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Maha Chohan
Representative of the Holy Spirit

Holy Spirit

Love Is Not Wasted

"Beloved ones, whenever you give love, even if it is not accepted, even if it is trampled upon, scoffed at or mocked, it is not wasted. It does not go unnoticed. It is recorded, beloved ones in your Causal Body of Light. If you are involved in a personal relationship where you feel the love which you are giving an individual is not being accepted, be not concerned. Continue to love.

"For even if this person moves on in their own life cycle, the love that you have given out automatically goes to your Twin Flame, wherever that Twin Flame is.

"So you see, this love is not wasted. And if we don't practice loving, practice giving that love, when we finally do meet our Twin Flame we will not know how to love. The first place to practice, dear hearts, is with your I AM Presence, because the love that you give and receive back from your Presence will be multiplied and amplified throughout every part of your life, throughout every relationship. And you too can feel the warm glow of God's Love, even if on the physical plane your love to another is rejected. The most important thing I can leave with you is the fact that no Love is wasted. No love goes unnoticed and no love is without the Vibration of God.

"For indeed God is Love. Chamuel and Charity, the Archangel and Archeia of the Love Ray, are the very embodiment of God Love through Their Angelic Service. And Their Angels are ready with wings of beautiful pink to take your love and share it wherever, whenever, and with whomever you desire. You cannot love too much. There is no such thing when it is genuine. So, do not be afraid to love. . . . "

Beloved Maha Chohan
through the Anointed Representative®, Carolyn Louise Shearer,   1996   U.S.A.


Great Central Sun Angels

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