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God Presence

God Presence
Detail from The Portrait of The Presence © The Temple of The Presence®

Excerpt from I AM Discourses

Even in the outer activity of your Life if you purchase a thing or are offered something marvelous and perfect, if you do not accept it, it would be impossible for you to use or have the benefit from it. So it is with the "Great God Presence" within us. Unless we accept that our Life is God Life - and that all power and energy we have with which to do anything is God Power and God Energy - how can we have God Qualities and accomplishment in our world?

As Sons of God, we are commanded to choose whom we shall serve, the Mighty "Presence" of God Within us - or the outer human self. All Constructive Desire is really the God Self Within pushing Perfection forward into the use and enjoyment of the outer self. The Great Energy of Life is flowing through us constantly. If we direct It to constructive accomplishment, It brings joy and happiness. If directed to sense gratification, there cannot be anything but misery as a result, because it is all the action of Law - an Impersonal Life Energy.

Keep before the outer activity of your mind the constant reminder that you are Life - God in Action in you and your world. The personal self is continually claiming things and power of its own when the very Energy by which it exists is loaned it by the God Self. The outer, personal human activity does not even own its skin. The very atoms of its body are loaned to it by the "Supreme God Presence" from the Great Sea of Universal Substance.

Train yourself to return all power and authority to the Great Glorious God Flame which is your Real Self and the Source from which you have always received every good thing.

ascended master     The I AM Discouses - Saint Germain Series Volume 3     by Godfre Ray King     Guy Ballard

Never before, except in the Retreats of the Great White Brotherhood, has such in-depth and transcendent Instruction concerning the " I AM " been given to individuals. This book reveals the True Inner Instruction and Use of the Sacred Flame. Permission for this Inner Instruction to be explained to students as given forth in these 33 Dictations had been granted to the Ballards by the Ascended Masters.

Great Central Sun Angels

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