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True Activity of Love

Radiant Saint Germain

from Ascended Master Instruction
Saint Germain Series Volume 4

Saint Germain:

"When an individual feels that he or she cannot give forth Divine Love, it is because that one does not understand the True Activity of Love. Where two individuals are concerned — one seeming to be in disgrace while the other, so to speak, stands guard — a person does not direct attention to, or attempt to love the discordant thing; but he is to love the Glorious Being imprisoned within the individual, because of Its Perfection and because the discordant outer self has bound It. The Christ Attitude would be to send Great Love to that imprisoned Presence, which is God -- the Light within the individual. This, anyone can do with Great Devotion.

"Knowing this, make the Conscious Demand with determination and power, that God break down and dissolve the barrier and set this Radiant Presence free to again assume Its Dominion and create Perfection in Its outer world. The individual standing guard in such a case, has the Divine Right to make this Conscious Demand; and if it is kept up; the way will be opened and the problem solved in the right way. This will give a peace and relief to the one standing guard who really grasps this idea, that will be almost unbelievable. The mistake so many people make is in attempting to solve a condition with the outer mind."

August 11, 1932
Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A.

King, Godfre Ray    Ascended Master Instruction - Saint Germain Series Volume 4

After Mr. Ballard had been given the experiences as recorded in Volumes 1 & 2, he returned to his home in Chicago where he received these twenty-eight Dictations by the Ascended Master Saint Germain.

Ascended Master Instruction

Great Central Sun Angels

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