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El Morya

Morya El

This is the Work at Hand!
You are Either With Us or You are On Your Own!

" . . . As the Chohan of the First Ray of the Will of the Most High, I hold within my Consciousness that Engram, that Form that is fashioned by the Power of God, streaming forth in all of its Perfection, commanded by the Mind of God, and held firmly within that Directing Intelligence of the Consciousness of the Mighty I AM, The Great I AM, The One! For from the beginning it was known that these Eternal Individualized Rays of God Consciousness would be delineated for your understanding so that you could begin to qualify and quantify them within your outer vehicles, drawing forth all that was required to bring about the creation of form, the fashioning of the likeness of God, and the understanding of the conveyance of the Consciousness of God through your vehicles.

"How many have come close to that Flame of God and determined that that was the most precious place of all to be and never once looked back? They did not have a second thought as to 'what if' or 'perhaps', for there was no shadow of turning ever to cross their gaze again. The Presence of God was all there was and all there would ever be! And that was all of Life to them!

"Blessed ones, that is the true nature of a lifestream who has entered into the stream of Consciousness of the Will of God. For that one has known, in every fiber of their being, the Presence of God streaming forth in that Perfect Divine Order of all things in their life. In that Will they perceived Love, the Perfection of Purity, the Divine Intelligence of God as the Mind of God, and all things began to fall into place for that lifestream. And life was no longer a needless journey in the wastelands of human creation, but was productive in the Christ Consciousness, enriched by the benevolence of God, held within that Power of the Will of God so that all things would maintain that Divine Outpicturing of the Vision held by the I AM Presence for that lifestream. . . . "

Beloved Ascended Master Morya
through the Anointed Representative®, Carolyn Louise Shearer,   April 29, 2011,   Tucson, Arizona U.S.A. (10)


Great Central Sun Angels

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