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The True Promptings of Your Heart

Beloved Saint Germain
Detail from 2011 Freedom Conclave poster   Copyright © The Temple of The Presence

" . . . All of you know quite well - I presume you have experienced it - that whenever you have followed the true promptings of your Heart, you have not made mistakes; but when you have followed the impulses of the feeling world through the intellect, you have made many mistakes. That is why mankind have drawn themselves into these limitations today, because they have believed they could depend upon the intellect, which is accretion or information that they have gathered from without. Now that is human opinion. The difference between gathering human opinions through accretion and going directly to your God Presence, the Mighty I AM, from which all Intelligence comes, is a vastly different thing, is it not?

"When you come to understand and feel you can turn your attention to this God Presence above you and, through that Ray of Light and Energy, receive Its Mighty, Directing Intelligence, Its Limitless Supply of Exhaustless Energy, then you will know you can charge your body with Its Limitless Energy, with Its Mighty, Directing Intelligence until soon no mistakes will occur in your experience of the human octave. Then will you find harmony in your feelings maintained, and the Call to the Presence will suddenly charge a momentum of Perfection into activity through your body, then into your world. You will first find a great Peace and Harmony within your feeling world; then as that grows greater you will find that reaching out into your world of action wherever you move, and everyone you contact will feel that great Peace and Harmony. Therefore, you will have no difficulty in the achievement of whatever your Heart desires, provided it is constructive, provided the motive is right. If the motive is just and good, then there is no limit to that Power that will flood forth to make you a success in whatever your Heart desires. . . . "

Beloved Ascended Master Saint Germain
through the Messenger, Guy Warren Ballard,   January 23, 1938,   Oakland, California U.S.A.

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