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Mother Mary

Mary and Jesus

Within the Realm of the Heart

"Blessed Children of my Heart, I entreat you into the great reservoir of Light that is within the Heart, for therein is the pathway, the open door, to moving within the Realms of Light — a Realm where you may determine, by conscious will, the Wisdom of your God Presence as the election and determination moment to moment. Within the Realm of the Heart is the understanding of what is meant by Life; how you may orchestrate that Life in accordance with that Divine Will; how you may see into the great vastness of your own coming events that are to be outplayed, for they are determined by the Heart of your God Presence, they travel on consciousness that is directed from the Presence and deposited in your mind by the Holy Christ Self. This direction allows you to understand what are the transgressions of life in which you have engaged, where you must attend to the Heart of another, where you are required to engage in an acceleration to call forth that Light into your affairs. This direction is essential to your ability to climb the ladder of Attainment; to expand the borders of your consciousness; and to become masterful over the great Elemental Forces of Nature, the Pranas of Life.

"When you neglect those areas of life where you are prompted by your own God Presence to attend, you put off many cycles that would otherwise prepare you for the coming events of the fulfillment of your Divine Plan. When that Divine Plan goes awry, when there is not remaining opportunity for its fulfillment, the Law requires that the Presence call home that one into the Heart for greater preparation so that there may be an expanded awareness on the return current into incarnation. This is not a travesty. Oft times it is a blessing to the one making that acceleration a part of their ongoing life. But it is never easy for those left behind to carry on in the absence of one who has become so familiar, so dear to the Heart.

"I speak of this, for many who are new to the understanding of the Teachings that come forth from the Ascended Masters are wont to follow all manner of negative connotations regarding the passing and transition of one’s life. When the Divine Plan is in process, when every erg of Energy streaming forth from the Presence is put to wise use, is expanded, is drawn into the affairs of one’s life, opportunity is extended — days, weeks, even years, added to one’s life in the physical octaves to continue to expand the awareness of God, the Light of God, and the fulfillment of the Will of God. This is the great Power that is held within the grasp of your Holy Christ Self, for Wisdom has imparted through Illumination's Flame the understanding of the conveyance of the Power of God to create, to heal, to use wisely opportunity.

"Merely because one may go on in the transition from the physical octave to the inner planes and Realms of Light does not always mean a neglect of the Divine Plan. Oft times, it is so one may be prepared for the right cycle to re-enter through the planes of the physical octave and begin the next course and study of the schoolroom of Earth. For cycles are set in motion not by the planets or the stars, but by the Will of the Presence, by the collective Consciousness of Cosmic Councils, by Dispensation of the Karmic Board, and by the balancing of one’s own karma. The more karma that is balanced within a given lifetime, the greater is the preparation for either the Ascension or the next lifetime. For the Cosmos and all lifestreams, both Ascended and unascended, are not stagnant in a fixed expression and vibration, but are constantly changing, responsive to the Light of God moving within the conscious direction that comes forth from the Allness of God and the awareness of the Individuality of the I AM as God.

"These are magnificent contemplations for you to begin to consider should you be new to these instructions — how you are determining the cycles of your life here and now, the choices you make, the determination that you mount, the vibration that you conduct — all this is determining your life. Your wellbeing and health are a product of the Light that you call forth into your life, of the balancing of your karma or of the karma of the collective whole of those with whom you associate. . . . "

Beloved Mother Mary
through the Anointed Representative®, Carolyn Louise Shearer,   May 27, 2006,   Toronto, Canada;   The Temple of The Presence


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