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Harmony, May 22, 1939, Washington, D.C.:

"Beloved students, I speak to all tonight, through their Higher Mental Bodies - to every student in America and the world these words: To the degree that you come into this great calm Poise and hold yourselves undisturbed by any condition whatever about you, do you lend Us that Almighty Power to spread throughout the mental and feeling world of mankind and render the service so needed at this time. To the degree that you allow your feelings to become disturbed, are you serving the forces of destruction.

"My dear ones, don't let any student in the land say to Me: 'I cannot maintain self-control.' That is an acceptance of human qualities which is out in the future! DON'T EVER LET YOURSELVES VOICE WORDS THAT YOU DO NOT WANT TO HAVE MANIFEST IN YOUR WORLD. No matter what occurs in your experience, still stand by the Power that - 'I AM the Power of Self-control in this body, in this feeling world! Mighty I AM take out anything less than Your Ascended Master Power and see Thy Self-control is sustained.' Your Higher Mental Body stands ready to sweep out every condition in your feeling world with its cause, effect, and record, and set you free now! With Our Assistance, why not accept your Higher Mental Body now in the fullness of Its Power? Do not waste hours and days in questioning about this being done.

"Oh, the Freedom that is filling the feeling world of the students throughout the land! You would scarcely believe - through the number in this room tonight - the service that you have rendered. Oh, my dear ones, I think it would not be well to state mathematically just what was done - you might might feel quite puffed up. Do you not understand what it means with any and all harmonious efforts upon your part? Know that your Higher Mental Body is constantly ready, waiting, and has been all these centuries for this opportunity to release Its Powers. Remember, what you have seen manifest through the physical form is but a fragment of what is going on in the mental and feeling world because Perfection must come there first."


ascended master     The Voice of The "I AM"     by Godfre and Lotus     Voice of The I AM

The Voice of The "I AM" is a monthly magazine containing original Ascended Master Instruction through which the Ascended Masters' Teachings can reach the Student of Light, that the most powerful work possible for America and the world may be given by the Students to release the greatest Light in the shortest time.

ascended master     Unveiled Mysteries - Saint Germain Series Volume 1     by Godfre Ray King     Guy Ballard

This book is a record of Godfre Ray King�s initial experiences with the Ascended Master Saint Germain and includes His instruction to Godfre on the Great Laws of Life. Never before, except in the Retreats of the Brotherhood of Light, has such in-depth and transcendent Instruction concerning the "I AM " been publicly given to individuals.

ascended master     The Magic Presence - Saint Germain Series Volume 2     by Godfre Ray King     Guy Ballard

This book is a continuation of the experiences which Godfre Ray King had with the Ascended Master Saint Germain in Volume 1. In The Magic Presence, Godfre applies the knowledge that he received from Saint Germain in Unveiled Mysteries. Includes the beautiful chapter titled "Divine Romance".

ascended master     The "I AM" Discourses - Saint Germain Series Volume 3     by Godfre Ray King     Guy Ballard

These original thirty-three Discourses were dictated by Beloved Saint Germain over the Visible Light and Sound Ray, in the home of Mr. and Mrs. G.W. Ballard. The sound of His Voice was physically audible to everyone in the room and at times His Tangible Presence was visible.

Great Central Sun Angels

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