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I AM the Violet Fire

I AM the Violet Fire

Excerpted from I AM Adorations Affirmations & Rhythmic Decrees, © Copyright 2009 by The Temple of The Presence®

The Temple of The Presence    Decree Book

For more than a century, the great Host of Ascended Masters have stepped forth periodically onto the world stage, always speaking of the fervent desire of their Hearts for and on behalf of mankind's Freedom. In furtherance of this goal They have demonstrated countless spiritually scientific prayers taking the form of Invocations, Calls, Fiats, Affirmations, Mantras and rhythmic Decrees - all released through an ongoing lineage of Ascended Master Activities. The very words They have decreed remain to this day poised in the ethers as Cups of Light gathering greater and greater momentum and continuing to radiate the sure and certain fulfillment of their original intent.

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Decree Book

Great Central Sun Angels

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