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Maha Chohan

I AM Presence
Individualized Presence of God as your True Identity (click here to order)
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Realize the Individualized Presence of God as Your True Identity

" . . . I, the Maha Chohan, know well that each one of you have come to these Teachings of the Ascended Masters for a variety of different reasons. But first and foremost, the priority of your Path must be to know the Mighty I AM Presence, to know that you are Home within that Presence, and that every good thing intended for your lifestream comes forth from that Mighty Presence. The more you realize the Individualized Presence of God as your True Identity, the greater awareness you will have of the Consciousness of God at work, both by a hand unseen in far-off worlds and ever close at hand. This God Consciousness may remain somewhat imperceptible in your own life until you awaken your Heart Flame to expand, accelerate, and grasp the True Nature of that God Reality, Divine Genius, and True Wisdom that abides within you even now.

"Why are We so certain that you can accomplish this? We do know the record of your many incarnations. We do know that for some, the events of this lifetime seem to blight your ability to draw forth any measure of God Reality. But should such a spirit of inadequacy and resignation well up inside you, on the instant, flood the Violet Flame into that thought, that energy, that vibration! For it has no Power! You do have the capability to overcome every limitation presented to you by your outer mind, your outer emotions, or past habits. For yes, blessed hearts, the Power of God within you is great and mighty. The clarity of the Mind of God knows exactly what you must do at every turn of your life - which door to open, what path to take, what word to speak, what vision to behold. For yes, blessed hearts, you must be able to hold the Vision of your overcoming, your Victory, your fulfillment of the Qualities of your own God Presence here in this world of form where you reside.

"How easy it is for you to forget that you have great assistance from Us, awaiting the opportunity to join you, shoulder-to-shoulder, keeping stride with your pace. For yes, blessed hearts, you are the one who must set the pace of your own overcoming. Never forget that within the blink of an eye, your world can change forever when you signal you are truly ready for that change!

"And what enables you to be ready? Allowing the Purity of your Heart to flood forth, filling your life with purpose, with understanding of what is right, not according to the ways of the world and the lowest common denominator of mortal consciousness so prevalent throughout the land, but of the God Consciousness and Vibration of the Christ! . . . "

Beloved Maha Chohan
through the Anointed Representative®, Carolyn Louise Shearer,   January 31, 2010   Tucson, Arizona U.S.A.


Great Central Sun Angels

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