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Beloved Kuthumi on Birthdays

through Geraldine Innocente, Messenger of the Bridge to Freedom Dispensation

Happy Birthday

"A Birth Date is a new beginning, because the cycle of each lifestream completes a circuit every three hundred and sixty five days, and the energy of the individual's world closes the circle of experience on the day preceding one's birthday.

"On the Day which is the Anniversary of the embodiment of the Spirit, the Holy Christ Self releases a new pulsation of Light and Life into the four lower bodies, and from the Presence there comes an added forward impetus with the hope that the succeeding year will find a greater expression of the individual's Life Plan. This is why it is usually noticed that in the period just preceding one's birthday there is a let-up of life's energy and vitality, and the period immediately following the birthday is usually the most opulent in spiritual unfoldment and inner well-being.

"As the embodiment of a Spirit gives new opportunity for such an one to unfold his spiritual nature, so in a minor cycle is each birth date a new beginning, and a great deal of the accumulation of the lifestream which the individual has drawn about itself is dissolved in this time. It is also the privilege and opportunity of the Ascended Host to give the Gifts of Their Qualities to that lifestream - even as unascended beings offer their gifts in the material state. Every person who passes through the gates of a new Birth Date receives an outpouring from every Ascended Being, and the practice of extending gifts here below is but a faint reflection of the inner experience.

"When an individual becomes a student of the Masters and under the direction of the Ascended Host, he or she receives such a Cosmic Outpouring on that one's Birthday as makes it the HOLIEST DAY OF THE YEAR! On your birthday, your lifestream is played upon by all the Cosmic Friends in the Kingdom of Eternal Freedom. The richness, the opulence, the Spiritual Illumination which They will give to you will remain a part of your Eternal Identity for all time. Avail yourselves when this Holy Day comes and bathe in the effulgence of the Presence of the Godly.

"My most personal felicitations and blessings are with each one of you as are those of Our Lord Maha Chohan and other Friends of Light. May the tremendous outpouring flowing into your soul and Spirit assist you now to the full and complete union with your Higher Self."

Great Central Sun Angels

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