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Palace of Light Retreat of Chananda

Himalayan  Mountains

in the Himalayan Mountains

The Palace of Light is the Retreat of Chananda and His Sister, the Ascended Lady Master Najah. The retreat is located in a valley in the Himalayan mountains. The Cave of Light (Focus of the Great Divine Director in India) is situated in the mountain behind this Retreat. (1) (2)

Godfré Ray King journeyed to the Palace of Light with Alexander Gaylord and Rex, Nada, Bob and Pearl. In The Magic Presence he describes a magnificent building of white onyx, four stories high with a great dome in the center.

"As we came up the steps, the tones of a beautiful bell announced our arrival and welcomed us as guests of the retreat. In a moment, the great door opened and Najah stood there to greet us.... We were shown to our quarters on the second floor, overlooking the valley."( 3)

Godfré describes Chananda's private dining room on the first floor, decorated in white and violet:

"Toward one end of the room stood an enormous teakwood table, seating at least twenty people, heavily inlaid with a substance that looked like gold, but was in reality a precipitated metal. Toward the other end of the room was a white onyx table of the same size, the top of which was inlaid in violet and gold, it too being a precipitated substance."( 4)

Godfré was taken on a tour of the Retreat, seeing a music room, a "Cosmic Observatory" containing scientific instruments not yet known to the outer world, and a council chamber seating seven hundred people.

"The walls of this room were of a beautiful milk-white onyx with the most marvelous blue trimmings. On the floor was a thick carpet of the same wonderful blue. There were no windows, and the room occupied almost the entire floor of the palace....At the side was a dais on which stood an altar and a golden chair....The main part of the altar was precipitated gold, but the top was made of another precipitated substance, the shade of blue that borders on to violet." (5)

On the ground floor were electrical and chemical laboratories, and in the center of the west wall, the entrance to the half-mile tunnel leading to the Cave of Light.

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