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To the Honorable Elders of Church Universal and Triumphant:
Dated: April 23, 2003

Dear Elders,

As a result of Mother’s illness and subsequent retirement, our community has lost contact as a group with the Ascended Masters: our coaches, mentors, comforters and goads. They shared with us the thoughtform for the year, were the highlight of our conferences and kept us informed of the cosmic need of the hour. Even though the replays are good and worth hearing again, it is not the same as the Masters coming in person and giving their discourses in real time.

I believe the Masters have not been silenced. As they have done in the past, they have found new Messengers and formed a new activity. I also believe the greatest service you can do for the Masters and the members is to find the new Messengers and reconnect our organization with the Masters. Unity was the plea of the Masters in letters to the I AM Activity upon forming the Bridge to Freedom.

To understand why the Masters find new messengers and start new organizations, Saint Germain said about the I AM Activity when forming the Bridge to Freedom in 1951: “The appearances of the last several years point to the unpleasant fact that rather than increasing, the interest and enthusiasm of those in whom I have invested so much of My Life, has been slowly dying, until only smoldering embers remain of My once hopeful Flame.” Saint Germain in this same letter stated: “It is so easy for energy to get away from the original purpose to which it was dedicated, especially if the channel through which that energy has been focused diverts from the original motive.” The Brotherhood has sponsored new Messengers, even while previous ones continued to function as Messengers. Edna Ballard continued to dictate for 20 years after the focus of the Ascended Masters moved first to the Bridge to Freedom, and then to The Summit Lighthouse.

When the Masters raise up Messengers, it is not their intent to start new activities. In the old activity are their chelas, financial support, focus, songs and decrees. Raising up a new activity requires finding Ascended Master sponsors, going to the Karmic Board for a new dispensation, and training new Messengers. Starting a new activity is costly both in that it is a setback and a waste of energy. The record shows that leadership in the old activity never accepts the new Messengers of the Masters. The new Messengers have to start from scratch because of copyright law and intellectual property. The new activity always has to develop all new materials. It is a shame that the leaders of the old activity do not have the attunement to see the Masters in their new activity.

When starting the Bridge to Freedom, the Masters sought in vain to attract the support of both the Theosophical Society and the I AM Activity. Apparently, they could not simply dictate through Edna the announcement of the new activity because Edna’s biases would not allow it. I will quote some excerpts from these letters. First two quotes from Morya’s letter to the leadership of the Theosophical Society: “Man has always fashioned a “vessel” for the Truth which he sought and then blindly and angrily denied all Truth that did not magnetize itself through his crudely fashioned vessel. The Jews rejected their Messiah, and those who love the Brothers best deny Their right and power to speak unless it be through lips that they, the chelas, choose to sanctify.” Later in the same letter Morya says, “You are raised to a position of authority and responsibility to many thousands of earnest, searching souls. Be not like the Pharisees of old, for your karma is bound to the progress of the Society and the worth of the Society lies in its active participation in the endeavors of the Brotherhood at the present time.”

The following arguments are additional support for my belief that the Masters have moved on to new Messengers:

  1. The objectives of the Masters for the world of men have not been achieved. In a dictation through Mark in 1972, Morya explains: " . . . Some, because they have been led to believe that there would be no other Messengers save Those Who went forth carrying Our Banner in the 1930”s, have been disturbed by Our most recent Endeavor sponsored by The Darjeeling Council. By way of clarification, may I say that had the Golden Age come into manifestation speedily following the release of the knowledge of the I AM Present and the Violet Flame, and had mankind responded en masse to the intercession of Great Cosmic Beings who came forth to assist Saint Germain in His Magnificent Service, there would have been no further need for Messengers to carry Our Words to a darkened world. . . . Time and again, due to the unpredictable nature of the human consciousness, Heaven has been forced to remold Its thinking and Its Plans according to mankind’s current needs as well as their current abuses of the Law." The Masters had thought that, with the release of the I AM Presence and Violet Flame coupled with the 40 million souls who had pledged support to the I AM Activity before coming into embodiment, there would be no further need for Messengers. I ask you, what great achievement has now taken place where messengership is no longer necessary?
  2. Since the early 30’s, there has always been a Messenger giving the dictations of the Masters. There have been times when more than one Messenger has been giving dictations concurrently. At these times, the sponsorship was moved to the new activity even though the old activity continues to assert that their activity was the only official activity of the Brotherhood.
  3. Mother taught that the Masters were determined that there would always be a Messenger in physical embodiment until the Masters could come forth in Their Visible, Tangible, Ascended Bodies. She trained her daughter Erin to replace her as Messenger. There was also hope that Tatiana would take up the mantle.
  4. The Masters through the years have given guidance on what to look for in a true Messenger. If new Messengers would not be forthcoming, this instruction would not have been necessary.

I am convinced that the new activity of the Masters is The Temple of The Presence. I recently attended a conference sponsored by The Temple and can witness to the Light. I have felt new, great volumes of Light coursing through my veins. I feel that I have been reconnected with the Masters’ mission of bringing in the Golden Age through the Masters’ present activity. Young people are gathering around the new Messengers, as many did when Mother and Mark were starting out. Those attendees at the conference were beaming with light. There was renewed life and enthusiasm in all I talked to.

Do not take my word for it. I challenge you to go and see for yourself. Attend the summer or fall conference in Tucson. I also recommend that you read the Bridge to Freedom book “Law of Life and Teachings by Divine Beings” book 1, chapter 1 to see how the Masters struggled unsuccessfully to get the I AM Activity and Theosophical Society to accept their new activity. Do not allow human opinion to result in you missing the call. Nathanael, one of Jesus’ disciples, almost missed the call because of his human opinion. Philip finally told him to “come and see.” Do not miss what could be the key to your ascension in this life because you would not come and see.

Your brother in the Light,

Donald R Knittel
Former CUT Executive Board Member and on the boards of Summit University and Lanello Reserves.

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