknowledge Thy Full Supremacy and Command of
all things; and as my consciousness is fixed upon an
achievement, Your Invincible Presence and Intelligence
takes command and brings the fulfillment into my
experience quickly -- even with the speed of thought.
I know that Thou art ruler over time, place and space.
Therefore, Thou requirest only now to bring into the
visible activity Thy every Perfection. I stand absolutely
firm in the full acceptance of this, now and forever, and
I shall not allow my mind to waver from it, for at last,
I know we are One.

To find my I AM Presence and anchor to It is the only
desirable thing to do. Until I come to this point of firm
anchorage to my Great I AM Presence, it is necessary
to solve my problems as they come along; but how
much better it is to enter in and set free that Mighty
Presence, Energy and Action which has already solved
the problems before they appear to me.

When critical or disturbing thoughts try to find entrance
into my consciousness, I slam the door quickly and
command them to be gone forever. I do not give them
a chance, nor time to gain a foothold, remembering
always that I have the Strength and the sustaining
Power of my Mighty I AM Presence to do this. Should
I have difficulty in holding the door shut, I talk to my
I AM Presence and say: See here! I need help! See
that the door to this disturbance is closed,
and kept closed forever.

I have fixed in my consciousness that I can talk to
my I AM Presence the same as I could talk to Beloved
Saint Germain, believing that He has Limitless Power;
I can cause this Mighty Presence to handle every
condition in my entire experience and raise me into
Its Freedom and Dominion of all things.

The substance of my body can, by my conscious thought
and feeling, be molded into the most exquisite beauty
of form -- my eyes, hair, teeth, and skin made dazzling
with radiant beauty. Beloved Mighty I AM Presence,
mold now the substance of my body into the exquisite
beauty of form -- my eyes, hair, teeth, and skin made
dazzling with radiant beauty!



I look into the mirror, and I say to that which I see there:
Through the Intelligence and Beauty which I AM, I
command you to take on Perfect Beauty of form, for I AM
that Beauty in every cell of which you are composed.
You shall respond to my command and become
radiantly beautiful in every way, in thought, word, feeling
and form. I AM the Fire and Beauty of your eyes, and
I carry forth this Radiant Energy into everything into
which I look. I AM always the Governing Presence.

I AM commanding my form to become more
symmetrical: I start my hands at the shoulders, and
bring them down over the body to the feet, feeling the
Perfection or symmetry of the form I wish. Through my
hands goes the energy or quality which I desire to
manifest. With deep, earnest feeling, I send the energy
of my I AM Presence through these cells, causing them
to obey my command to bring about the Perfection
of my body.

What can my Inner Presence do with a body that is
sick or out of harmony all the time? When the attention
becomes so fixed upon the body that my I AM Presence
cannot get the attention but a little part of the time? I AM
this treatment of the flesh with the energy of my I AM
Presence, for it to become firm and Perfect.

Beloved Mighty I AM Presence, withdraw now the power
given unconsciously by my outer mind to drugs and
remedial agents of every kind! They have no power! (3x)
I fix in my mind firmly that no outer thing has any power
in my experience, except what I give it, and limitations
have no power in my life.

My I AM Presence knows all things for all eternity, in
all ways --past, present and future -- without limit. I think
of this Great Presence, contemplate It, and know that It
is all Love, Wisdom and Power. When I fix my attention
on something to be accomplished, I know this Presence
is the open door, the All-powerful accomplishment,
and It cannot fail.

I call on the Law of Forgiveness, and direct the energy
of my Master Self to correct and adjust the wrong, and in
that way, obtain freedom from its reaction. My Mighty
I AM Presence cares absolutely nothing about the
mistakes of my outer self. I turn away from all these
discordant activities and give my Master I AM Presence
Within all authority and power to dissolve and dissipate
the wrong condition.



Mighty I AM Presence, help me and others understand
this Truth: That when I allow outer self to continue to
criticize, condemn or judge another of my fellow beings,
I not only injure the other person, but unknowingly admit
into my own experience the very element that I see
wrong in the other person. Mighty God Presence, help
us forever cease such undesirable activity -- and let us
know that it is for our own protection.

Mighty I AM Presence and Beloved Saint Germain,
help me understand and benefit from this Law of Life:
That whatever the conscious attention is fixed firmly upon,
that quality is impelled into my experience as an individual.
Whatever I see with deep feeling within another individual,
I force into my own experience. This is the indisputable
proof of why the only desirable feeling to be sent out from
myself is the Presence of Divine Love -- Pure,
Unselfish Love.

Mighty I AM Presence, in the face of so many unwanted
conditions in my experience -- those appearances which
I have been taught to know are not real, yet my attention
gets fixed upon them -- take my attention off these
appearances as I know and ratify: I AM, I AM, I KNOW
I AM free from this thing forever -- no matter what it is.

There is the I AM Presence within that person,
and with the human I am not concerned.

My first consideration is always to my own Divine Self --
adoration to It always. This gives me the opportunity and
strength to rise to the height where I can give help to
thousands, where now it can only be to a few. For no
amount of service can be of any permanent benefit unless
I first accept and give adoration to my own Divine Self,
my Mighty I AM Presence.

Any kind of knowledge or power is absolutely worthless
unless used. I apply and enter into the use of my I AM
Presence with deep feeling. Then will I see and feel within
my own Being, as I again come into contact with other
channels of understanding, how transcendent the
knowledge of my I AM Presence is in comparison to all
other ideas of Truth.

I AM the pure channel -- clean, pure and unselfish --
of the Instructions of Saint Germain on the Mighty I AM
Presence. I apply these Instructions sincerely, with true
feeling and confidence, and therefore I AM the invincible
magnet for the Opulence and Riches of God!

I consciously apply the use of my I AM Presence as my
Omnipresent, Limitless Supply of either money, Love,
Understanding, Light, or Illumination.

I truly understand, that no matter who or what I am, what
place I may be in from the growth standpoint, when I
make the application with the words I AM, I positively
cannot fail to accomplish that to which I apply Them -
if I will hold fast with unwavering determination.



There is no mental state that shuts the door against the
very thing I strive for, like a feeling of distress about it.
On the other hand, the proper attitude is to joyously take
the stand that: I AM the Presence which enables me to
see or hear with the Inner Sight and Hearing; and at no
time to let myself become disturbed because another is
using a faculty different from my own, but rather rejoice in it.

I hold the Masters’ Pictures and the Instruction a sacred
thing. Therefore, I adhere always to the time-worn
Statement: “To know, to dare, to do, and to be silent,”
and not discuss these things with unsympathetic
individuals, so as not to scatter the force but hold it
within my own Illumination.

I decide what I want to do and then say: I AM the
Presence doing it. The use of the I AM prevents the
development of anything out of balance. I AM is the
All-Balance, because It is the Power and Governing
Intelligence of all Perfection. Its very Activity compels
the Balance.

I now know: The I AM Command is the activity of the
thing that is already there, impelling it into the outer
activity. For I cannot use the words “I AM” with anything
and not couple it with the power to do the thing.

I understand that what is called the psychic plane has
nothing whatsoever to do with Spirituality. For the individual
who wishes to reach into the psychic plane alone, either
consciously or unconsciously, had better never been born
into that embodiment.

I truly understand that I cannot divide my attention
between my I AM Presence and outer things, for it is a
house divided against itself and must sooner or later fall.

I AM the only Healing Presence; I have the Right, the
Power, and the Ability, through that Presence, to
command all outer activity of the mind to be silent
and obey Its Command.

When I say I AM, I stir that Presence into action to fulfill
my conscious demand. Everyone has the ability to qualify
this energy, consciously directed, with whatever the
seeming need demanded. Thus the energy may produce
for my use, gold, silver, money, food, clothing, means of
conveyance, or whatever the conscious demand is.

In the conscious demand is my I AM Presence speaking
and acting. Therefore, It has all Power and Authority to
clothe whatever the demand is with Its kind.



In the consciousness that I AM the I AM Presence acting
at all times, then I know that I AM, that moment of
recognition, an invincible magnet of attraction - which
causes every activity of the Universe to rush to me to fulfill
the demand. The only reason it does not seem to be so is
because somewhere in my consciousness there is a
feeling of uncertainty, either of my ability, of my authority,
or the Omnipotence of It to act.

When I become conscious that I have Dominion over the
four elements, I have but to practice its use to become
conscious that I may direct the lightning, master the
storm, control the waters, and walk in the midst of fire
unharmed. It is all a matter of use, once I know of these
Laws, and that the I AM Presence which I AM has all
Intelligence, Power and Authority to consciously direct
the energy through the outer activity of my mind. Then I
shall not fear to use It to heal, to prosper, to bless and
to enlighten my fellowman.

I ratify: That every individual’s first duty is Adoration and
Love to the “One Mighty I AM Presence,” which is
everywhere present.

I AM the only Real Presence and Activity anywhere!
If the ignorance of the outer activity of the mind seems
to have created disorder, pain and limitation, then
I know that the miscreation has no power of its own.
There is nothing but the wrong belief of the individual
to sustain it; consequently, it has no Self-sustaining
power. With this understanding, I now see how it is a
joyous privilege to love my so-called enemy.

With the Assistance of the Ascended Masters, I endeavor
to train myself to be on guard and with every effort use my
I AM Presence to maintain Self-control. Yet if something
happens unexpectedly, I stand serene in spite of it. I AM
the Presence on guard.

If something unexpected happens, I just say: I will dismiss
this, and go on in that joyous happiness. I try not to have
any feeling, but to know: I AM the Mighty Presence
governing everyone's activity.

When working about the house, I keep using: I AM proof
against any sudden disturbance. This sets up a certain
armor that keeps the atmosphere harmonized. I AM the
Presence which nothing can disturb.

I shall always hold myself in a joyous, calm attitude,
regardless of anything that takes place. For someone
I wish to help, I say: Here pal, through the I AM
Presence, we give you strength to control that.

I understand now, that as I pass along the Pathway of
Light, I will find the easiest way to overcome disturbance
is to turn away from a thing - and forget it. Therefore,
to wrong activities I say: That is not correct, and then
I quickly pass it off. This avoids a disturbance which builds.

Mighty I AM Presence, let everyone understand that
the quickest way to stop any kind of disturbance is
to stop discussing it.



Mighty God Presence, keep me alert, whenever the desire
comes -- “I wish so and so would do this or that" -- to check
it immediately and say: There is only God in action there.
For I know that when a feeling is registered in my
atmosphere, it is anchored there until I dissolve or
consume it; for it is always the feeling that makes
the Inner record.

As I rise in consciousness, the energy is waiting like an
avalanche for expression; and if the energy is not controlled,
it will rush in and cause me to do things that I would not
have done for the world. Whatever energy is given into
my use is to be sent out harmoniously. That is the
Natural Law of my Being.

Mighty I AM Presence, help me realize, that if I fail to
understand that I AM intended to govern the energy flowing
through me, and thereby contact a discordant element, the
energy flowing through becomes qualified by that discord,
and I should immediately either check it or requalify it with
Love. I resolve, that if I meet a discordant element, I will
simply say: Here! I shut my door - you stay out.

God Almighty, let me understand that people resist persons,
places, conditions and things because they have not mastered
themselves. Help me maintain this Self-governed harmony
within myself long enough to let the momentum be created -
which becomes my permanent guard.

When I stop the discord, the Stream of my I AM Presence
automatically cleanses away all impurities. I thus have an
Unlimited Power in my hands to intensify my right commands.

Beloved Lady Master Nada, I thank you for teaching me how
to attain the Christ Consciousness: That the first mighty step
is in my recognition of the Great I AM Presence, God dwelling
in me. And the second step is in my use of that I AM
Presence, that when I say I AM, with the understanding of
what It means, I have then and there entered into the Christ
Consciousness. It does not mean I immediately express the
fullness of that Christ Consciousness, for I must first know
where I go and what I wish to do before I can accomplish it.

Great as were the wonders Jesus was able to perform,
I remember He gave the marvelous promise that: "Even
greater things than these shall ye do." I now ratify this
promise, and I resolve to do greater things than Jesus did,
for He tells us that He only performed a few of the Universal
Services which can be rendered to our fellowmen.

I understand now that the moment I became conscious of
the fact of the Ascension, the process of my own
Ascension has started, and according to the fullness of my
grasp of this Truth, may I accomplish it quickly, or require
time to do it.

Lady Master Nada, teach me to become the Mighty Magnet
of Love that You Are; to begin to use my I AM Presence more
and more each day, to transcend time or place, to enter more
fully into this expansion of consciousness, until all things of
my desire are right within my reach, right within my individual,
governing power, and with it the consciousness that Divine
Love within Me is the Invincible Magnet for everything upon
which my desire rests.



In the recognition of my Mighty I AM Presence, I fully accept
Its Perfection every hour of the day. I need not dwell on this
by the hour, but I can at least assert once every hour of the
waking state: I do accept the full Activity of my
Mighty I AM Presence.

I shall not discuss discordant things any more than
is enough to understand a situation.

It only takes a moment to powerfully realize the Mighty,
Invincible Activity of my I AM Presence in whatever my
attention is required to be used. I AM the Mighty Presence
commanding the time, all the time I require, for the
realization and application of this Mighty Truth. I AM the
only Intelligence and Presence acting, which naturally
adjusts things according to the requirement.

Beloved Saint Germain, help me to abide constantly in the
Law: That it is not possible to divide my attention, for it must
all be given to my I AM Presence in order for me to go
beyond a certain point of attainment. Help me to realize
the Truth, that if we who are students of the Light are not
able to hold our attention entirely upon the I AM Presence,
it will close the door to Your Assistance to us for a long time.
Thus, I desire to follow the direction, make the sincere effort
every time my attention wanders off, and bring it back with firm
determination and say: I give all power to the I AM Presence
which I AM; and with determination I refuse acceptance to
anything else ever again.

Mighty I AM Presence, never allow my outer personality to
each day, or every few days, allow myself to be thrown into a
sense of depression or doubt of the Inner Power or my ability
to apply It. Dispel from me this childish attitude of mind, which
will in time shut the door if not discontinued.

I take my positive stand the moment discord of any kind
attempts to enter into my mind, and assert my Dominion by
declaring: I AM the Almighty Governing Presence of my Life
and my world, and I AM the Peace, Harmony and Courage,
Self-sustained, which carries me serenely through everything
that confronts me.

I know that when I say I AM, I make my outer activity a Mighty
Magnet for the Light to reach and expand.

I take the attitude: Great I AM Presence, take me within
Thyself; there instruct me and cause me to retain the Full
Memory of these Inner Instructions.

I know that the solution of every problem is always right
at hand because my I AM Presence always holds
everything within It.

I understand, that a demand is the impelling of the solution
into expression. I AM is the Intelligent, Active Principle within
us, the Heart of our Beings, the Heart of the planet and the
Heart of the system.



I take the unconditional stand with my body that: The I AM
Presence governs this physical body completely and compels
it into obedience. Now I know, that the more attention I give
my body, the more it is the master, and the more it will
demand and keep demanding from me; but never again.

I can positively produce whatever I want in my body if I will
fix my attention upon the Perfection of it, but I do not let
my attention rest on its imperfections.

In the face of problems I take the simple consciousness:
God in me, the I AM Presence, come forth! Govern and
solve this situation harmoniously. I know it would do wonders.
Instantly I draw forth my I AM Presence and set It to work.

I endeavor not only to know my Presence, but to practice my
Presence in even the simplest activity. As I learn to use my
I AM in the solving of my desire or problem, I find growing a
confidence that I can apply with a definite assurance.

I now understand that it is in the Great Silence, or stillness
of my outer, that the Inner Power flows in its ever-increasing
accomplishment; and soon I shall come to know that even
as I think of my Mighty Source, I AM, I will feel an increase
of strength, vitality and wisdom which will enable me to go
forward with a feeling of Mastery that will surely one day
open wide the door through the limitations of my human
creation into the Vastness of my True Freedom.

I use the Statement often: I AM the Ascension in the LIGHT!
This enables my consciousness to more quickly rise out
of the maya of human creation.

As I live in and accept more fully the Transcendent Power
of my I AM Presence, I will find that not only the outer
struggle ceases, but that as I have entered deeper into the
Light, the outer things that I have sought so earnestly will
really and truly begin to seek me - because by that time I will
truly and fully realize the unreality of form and its transitory
activity. I shall then know that within me and the Light about
me is everything I can possibly desire; and the outer, which
has seemed so very important, will have lost its great binding
power upon me.

As I become more conscious of the Transcendent Powers
which are at my command, I will know that I can quickly
draw to myself anything I require without harming or affecting
another of God’s children.

Then I AM prepared to dispense the Light without being
affected by the human creation in which I must move. Never
will I feel sad or distressed if any of God’s Children is not
ready to accept the Light, for if he does not come to the Light
of his own choosing, it is rarely but a temporary step.



I strive to constantly look within my human self and see what
habits or creations are there that need to be plucked out and
disposed of; for only by refusing to any longer allow habits of
judging, condemning and criticizing to exist can I be free.
My true activity is only to perfect my own world, and I cannot
do it as long as I see imperfection in the world of another
of God’s children.

Always I remind myself that God in me is my certain victory!
The I AM Presence which beats my heart is the Light of God
that never fails; and that my power - by the acceptance of
this Presence, to loose Its Energy and direct It - is limitless.

Everyday I send forth this Truth in conscious Radiation:
God, the Mighty I AM Presence, is governing with Invincible
Power everywhere in the hearts and minds of mankind.

Magnificent Assistance is mine to be had by stilling my
outer and reaching forth for It. I shut my mind against the
ignorance and inharmonious suggestions of human beings
everywhere. Freedom in every way stands at my door - if
I will but keep my personality harmonized and refuse to
accept inharmonious, sinister suggestions from the
atmosphere and from those I contact in mortal form.

No longer will I continue to limit myself by human concepts.
I declare and feel my amazing ability to use these Laws and
direct this Mighty Energy to my Freedom and Perfection.
I realize that my human form is not a dense creation, difficult
to manipulate. I feel it a transparent substance that follows
my slightest direction. I speak to my body and command it
to be strong, receptive only to the Ascended Master
Consciousness, to be a Perfect Expression of the Divine
Power of my Mighty I AM, and to take on Its Beauty
of Form and Expression.

As I grow into more and more intense acceptance of my
Mighty I AM Presence, my outer problems which have
seemed so terrifying will surely fade from appearance.

Thus not only is my problem solved, but every step gained
in this way does not reappear. Instead, it becomes my
Eternal Freedom. If it is financial freedom I crave, I take the
outer activity of my mind off the appearance and place it
upon my Mighty I AM Presence, the only Giver of all the
Mighty Opulence there is. I stand firm and determined in this,
and I will have all the money I desire to use.



Never will I think I can play with the Great Law, because if I
be unwilling to give the necessary Self-discipline, will I find
myself unfortunate indeed if I attempt it when once having
entered upon the Conscious Path.

I now deeply realize, that the Great Law, which does not
discriminate, takes individuals at their words and feelings;
and those who think they can escape this are but
deceiving themselves.

I feel my individual responsibility in this respect: to keep my
mind and body harmonized, and to keep charging my mind
and emotional world with the Directing Wisdom and Perfection
of my Mighty I AM Presence. This enables Assistance to be
given humanity which the outer could not possibly conceive
of in its heretofore limited condition.

I understand and feel deeply that the Great Ascended Masters
and Saint Germain stand ready to give every Assistance to me
that the Law of my Being permits. I need only to stand firm
and unyielding in the Presence until the outer human creation
about me is dissolved -- consumed; and then the Mighty Light,
Wisdom and Power of my Mighty I AM Presence will flood my
mind, Being and world with this Glorious Radiance, filling me
and my world with that harmony, happiness, and Perfection
which my heart so much craves.

I will do definite, conscious, protective work for America, that
the Cosmic Light and Eternal Perfection enfold the earth,
removing and consuming all discord; and continue to bless
persons, places, conditions and things, for It is the Mighty
Miracle ­Working Activity which will usher in the prosperity
and happiness that all so much desire.

I understand how much my outer personality is constantly
qualifying the very atmosphere and conditions about me with
the things I do not want, through the outer belief that it can
continue to have any kind of feeling and speak words of
discord, hate and limitation, and still be unaffected by it.
This stubborn, false concept of my outer mind, as with
everyone else, has filled the world with all kinds of tragedy.

Therefore, to every discordant, limiting appearance, I say:
Get thee hence, thou powerless human creation! I know thee
not! My world is filled only with the Mighty Perfection of my
Mighty I AM Presence. I take away from you, foolish
appearance, all power to harm or disturb. I walk henceforth
in the Light of my Mighty I AM Presence in which there is
no shadow, and I am free, forever free.

I send forth through conscious projection, like the belching
forth of a great cannon, the Mighty Violet Consuming Flame,
consuming everything undesirable and imperfect in my world
of activity. I consciously qualify this with the Full Power of
Divine Love in Action. Then I see and feel what great beauty,
happiness and Perfection I will experience as I move forward.



I shall constantly charge everything within the activity of my
thought and feeling with Love, Opulence and Perfect
Achievement. I do this qualifying with dynamic energy! I put
great feeling and sureness back of it, and I will find such
changes taking place in my world of activity and environment
as almost to compare with the rubbing of Aladdin's Lamp.

I truly understand, that no matter how humble my present
position seems to be, by calling my I AM Presence into action,
I can transform everything within my world and fill it with the
Perfection that I desire to have there. I train myself to still the
outer, if only for five minutes, three times a day. At the end of
that stillness, with all the calm earnestness of my Being, I call
my Mighty I AM Presence into action, and I will have all the
proof in the world I wish of the Presence, Power and Dominion
of my own Mighty God-Self.

To my Mighty Presence there is no obstruction -- therefore
no struggle, no interference of any kind! This is how the old
Scriptural Statement so long used, "Be still, and know that
I AM God," becomes a dynamic Power in my Life. This
"being still" means the harmonizing and quieting of my
outer mind.

I shall not make the mistake as to think that my Mighty
I AM Presence is going to act independently of my own
Self-conscious effort. This never is and cannot be done.
Yet, it is true that after I shall have reached a certain
point of attainment, the Law begins to act almost
automatically, but this is only because a charged
momentum has been built and established about me. Never
until I have made the Ascension will I cease to make
conscious application for my own Freedom.

I feel the assurance that this Work of Saint Germain and
Jesus is entirely different from anything that has been given
forth to the Western World, because in this Work there are
no human concepts nor opinions; that it has not been possible
to do this heretofore -- until the Visible Light and Sound Rays
could be established through which knowledge and instruction
could be given. I realize this truly, and how great is my
Blessing and benefit.

I AM the Open Doorway which no man can shut! My Mighty
I AM Presence is the Truth, the Way and the Life. My Mighty
I AM Presence is the Light that lighteth every man that cometh
into the world. My Mighty I AM Presence is my Directing
Intelligence, my Exhaustless, Sustaining Energy. My Mighty
I AM Presence is the Voice of Truth speaking within my heart;
the Light enfolding me in Its Luminous Presence; my Eternal
Belt of Protection through which no human creation can pass;
my Eternal Reservoir of Exhaustless Energy which I can
release at will through my conscious charging. My Mighty
I AM Presence is the Fountain of Eternal Youth and Beauty
which I can call into action and expression in my human form
today. My Mighty I AM Presence is my Resurrection and the
Life of my body and of my world of action into that Perfection
which the heart of every human being so much desires.

Acting within my I AM Presence takes me instantly out of the
activity wherein there is human selfishness. As an earnest,
sincere student casting out all doubt and fear, I find myself
acting within a sphere of positive, definite activity which knows
no delay or lack of accomplishment in anything. Then, I act
in a World of Infallibility, wherein my Decrees enable the
Full Power of my I AM to move into action, causing all
human inharmony and limitation to move out.



Mighty Elohim Arcturus, assist me each day as I think of
myself as a radio station sending forth peace and goodwill to
all mankind. I know that in this Mighty Consciousness, the
Limitless Power of my Mighty I AM Presence flows forth to
each individual and gives that which he or she is ready to
receive, bringing enlightenment and decision to everyone.
I AM conscious that my own mind is such powerful Divine
Center that at any time I can make quick, unerring decisions
through the Power of Divine Love. I recognize that my mind is
but a vehicle of the Great Master Presence of the Mighty
I AM Presence within, and that my mind is to obey that Inner
Presence at all times. I command my mind to always act with
decision, alertness, and quickness, and that all human sense
of wavering be forever consumed.



Credit: Compiled by the dedicated Students of the Ascended Masters in the Philippines.

King, Godfre Ray    The I AM Discourses - Saint Germain Series Volume 3

Never before, except in the Retreats of the Great White Brotherhood, has such intensified, transcendent Instruction concerning the "I AM" been given to individuals. This book reveals the True Inner Instruction and Use of the Sacred Flame. Permission for this Inner Instruction to be explained to students as given forth in these 33 Dictations had been granted to the Ballards by the Ascended Masters.

I AM Discourses

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