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The Light of Godís Heart

Ascended Master Light

" . . . Light is in fact the pure unalloyed Joy of the Love of Godís Heart beaming forth His Radiant Smile and Blessing upon everything, and It is engendered by the flow of that Joy — the flow of that Bliss that is the Eternal Activity, the Eternal God Energy that is not a motor, mind you, but a Source, a Dynamo, a Generator. This is the Real Well Spring where God Energy and all of the types of energy of any way, shape or form; any of the forces of Nature, any of the sub-atomic forces, any of the physical forces, ordinary electricity, all of that — it all starts with Joy, Joy, Joy; with Love, Love, Love. It starts with Bliss as The One and The Good does what It is, which is that Being of Itself radiating forth this Essence of Its Innermost Nature in the form of undiminished unconditional Outpouring of Itself to every part of life — with the desire to bless, to make happy, to enrichen, to enliven, to confer the very best upon every single part of life. This is the real nuclear furnace, the real crucible where all of the Forces of Life find their Fountainhead, that which is their true Unfed Flame Source there in that very Heart of the Presence.

"So therefore because that One is ongoing, that Good is ongoing — in Its very intrinsic Nature, It is Eternal. It is Eternally Self-sustained. The Fires of the Immortal Heart of the Presence will never burn out. The scientists of the world are speculating today that someday the world, the universe will spread apart so thin that it will just simply die of coldness and emptiness and void. Thatís the world ending with a whimper I suppose. But the Fires of God will never burn out. And you need never fear that at the last beat of your physical heart that you yourself are going to be extinguished from the screen of life never more to ever be again. That too is equally ridiculous.

"So in addition, this Light is the dancing dazzling effervescent Electronic Light that is a sum total of all of the Essence of Good that has ever been, that ever is or ever will be. It is the dazzling Light that fills space. It is in a sense a fertile pregnant Well Spring as a Source from which life can come forth, which actually alludes to Its whole element of Its expression as the Great Sea of Universal Life.

"This Light, as you enter into Its Consciousness, is exhilarating. It is an excitement and a sense of opportunity that at long last you have discovered the wherewithal, the means, whereby you can actually achieve the work that you have to accomplish. When you see the Light operating, you say to yourself, ah ha now here is a tool that I can use. Here is the means whereby this impossible mortal task and all of the things that are asked of me can be accomplished. And fortunately we remind ourselves that the Source of this is not our outer self at all, but it is originated from and wielded by our own Individualized God Identity. The Light is Godís very own Innermost Selfhood and His Innermost Being. It is His Golden unconditionally focused Threefold Flame. It is Self-sourced. It is Self-produced by each Individual God Flame and Flame of every Individual Mighty I AM Presence. . . . "

The One Divine Kingdom of God
Discourse through the Anointed Representative®, Monroe Julius Shearer,   January 8, 2012,   Tucson, Arizona U.S.A.

Great Central Sun Angels

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