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Listening Angel

               Ascended Master               

Service to God in Life

  • First Public Dictation / Discourse:
    • January 2, 1954   Chicago, IL U.S.A. (1)

  • Service:
    • Listening to the prayers of humanity (6)
    • Radiates the Flame of Compassion (5)

  • Quality:
    • Flame of Compassion (5)

  • Retreat:
    • Temple of the Sun (5)

The Door into Our Realm of Light

" . . . It is My Privilege to open the Door into Our Realm of Light. I trust you will be conscious of Its more Dazzling Presence ever about you. May you feel Its Healing Radiance and Love to command in this world all that you contact to yield to you the Perfection of God. The Realm of the Angelic Host is Magnificent and Beautiful and Powerful beyond anything that We can describe to you; but We want you to feel, through your own feeling world, the Power of Our Light which is Our Love from the Great Central Sun brought to Earth to assist those who look Godward and are trying to reach up and hold to Perfection. The Power of the Angelic Host is that always of Love, and the Sacred Fire which is the Concentration of that Love into outer action comes forth ever at Our Command to render Assistance wherever possible.

"And now, since it is My Privilege to have come into the lower atmosphere of Earth, I bring to you the Blessings and the awareness of those of the Angels and the other Beings of the Angelic Host who are awaiting an opportunity to clothe you with Power for more conscious cooperation. I trust you will feel Our nearness! I trust you will use the Light of Our Love in your outer activities; and I trust We shall make you feel Our Presence frequently, even in the midst of outer turmoil. The Sacred Fire and the Eternal Light of the Love from Our Great Realm of Life is ever seeking an onward Path through mankind in this world, where We may establish Our Perfection to take Its Dominion in the outer world's activities until all behold Us face to face.

"In the Mighty Blessings that have come to you from the Magnificent Beings who have loved you so much, and loved you so long, and have been so patient with you throughout the ages; those Beloved Ones have called Us into outer action to more quickly fulfill your Calls and to establish a stronger Guard about your activities. From the Heights of Creation ever flows the Light of Eternal Love, and because mankind have created shadows in the human distress of the outer world, then the hour strikes when there must come from Heights incalculable the descent of the Beings of the Sacred Fire, the descent of the Light of Eternal Love, and the descent of Power that is at once—instantly in full Command. So as We offer you from Our Great Realm the Power of the Angelic Host, try to feel It very tangible within your own feeling world. Try to absorb It and feel the Light of Our Power. Try to dwell within It, even though in the midst of outer chaos; and you will find ever abiding by your side those Beings who love you and who love to protect you as you move forward in greater activity to release the blessings that you are yet to give to mankind en masse. . . . "

Beloved Listening Angel
through the Messenger, Edna Ballard,   January 2, 1954,   Chicago, Illinois U.S.A. (4)

". . . Hushed are the strident sounds of dissonance - the beat of human fear and feeling dashing its fury against the bedrocks of the Eternal Boundaries. In the stillness of the dream of Peace, the ivory-towered culture of Divine Reality whispers in echoes faintly heard within the child-hearts of men, surfeited in an unrealized longing.

"The Hearts of the Angels ministering in service, serving in Love, charged with the Power to guard, possessed by the Will to protect and guide, flow like the tides of an ocean breaking over the shoreline of men's consciousness. We have sailed at the Ancient Mariner's command over the far-off sea; we have moved on Cosmic Tides channeling through a Universe of Light from the Great Central Sun. We have played on harps of majestic Sound with a throbbing of IMMORTALITY of Eternal Harmony, of rapture; our musings have tinkled within the dulled consciousness of men as the wispings of an aeolian harp!

"Now, We come to awaken men again and again! Today! Tonight, at every hour We stream forth from the Divine Radiance. Our song of Peace on Earth, Good Will to men, is not for children alone; it is for the men children of God. It calls them to awaken to the Reality of Heaven that stands in Divine Imagery within their recessed consciousness. . . . "

Beloved Listening Angel
through the Messenger, Mark Prophet,   December 21, 1962   U.S.A. (6)

". . . I am known as Listening Angel. What is not generally known is that millions of angels of my bands engage in a service of listening to the hearts and souls, the prayers and murmurings of all people of earth. These supplications are then carried by my angels to the throne of God, that our Father/Mother may know and understand the burden of the people as they attempt, sometimes haltingly, to phrase a prayer, not knowing they are in need of deliverance or even the meaning of deliverance itself. . . . "

". . . Above all, whatever the direction of your response to the Truth you have heard, I pray that you shall pray and pray daily for the victory of the Divine Mother in your midst. The blessed Mother Mary is everywhere in the Earth with all those who speak her blessed name and give the mantra simply, In the Immaculate Heart of Mary, I trust.

"Blessed ones, there is truly a stitch in time that saves nine. Many have won in the very last moments of the sands of the hourglass. You are not defeated except by your digressions, your diversions, your depressions.

"Blessed ones, the Hosts of the Lord demand attention to youth that they be not lost. Hear our cry, our plea and our marching. For we can also be heard in the land and you can know the soft presence of an Angel wing caressing your cheek and tenderly touching a child in tears. Blessed hearts, look up and see the numberless numbers of your intercessors. But give the word and we can release Light sufficient to this Victory. . . . "

Beloved Listening Angel
through the Messenger, Elizabeth Clare Prophet,   October 14, 1987,   Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania U.S.A. (7)


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Great Central Sun Angels

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