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Excerpt from I AM Discourses


Allow me to suggest that you train yourself never to be surprised, disappointed, or your feelings hurt under any circumstances; for perfect Self-control of all the forces within you at all times is Dominion, and that is the reward for those who tread the pathway of Light; for only by correction of the human self can Mastery be attained.

Remember always that the right to command, which is Dominion, is only permanently retained by those who have first learned to obey, because he who has learned obedience to The Law of the One, becomes a Being of Cause only, and that Cause - Love. Thus he in reality becomes The Law of The One through the quality of similarity (resonance).

Watch so nothing goes out from you except that which is harmonious, and do not allow a destructive word to pass your lips, even in jest. Remember you deal with a force of some kind every instant of Eternity, and you are its qualifier at all times.

ascended master     The I AM Discouses - Saint Germain Series Volume 3     by Godfre Ray King     Guy Ballard

Never before, except in the Retreats of the Great White Brotherhood, has such in-depth and transcendent Instruction concerning the " I AM " been given to individuals. This book reveals the True Inner Instruction and Use of the Sacred Flame. Permission for this Inner Instruction to be explained to students as given forth in these 33 Dictations had been granted to the Ballards by the Ascended Masters.

Great Central Sun Angels

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