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                  Violet Planet                  

Ruler of the Violet Planet

"The Violet Flame is the Alchemical solution."

" . . . As you continue to invoke this Flame from the Altar of God and call for It to burn on the Altar of your hearts, you will experience the purifying, cleansing, transmuting Quality of this Seventh Ray aspect of the Holy Spirit. And as you are intense in your Calls, using the Violet Flame daily, you will transmute the records of your karma - so much so that even the most devout in the earth who chant their prayers and do their meditations still will not be able to equal you in the balancing of karma and in the purification of the chakras.

"The Violet Flame Itself is indeed an empowerment. And you empower yourselves with the Seventh Ray and by the Seventh Ray Masters each and every day that you invoke the Violet Flame.

"When all seems hopeless, beloved, the Violet Flame is the Alchemical solution. When you invoke it, it can clear the minds of  the people, it can cause many to receive the Discernment of Spirits and thereby know who are the fallen angels, who are the seed of the wicked in high places who manipulate the economy, the international currencies, the educational systems, the peoples of the earth and the children.

"Understand, then, that inasmuch as you do not have the power to change the world, though you deeply desire to make a difference, you must summon the Holy Spirit to come to you and to empower you. And He will come to you because you have dedicated your lives to that One Purpose - that you might move in the Light, that you might be saturated with the Light, that you might be the Light and thereby be instruments of healing and comfort, bringing solace to those who are burdened by their illnesses and by the approach of death itself. What a wonderful gift it is to walk the earth with the mantle of an apostle of Jesus Christ, a disciple of Gautama Buddha!

"In consideration of the urgent message I bear, I anoint each one of you to be a candle of Violet Flame . And I ask you to make your Violet Flame candle glow all the days of your life, holding it up as the Goddess of Liberty holds up Her Torch. Be that candle of Violet Flame and do not let it diminish. See to it that you balance your karma through the Violet Flame and through service. But above all, beloved, so increase the Violet Flame in your beings and in your planet that the calamities foretold will not come upon the earth.

"The end times are prophesied in your own New Testament in the words of Jesus Christ [Matthew 24]. Read them. I ask the Messenger to read them to you on the morrow, for the Lord Himself predicted this very hour. The Lord predicted it, on the one hand, because He knew that at the end of the Piscean age all would be required to bear their own karma and that by cosmic law He would no longer be allowed to bear it in that hour And, on the other hand, He knew and foretold that unless a people of such extraordinary Light as yourselves should rise up, there should not be mitigation. As He said: "And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the elect's sake those days shall be shortened."

"Beloved, if you give the Calls to the Violet Flame , it will greatly enhance your personal protection as well as that of your loved ones, your family and all for whom you pray. So you see, you derive immediate reward as a result of giving these Invocations. And when you do not give them, you are turning aside the great Cup of Christ's Communion, the Cup of the Wine of the Blood of Jesus Christ.

"Know, beloved, that the prophecy can be changed, the prophecy can be turned back. But many would rather see it descend than be instruments of the transmutation of world karma.

"Mitigation is the option, individual by individual. One is taken; another is left. What you do to bank the Fires of the Violet Flame in your homes and in the hearts of your children will be a Blessing from everlasting to everlasting. It will assist all to make their transition at the appointed hour, when they are called home. And it will assist all who cleave to it to hold fast, to hold fast again and again so that the continuity of civilization may not be lost."

Beloved Omri-Tas, Ruler of the Violet Planet
through the Messenger, Elizabeth Clare Prophet,   October 7, 1994,   Royal Teton Ranch, Park County, Montana U.S.A. (2)

Ruler of the Violet Planet

Violet Planet

Mountain on the Violet Planet

Omri-Tas is the Ascended Master Ruler of the Violet Planet. His Aura carries such an intensity of Violet Flame that it extends far beyond the actual size of the Planet Earth. He assisted the citizens of the Violet Planet in their victorious struggle against the sinister force.

The evolutions of the Violet Planet have served the Violet Flame for ages, and use the Violet Flame to tend to all the needs of daily life - to clean their homes, to care for and purify the Planet, and even to wash and bathe in. Menial chores are performed by Violet Flame Angels and Elementals, which allows the people to pursue the Path of Adeptship and to serve other planetary bodies. Across the Violet Planet, 144,000 Priests and Priestesses of the Sacred Fire tend the Violet Flame day and night and perform ceremonies and rituals of the Violet Flame at thousands of altars.    (3)

First Public Dictation / Discourse:

ascension       "Blue Danube Waltz" by Strauss; Music Copyright © 1992-1996 VOYETRA Technologies

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Great Central Sun Angels

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