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Holy Mountain of God


One of the many Blessings that Saint Germain has brought and bestowed upon mankind, since His assumption of the Office of Chohan of the Seventh Ray, was the use and practice of "Decrees". A "Decree" is the invocative request of an individual to God or His Messengers, through the voice of the outer self, for the granting of a particular need, be it ephemeral or one's own Eternal Freedom. It transcends common prayer, for while in the latter the appeal takes the form of an entreat, in the "Decree", it is accepted as an accomplished fact. In the Bible we read: "Decree a thing and it shall be established unto you." To many of us these words had no more meaning or significance than similar admonitions presented in the Scriptures and repeated time and again in the past many years. Even to Saint Germain Himself, it seems, the true potency of the "Decrees" was not fully recognized, until sometime after it became apparent that He was to represent the Ray of Freedom - the Seventh Ray - in the next two thousand years. It came to Him, as we will see, through the courtesy of the Elohim Arcturus and the Archangel Zadkiel, both of Whom represent the Seventh Ray, one for the Elementals and the other for the Angelic Kingdom.

A "Decree" is more than a vocal expression, and its efficacy is determined not only by the amount of feeling and conviction that is released through it but also, by the clarity of the thought form, held in the mental body, showing the useful purpose of the request. This triad forms the pattern around which the physical energies of the worded Decree coalesce and are best depicted when the individual, through practice, becomes still and allows the Energy, Radiation, and Power of the "I AM" Presence, through the Holy Christ Self, to flow into and nourish the lower bodies of the outer consciousness. (1) To accomplish this, however, it is most essential that these lower bodies be trained to be man's servants and not his masters. The stilling of the mental body; the quieting of the surging sea of the emotions; and the refusal to allow the etheric body to conjure up failures and disillusions of the past, are of the utmost importance. Then what the Psalmist had said: "Be still and know that "I AM" God," can come to actual reality and contemplation, in the use of the "Decrees" is on hand.

In the use of the "Decrees", there is the release of one's own energy, which both Ascended Masters (2) and the "I AM" Presence, must have and require not only for the granting of ephemeral requests but of one's own eternal Freedom. The conscious application to the Mighty "I AM" Presence, through the "Decrees" makes every call a sure instrument for an answer, while in most prayers, it is a hoped-for activity. In prayer, there is an appeal for the granting of a request, while in the "Decree", it is accepted as an accomplished fact.

Going back to Saint Germain, in a Discourse He gave to the students of "The Bridge to Freedom", in Philadelphia, January 1, 1955 ("Bridge", July, 1955, p. 9) gave details of how the knowledge and use of the "Decrees" had their propitious beginning and how the Elohim Arcturus and the Archangel Zadkiel, both of the Seventh Ray, gave Him the idea. In the same talk, expanding in retrospect, He also gave us information hitherto unknown, in regard to a Chohan assuming His new Office; what is expected of Him and how He goes about achieving it.

" . . . Each Chohan, when He begins a new endeavor, has to enter the Heart of the Silence and find out how to present the Law through the vibratory action that can best reach the minds of the people embodied. It is the souls of embodied mankind that the Chohan must serve. The Karmic Board, through Cosmic Law, decides who is to come into embodiment; who is to get the benefit of the Radiation during every two thousand year cycle. Then the Chohan, Who is the Heart of the Radiation for that two thousand years, has to draw forth from the Heart of God a way and means of presenting that particular aspect of Truth, so that the individuals who are His charges in that two thousand years, will get the greatest possible benefit.

"Beloved Lord Maitreya supervises each successive Chohan in this preparatory service. When it became apparent that I was to have the opportunity of representing the Freedom Flame in this two thousand year cycle (as the great Cosmic Wheel turns), I had no more to work with than you have in this room today! I had only My consciousness, My mind, My feelings and My access to God and His Universal Wisdom, through contemplation. People think that as soon as you become Ascended, every plan is laid out before you. That is not true. Each of Us, on the scale and ladder of evolution up to Alpha and Omega Themselves, must use Our faculties to develop a "seed idea" and I am sure that Alpha and Omega (3) do the same with the Superior Sun of the Galaxy of Galaxies. Each of Us has to draw forth consciously, ways and means to fulfill Our part in the Divine Plan. (4) First, I had to find a place on the surface of the Earth, free enough of etheric records so that the consciousness of mankind would not be over-laid with the tremendous blood records, distresses and fears of the past. America was such a place. Then I had to find individuals whose consciousness I could reach by whatever means I could evolve - individuals who would believe in Me - those whose consciousness was receptive enough to receive My Vibration and share My Vision. This was not too difficult, for I had friends of many ages, all of you here among them. These individuals I endeavored to contact first, through the kind offices of Helena Blavatsky (5) and others. Then there was before Me the problem of how to benefit the race quickly. One day while I was within the Heart of the Silence, the Beloved Archangel Zadkiel and the Great Elohim Arcturus gave to Me the idea of training people in the Power of Invocation, in the Power of Magnetization, and in the Power of conscious Decrees. (6)

"That day was the happiest day in My Service as a Chohan, for I knew that which could be accomplished through individual and group endeavor would hasten the Earth's evolution by millions of years. The establishment of groups of people upon the surface of the Earth who would create "force fields" (7) by releasing their energy in giving Decrees; magnetic centers to draw the Angels, the Devas and the powers of God became My aim. These radiating centers would be foci through which God's Blessings would spread forth into the mental and feeling worlds of mankind. That became My next endeavor. Such groups were established, Decree patterns were set up and a certain understanding of the spiritual Law of the "I AM" Presence entered the consciousness of the people.

"Then the beloved Maha Chohan and beloved Morya came to Me with the opportunity to expand the understanding of a few who could sense My Vibration and would be willing to step across the abyss of reason into a new world. Each one of you has crossed that abyss upon the bridge of faith and has become a creator of force fields which are magnetic currents drawing the Presence of the Ascended Host and the spiritual Radiation from above. I could spend a month talking upon "force fields" alone.

"Do you know what a magnet your Heart is? It keeps the elements of earth, water and air in your physical body from flying into space. It keeps the members of your body together. It keeps Life flowing from the Central Sun through your individual Presence, which animates your form and gives you the use of Life, Intelligence and Consciousness. It draws to you all manner of things, good or evil, according to the power of your attention. That Magnetic Power in the Heart has not been utilized consciously for a constructive purpose by many individuals, since the days of Atlantis.

"Arcturus, Zadkiel and Myself set into action at Inner Levels, a plan whereby you might learn to magnetize more Power and more Light and thus expand your own individual spheres of influence. Then, collectively, you could create a "pull" on God Beings Who, for the lack of this "pull" have not been able to serve mankind. (8) Even Alpha and Omega Themselves, will not deny the magnetic pull of your heart. Remember the Sun Itself (Helios) any Cosmic Being, any Angel, Deva or Power of Light, must respond to the magnetic pull of your heart in Invocation. Then why allow the magnetic pull of your heart to draw into you disintegration, doubt, fear and all these things which are registered on the face of the Earth, when you have within you the power to magnetize the blessings of even Alpha and Omega, the Beings in the Central Sun of our System. The present condition of your physical and inner bodies is the result of unconscious magnetization. You have no idea what you draw into that, there is, in reality, no limitation that can withstand the very nature of your Being; you are absorbers! You should, also be radiating centers of constructive thought and feeling, absorbing only that which you consciously desire, instead of allowing yourselves to enter a state of negative consciousness which is mostly active except in the time of actual application. (9)

"Your thoughts and feelings should be positive radiating centers in the knowledge of the mastery of the "I AM" Presence; in the knowledge that there is in reality no limitation that can withstand the Power of your Light; in the knowledge that there is no ill-health; in the knowledge that there is no distress, disintegration or death!

"Now, what is the usual reaction? A student comes into a class and stays for a course of seven days, becoming filled with the fire and enthusiasm which is the Radiation of the Master. Yet the moment they return into their individual worlds and the energy of the masses touches them, they again absorb limitations. (10) God! Oh God! You are provided with two powers, the same as the Sun; the power of magnetization, to draw towards you only that which you want, and the power of radiating what you wish to give forth to bless life. Until you learn to control these two forces, you are a plaything for any energy that chooses to attach itself to you. . . . " (11)

In the following, Saint Germain gives us additional information and means by which the best results can be obtained through the use of Decrees. ("The Seventh Ray", p. 54)

" . . . The efficacy of the Decree is determined both by the amount of feeling and conviction that is released through it, and the clarity of the picture held in the mental body, which actually forms the pattern around which the physical energies of the worded fiat coalesce.

"For instance, the Flaming Sword of Lord Michael, the Archangel of Deliverance, is His own thought form, vitalized by His God-Feeling of absolute Mastery and directed by His Will, and often His Word, into conditions that require assistance. If He had no clean-cut thought, His sword would be vague, vapory, poorly formed and would act with little efficacy.

"The ability of the student to picture the Activity which he is decreeing to be established unto him or through him and the amount of positive feeling in the efficacy of that Activity to manifest control of a situation, form more than eighty per cent of the power in the Decree. Therefore, the interest of the student must be behind the Decree, and his energies must be positive and controlled if he is to have results of a positive nature.

"The amount of power which is released through the Decree varies according to the nature of the student. I have seen a man struck dead by a whispered Decree of hate and venom which was charged with sufficient force to shatter the physical envelope. (Of course, the generator did not realize that he was signing his own death warrant the moment he released his Decree.)

"The control of energy through the vocal chords is determined by the amount of Mastery which the individual has over the emotional body. The volume of sound released is not as important as the quality of the sound. For instance, the hysterical scream of a person in distress releases much volume, but renders no constructive service. Yet, there is the controlled summons of the Initiate which raises the dead to life and which, in both volume and power, is known to shatter glass and blow out walls.

"Some individuals can, by nature, be extremely positive in the use of a low, Masterful tone. Others cannot convey feeling except by the exertion of a measure of physical force which gives assurance to the lifestream of accomplishment. Here, Freedom is the order of the day. Action is the requisite of the hour. Balanced control of energy, whether it is coupled with the "loud voice" by which Jesus raised Lazarus from the tomb, or the Voice of the Silence by which the Sun is bidden to rise each morning from the bed of night.

"When the Decree is coupled with the visualization of the activity of the Sacred Fire, which is being invoked, the positive quality of the voice will avoid the "sense of battle" which is sometimes apparent in the uncertain life energy of the student.

"On the other hand, more feeling is charged into the group which will be revivified in their individual activities if the Decrees are given in a good, firm manner.

"The importance of the audible Decrees lies in the fact that the thought and feeling forms are clothed in the substance, energy and vibratory action of the octave in which most of the distressing appearances abide.

"I would emphasize that power is drawn and focused through the rhythmic Invocation which emphasizes the feeling of the student body, clarifies the thought form and builds the momentum in the release of the energy, not only of the unascended beings, but of the Great Ones Who always respond to such calls. Unless the group with which one is working are Masters of Invocation, force is scattered by changing the pattern and Decree too often and little is accomplished thereby.

"When I AM called upon to work with a group of chelas, My first endeavor is to center the consciousness of the individuals within the Heart of the Sacred Fire. From this center, the Invocative Powers of the lifestreams are most effective.

"I consciously enter and abide within the Heart of the Sacred Fire - the true center of my Being.

"I AM the Presence of God within the Heart of the Sacred Fire and I speak and command with Authority.

"I AM vested with the Power of the Three Times Three.

"I AM" vested with the Power of Transmutation.

"I AM" vested with the Power of Precipitation.

"I AM" vested with the Power of Levitation. — on and on ad infinitum.

"Short, clear endings are preferable because they seal the Decree in the feelings of the energy of the students as well as the conditions which are being transmuted. Then in the Command and Authority of the Presence within the Heart of the Sacred Fire utilize the Power in one good, rhythmic Decree and let the momentum build: 'In the Name of the Presence of God which I AM - through the Magnetic Power of the Sacred Fire vested in me, I command:'

"In the Decrees, I advocate using constructive thought patterns rather than destructive ones like "tornado" because all destructive activities of nature pictured add to the coming appearance when nature's forces are unleashed.

"If you were in a position to have the inner sight opened for a moment and could see the tremendous response of the Beings at Inner Levels when a group of mankind vested with the conscious Power of the Sacred Fire send up the rhythmic release of their energy in a word pattern, it would fire you with the desire to stay with that form until the signal of your feeling world acknowledged full accomplishment.

"The ascending Invocation completes its pattern on the last word of the Decree and the God-Beings begin Their Outpouring on the first word of the Acceptance.

"On the next rhythmic wave, the Ascending Invocation rises to the top of the preceding crest and then, with the added momentum of the increased energy, pierces further into the Upper Spheres and brings back an amplified Outpouring.

"The competence of the director in drawing the energy into a rhythmic beat determines the efficacy of the Decree and the height to which it can reach with the subsequent return of the God-Light into the world of man.

"The volume of sound is not so important as the unity of the energy. Some people can accept accomplishment only through the strong release of the spoken word - others can accept accomplishment through the feelings - it all depends upon the evolution of the individual and the tendencies of the nature.

"Suffice to say, rhythm, one-pointedness, clarity of the pictured activity and sufficient speed of timing - to keep the inner bodies alive - are requisites to God Accomplishment. . . . "



An Address by the Creator of Our Galaxy

(Reference from footnote 3)

In the following, we present an address given by Alpha, the Solar Logos of the Great Central Sun, Alpha and Omega, the Creator of our Galaxy, the Great Eternal Progenitor, under Whom the Seven Solar Systems, one of which is our own, Helios and Vesta, have Their Being and evolve.

As far as it is known, this is the first time in the history of this Planet that this Great, Exalted Being, literally our God and our Creator, has come to Earth and spoken to His people. The address was given to the students of The Summit Lighthouse, at Woodstock, Ontario, Canada, September 2, 1961. It is presented here through the courtesy of "The Summit Lighthouse".


"Celestial Choirs, Hail!

"I AM Alpha! Omega standeth beside Me, and with a Voice, as a Voice of many waters, I speak to those beloved Heart Flames - not only upon the Planet Earth - upon Terra, My Beloved, but upon all Systems of Worlds, bringing the pulsation of Our Eternal Flame and the Victory of that Flame, which is your very life!

"It is Our Will that you recognize that We have eternally desired and sired within you from the beginning, the Great Tablets of the Divine Commandment - the Eternal Law of Our Being, by which is sustained Our Own Existence; therefore, within you there is a manifestation and a tracing of the Sacred Fire Element upon those Tablets within your Heart where We have written Our Commandments. As We have declared, within your hearts and your minds, will We write Our Law! The Law of God - the Law of Adoration is reflected in the words: 'I AM' - for 'I', ALPHA, the One Who signifies the Source - the numeral 1, and the word I.

"OMEGA, My Beloved, represents the 'AM', and is therefore called Ah-may-ga. I - AMega - the Beginning and the Ending - declare that the pulsating Life Waves by which the entire Cosmos is created is a boon to sharing Our Love with all Systems of Worlds and binding them together in a great Divine Unity of Eternal Happiness and Solicitude.

"Peace, then, floweth like a River from Our Throne, and the sense of Adoration which pours out into the Cosmos, blesses all those Beings who are sustained by the Light Wave that floweth from Us.

"You upon the Earth are fortunate ones, for, although you have been enclosed by the shadows of mortal will - as mortal will has misused the Free Energy which We so freely gave - I AM apprised by the The Great Divine Director and Those Who have to do with the magnification of the Sacred Fire upon this Earth, that you are being exalted and lifted up from day to day, regardless of appearances to the contrary, which (as Beloved Saint Germain - Sanctus Germanus - has told you) are only temporal manifestations - all transmutable by Our Light and the Radiance of the Sacred Fire.

"Expand, then, Our Light, without limit! Accept Our Blessing today, and know that the Powers in the Great Central Sun are no different than the Powers in the Sun of your System of Worlds. For there is a duplication of the Light from Our Light there present, and that which Helios and Vesta manifest is a duplication of Our Radiance.

"It has been Our wish, from the Beginning, to share with all the Creation, all the Goodness that We have, and to hold back nothing of our Radiance from the smallest atom on the smallest System of Worlds. Therefore, the Permanent Atom within each of your Hearts is a replica of the Crystal Atom of My Own Being.

"Think! Think! Think! of the meaning of My words. For therein lies the "key" to your Eternal Freedom. And the asserting of your Dominion shall lift the Earth and its evolutions into a state of Exaltation Eternal.

"The blessings of OMEGA be upon you - and may We bestow here a Focus of Our Radiance, sustained by the Great Divine Director and all the Hosts of Heaven.

"May Our Cosmic Cross of White Fire watch between Thee and all of the Hosts of Heaven for you are never absent from Us. There is in this Replica of My Being a Ribbon of Light connecting you all with My I AM Presence and so of a Truth - though it may not seem so to your outer selves - WE ARE ONE.

"Receive, O prodigal Children, Our Kiss of Peace, and know - though you may feel far away from Me, that I AM nigh, even at the very door of your Heart, knocking with the Eternal Gift of Life with each Heartbeat, and I determine that you who desire to do Our Eternal Will shall not fail.

"I thank you and I ask the Cosmic Choirs that came and sang as I began to speak, to sustain their great magnificent Tones for twenty-four hours, according to your Earth time. Let those Vibrations be anchored here, and Bless all for ten thousand miles from this center!

"In the Name of the Mighty I AM Presence, I, ALPHA, the Beginning, and OMEGA, the Ending, have spoken."


As far as it is possible for us to know, the spiritual career of Saint Germain - Sanctus Germanus, as He usually called Himself - started about seventy thousand years ago. He was the Head of one of the greatest empires of that day which, centering at what we know today, as the Sahara Desert, extended from the shores of the Atlantic Ocean to the Indies. In those days, the Sahara was not an arid desert but a fertile, productive region. Even at that far distant epoch, Saint Germain was highly evolved and one of His main aims, at that time, was to raise the then-existing civilization to masterly levels. Doubtless, He was fully qualified to win His Ascension, but, as we are told, He declined so that by continuing to live in the world of form, he would gain more experience and be better prepared to fulfill the mission which He, inherently, knew was the ultimate purpose of His Being. Having developed what we know as "continuity of consciousness", he could remember events of previous re-embodiments, this greatly assisting Him to His purpose.

Historically, we know of His life as Joseph, the husband of Mary, the Mother of Jesus. How He was selected for that has been related in a previous chapter. But before then, in one of His re-embodiments, He was the prophet Samuel and later, in the Fourth century, A. D., we find Him as the monk Amphibalus, in England, where he was beheaded at 303 A. D., as a heretic. In the church calendar, He is recognized, today, as Saint Alban. During the Fifth century A. D. we find Him in Greece, as the philosopher Proclos, and later again in England as a member of the "Round Table" of King Arthur, as the magus Merlin.

England seems to have had a particular attraction to Him, and in the Thirteenth century (1211 - 1294) again lived there, as the monk Roger Bacon, whose wisdom and knowledge was such as to be considered one of the greatest intellects of the English world.

At the end of the Fourteenth century, as Christian Rosenkrentz, at the tender age of five, He was placed in a monastery to follow Monasticism. He distinguished Himself so much at it that, before reaching maturity, as a teenager of seventeen years of age, He had become so famous for His virtues and wisdom that in visiting the Wise Men of Damcar, in Arabia, the Magi there welcomed Him as One that for so long they expected. How long He remained there is not known but on His return to England, He brought with Him a translation into Latin, of a work in Arabic, written by the Magi at Damcar. It was at that time that He visited the Egyptian Branch of the Great White Brotherhood where He was initiated. In Germany, He founded the Order of the "Rosy Cross", from which the present "Rosicrucian Societies" have developed. In those days, spiritual darkness was so thick, impenetrable and dismal, that, as Saint Germain, in one of His addresses to the students related, He and His fellow aspirants had to meet in great secrecy, disguised and in caves, for fear of Ecclesiastical persecution. ("Bridge", October, 1958, p. 6)

His life as Christopher Columbus is well known and reference to it is made elsewhere in these pages; let it be repeated, however, that in His attempt to find a new world, His reaching Cuba was not entirely accidental, for once being one of the Priests of the Temple of Archangel Zadkiel there, it was natural that the place's Vibrations would have attracted Him to it.

The last Earthly life of Saint Germain was that of Francis Bacon, 1561 - 1626, natural son of Queen Elizabeth and legal successor to the Throne of England. This Throne was denied to Him by His Own mother and when later the "usurper", James I, embezzled the money of the Treasury, Saint Germain, as Francis Bacon, and Official Royal Exchequer; assumed full responsibility and was legally condemned for it. Referring to this, in one of His addresses to the students, He said that James I "conveniently" took the money and "My name has not as yet been cleared of it".

As we know, Saint Germain has brought the Violet Transmuting Flame to this Earth and is the Great Power behind it. It is not generally known, however, that even before His Ascension, He "volunteered to have that Violet Ray actually grafted into His Own Heart. Thus He came into embodiment, century after century, as the most powerful concentrated radiating center of that Violet Ray and Flame, until the very places where He lived and moved the scent of Violets was clearly discernible." (Archangel Zadkiel, "Bridge", March, 1958, p. 11)

As Francis Bacon, Saint Germain wrote several Books and Treatises, among them the Shakesperean Plays. As He Himself related it, in one of His addresses to the students, He followed His own funeral, as Francis Bacon, in physical, living form, - and as we are told, it was a feminine body.

He received His Ascension, May 1, 1684, in Transylvania, Hungary, where He went for that purpose from England.

The first Ascended Master Being He met on the other side was the Cosmic Being, the Goddess of Liberty, Whom He asked, "if She knew anyone there from Whom He could get help for mankind."

"There is some One", She told Him, and that "some One" was Herself. ("Bridge", January, 1957, p. 17)

The Great Divine Director was His Guru and Teacher and, we are told, He was overshadowed by Him. Originally, He came from the Planet Venus. ("Bridge", July, 1959, p. 82) 

Between the years 1710 and 1822, He appeared in physical form in different parts of Europe and America, and no one ever could learn His real identity. He was known as Count de Saint Germain, in France, Wonderman in Germany, Count Bellamore in Venice, Prince Rakoczy in Dresden, and with different names elsewhere. He was known to possess vast wealth, but nobody could learn its source. During the French Revolution, if Marie Antoinette followed His advice and directions, the bloodshed would have been avoided. If Napoleon had continued following Saint Germain's guidelines, not only Saint Helena would have remained unnoticed to the world, but also, a united Europe would have been created, with the ending of all wars. (12) The assistance Saint Germain has been giving to America, since her inception, is not generally known, but if it were, it is questionable whether it would have been recognized and appreciated.


  1. In the following, the Maha Chohan gives us some valuable information as to the response an Ascended Master gives to whomever Decrees, calls or thinks of Him. ("Bulletin", August 21, 1955)

    " . . . When an individual thinks of an Ascended Master, the light ray (which, is his thought) proceeds immediately to the Heart Center of that Master's Presence with the same degree of accuracy that a telegraphic beam is directed from the wires to a distant city or a boat in mid-ocean - From the heart of the aspirant there flows forth a steady stream of electrons without number and these form a beam or current which connects the thinker with the Master's Heart and so provides a natural current over which the Master's assistance and Radiation ride back into the life, the experience and the consciousness of the student. Thus, often, in times of stress or strain, when one has not the time to phrase a specified request or requirement, the chela, by directing his attention to the Master, can set up this connection with just a simple prayer or Invocation, and the Master's Light will return on that current of energy to give the Protection, the Illumination or the Radiation required.

    "If the student could realize how instantaneous is the connection established with the Master by his call and the return of protection offered, he would truly know that the statement of the Beloved Jesus - "Lo, "I AM" with you always" was more than a mere paraphrase of the words "I AM".

    "Once an individual, unascended, has the privilege of becoming cognizant of any group of Perfected Beings, the Angelic Host or the Spiritual Hierarchy, he is never alone again, because he knows that every time he requires definite Guidance or Assistance, the Response to his call will bring immediate Help and the Master's Radiation will flow into his life and out through him into the condition requiring assistance (if he is making the call on behalf of someone else)

    "Many people have felt the instantaneous release of Light by the use of just the Name of Jesus and the ancient members of the human race were in constant communication with Sanat Kumara through the reverent repetition of that august Title. . . ."

  2. The question is often asked, if the Ascended Masters Who forsook "Nirvana" for the sake of humanity, are rewarded for it, through an expanded Consciousness. The Maha Chohan, in the following, gives the answer. ("Bulletin", May 10, 1959)

    " . . . Those Members of the Spiritual Hierarchy Who have chosen voluntarily to remain in touch with the Earth and the evolution of her people expand a thousand-fold in Cosmic evolution in comparison with Those Divine Beings Who enter Nirvana and do not have the constant demands of the human race which require Them to make greater application in developing evolutionary power so that They can fill the respective requirements of the Cosmic Hour. So, also, the unascended individual who takes the responsibility of the care, guidance and protection of other human beings, such as a parent, guardian, or teacher of a member of the human race, in his consecrated service evolves more rapidly than the one who proceeds through life with only his own individual vehicles to account for. . . "

  3. At the end of this chapter, above, we present an Address given by Alpha to the students in 1961.

  4. The question is often asked as to whether the Masters, besides contemplation, have places of worship in the Higher Octave and do They attend Divine Service. In the following, the Maha Chohan gives the answer. ("Bulletin", Vol. 3, #3, April 18, 1954)

    " . . . The Masters do have beautiful places of worship and exquisite Cosmic services dedicated to the Adoration of the One Great and Good God. The church worship of the people of Earth is but a pale reflection of the glorious united Devotion of the Celestial Host and of the Perfected Beings Who dwell in interstellar space.

    "The Ascended Beings, the Angelic Host, which includes the Cherubic and Seraphic Kingdoms, have all become Perfect expressions of God by reason of Their Love for God; Their Devotion to God's Service and Their constant outpouring of attention and energy toward the beneficent Source of All Good. Would it not, therefore, be strange if such embodied expressions of Holiness and Truth did not join together in Adoration to the Spirit of all Life? — Rather be it said that the Earth worship reflects the Worship of the Heavens. . . "

    "Many people think that because individuals have made their Ascension, there is no longer need for worship and that as every Master's Heart is His Shrine and Altar, He may not choose to join with the others in His outpouring to the Eternal Father. This is not the case — the worship, the rituals which draw Earth children together in a dutiful manner is also the Heart Center of Spiritual Companionship in the Higher Octaves.

    "To see the Great Hosts of Divine Beings gathered together in celestial service — to hear the outpouring of Their Heavenly Music, the Songs and Chants of the Angelic Choirs — the tremendous Radiation of the presiding Masters — is to draw into the soul a vision of the future when the Ceremonial Ray of Saint Germain will be in like manner expressed through the people of Earth.

    "Those great Cosmic gatherings of Spiritual Worship in Adoration to God, of course emit a tremendous Radiation of Light. . . . That substance flows into the Devas who are Guardian Angels of the Cathedrals and churches of Earth and that is why, in those places of worship, individuals are so often caught up in an ecstasy and devotion to God. . . . "

  5. It is not generally known that Madame Blavatsky, in her previous embodiment, was the Count Cagliostro. Referring to this, the Ascended Master Djwhal Khul, in a letter to one of his students, ("Discipleship in the New Age", Vol. II), stated that the damage done to the Ashram (school) of Master Morya by H. P. B. (Helen P. Blavatsky) in his (her) previous re-embodiment, just started waning out. In the "Letters of Helen Roerich, 1929-1938", p. 436, it is stated that Madame Blavatsky was in a Retreat in Hungary in 1924, and in a masculine form.

  6. A Decree is not an ephemeral, temporary expression of feeling, issued to cover the need of the hour and be lost for the future. Every Decree that is issued and directed to one's "I AM" Presence or to any member of the Ascended Masters or Cosmic Beings, becomes an established activity, increasing in strength and power, as it is augmented by similar ones, issued by others.

    Finite human minds cannot quite grasp their potency and efficacy in the overall purpose of man's redemption. It is important that we bear in mind that since imperfection had its inception and growth in the human side, the appeal for its redemption should originate and be made by man's release of energy, through his feeling world, and the Decrees are the means pre-eminently fit to accomplish this. Unless the energy is thus furnished, neither the "I AM" Presence, an Ascended Master or a Cosmic Being can give the sought assistance for all of Them are governed by Cosmic Law which is both explicit and inexorable.

    The Goddess of Purity, pretty well summarized this to the students, when She said: "For more than a hundred years, the call from the hearts of humanity has come to Me, but the voice of the outer was silent. Today, the voice of the outer has made its call to Me, and I am here to remain and restore to the beloved children of the Earth that which your hearts have called these many centuries."

    In the following, Chohan Morya discusses it from a slightly different angle. ("Bridge", February, 1961, p. 261)

    " . . . I want to speak to you upon a subject which perhaps is not clear to your minds. At the throat is the Chakra Center of Power, as you know. Your Power is released through the spoken word and that Power is drawn from your Causal Body.

    "The Causal Body, with all the colors that are within it, can be focused through the Center of Power in the throat and in the spoken word and Decrees, it can go forth to fulfillment as the individual's inner bodies come into alignment. At the moment of realization, when your seven bodies are completely aligned; when your Electronic Body, your Causal Body, your Holy Christ Self, your Emotional, Mental, Etheric and physical bodies come to that point of Spiritual Illumination and realization - that moment - one spoken word is all that is required for manifestation and precipitation to occur. All the Power in your Causal Body flowing through that word brings manifestation. Jesus manifested that in the drawing of the precipitation through the fishes' mouth and in every Fiat which He gave for healing and for resuscitation even of bodies that passed through so-called death. Then what is the purpose of repetition which is the basis of Saint Germain's activity in the Decree pattern? It is based upon the fact that you have used in millions of years so much energy through spoken word and beaten that into your emotional, mental and etheric bodies that you have solidified qualities of a negative and destructive nature within them, such as doubt, fear, rebellion, disillusionment, etc.

    "To requalify the energy in your physical bodies and your etheric, mental and emotional bodies, you must begin to release a balance of energy which will blaze into them and shatter those patterns that you set up, mostly- through the use of the spoken word and physical action. The efficacy of your Decrees is not only in that which goes out into the ethers but that which is charged and charged into your etheric body which brings a positive alignment and control of your entire Consciousness in the acceptance of the affirmation of faith and positive assurance.

    "When you have said for centuries, "I am helpless; I am sick; I am distressed," you have built into the etheric garment, into that which the world calls the subconscious, certain deep grooves of energy. You have set that body into action. It is a consciousness which has accepted that which you have decreed for yourself for millions of years. You have done the same thing with your emotional body and your mental body through the use of Life. One affirmation from your lips is not going to convince these conscious vehicles that you have completely changed your centuries of living. You are going to have to drive into them a Positive Radiation which will in time shatter and transmute the patterns of your past, and put in its place the patterns of Perfection for the future.

    "The activity of the Ascended Master Saint Germain is to drive that energy into yourself for your mental body is so little of your entire being. When all of your vehicles respond and your mental, etheric and emotional bodies will cooperate with the physical, then one day you can say, "I AM FREE", and that moment you will be. . . ."

  7. In the following, the Maha Chohan describes to us what exactly is a Force Field. ("Bulletin", Vol. 2, #28) 

    " . . . The Rays of Light directed from the heart - governed more or less by the nature of man - have a natural periphery, and the circle created by the outer edge of these Rays, forms the "forcefield" of such a one. An intense, dynamic person has a forcefield of greater size than a lethargic person. An individual who has become cognizant of the Unfed Flame within the heart and who has learned the control of the balanced breath, also, has a larger forcefield than the uncontrolled and undeveloped man.

    "All of the energy from the physical and inner bodies that reaches out to this imaginary circle or periphery, is called his Sphere of influence and affects all the life that comes in contact with the quality of the vibration flowing through this forcefield at any given moment.

    "In a Spiritual Activity, when a group of individuals gather together, they combine the energies of their lifestreams and a great artificial forcefield is created, made up of the cooperative energies of all who are gathered there. The nature of the leader and the amount of qualified energy such a one draws forth through song and Decree, visualization and rhythmic breathing, determine the amount of efficacy that this forcefield can render Us in conveying qualified Flame - which will benefit a locality any given moment. . . "

  8. How this "pull" is affected arid by what means it is manifested, the Maha Chohan enlightens us in the following: ("Bulletin", Vol. 11, #13)

    " . . . When an unascended being turns his attention to any special Ascended Master through love, contemplation, devotion or study, the Divine Being toward Whom he aspires is instantly aware of the Life-Energy, no matter how feeble may be the attempt. The Ascended One then immediately begins to direct Light Rays back to the one thinking of Him. Those Light Rays contain instruction, not always through the mind-body, but through a definite feeling, a sense of Peace, or Harmony or Security, as the case may be.

    "A powerful way for a person in the flesh body to contact an Ascended Master's Radiation is to either read some words written about Him by a loving disciple, to contemplate His likeness, if one is privileged to have such an expression, or to use his own thought-processes to think of the Ascended One in terms of a Real Being as we think of a friend, a loved one or a parent.

    "At the present time, regardless of the seeming lawlessness of the few - the race, as a whole is making a tremendous forward impetus, and mankind has been afforded the further means of contact with the Perfected Beings through the actual Instruction and Words of the Ascended Masters Themselves.

    "Meditation upon these Instructions is an invaluable means of entering the Vibratory Action of the Divine Being. To seek the Presence of the Ascended Ones sometime each day by one of the means outlined above is to insure a permanent contact with Divine Friendship, Assistance and Illumination, which can and will flow back as an enriching Power to the mind, the body and the Spirit. . . "

    In the following excerpt, Archangel Michael gives us additional information on this important subject. From an address given to the students July 2, 1956, at the Royal Teton: ("Bridge", September, 1957, p. 9)

    " . . . Where there is a rhythm of Invocation which is constant, there the Luminous Presence of any Ascended Master or Cosmic Being thus called for is established and sustained. Therefore, in the various Sanctuaries all over the world where certain Masters have been accorded the privilege of working with the group and where that group consciously gives attention to that Master in song and Decree, those places have in and around them a Luminous Presence of that Master which remains a part of that "forcefield" and through which that Master pours His Divine Love and assisting energies at all times.

    "However, in order to sustain such a blessing, such a Luminous Presence should be rhythmically acknowledged at least once in every twenty-four hours. If it is not possible to go personally this often into the Sanctuary or meeting place, because of the tremendous pressures of today's daily living, business interests, etc; which obligations arise mostly from the necessity of 'making a living', then use the activity of 'projected consciousness' which you have been shown how to do. This is done by consciously projecting your attention (for 'where your attention is, there you are') into the seat usually occupied by you in the Sanctuary or on the platform, if you are the Director of the Group, giving loving adoration and acknowledgment to the Luminous Presence of the Being or Beings - which Luminous Presences you desire to be sustained there. If you will conscientiously do this, approximately at the same time, at least once in every twenty-four hours, such a Luminous Presence will be sustained there for you. Otherwise, the powerful Radiation of that Luminous Presence tends to lessen if such rhythmic acknowledgment is not given It. Of course, such Foci of Ascended Master Light or that of the Cosmic Beings always increase when there is an Address given or when the regular group meetings or services are held.

    "The lack of sufficient rhythmic application was one of the reasons why the Temple of the Sacred Heart finally disappeared from visibility upon the Continent of Atlantis. The majority of the Priests and Priestesses of that Temple did not give rhythmic attention to the Sacred Fire established within that Temple. You see, to keep here the visible, tangible Presence of the Sacred Fire (which you yet have not drawn visible to the physical world), It had to be fed by the conscious ritual of the group of Priests and Priestesses who had volunteered to magnetize, sustain, and expand that Flame - at least once in every twelve hours. Because of the steadily increasing shadows brought here by the "laggards" at that time, the energies of these Priests and Priestesses became enmeshed in the creations of the outer world and their attention began to wander from the sameness of their ritualistic pattern of Invocation.

    "Finally, on many of the Altars, the Sacred Fire just disappeared because there was no one interested or faithful enough to hold It there. As you know, the nature of the Flame is to arise and return to the Octave from whence It was originally drawn. We cannot, and shall not, bring that Sacred Fire back here again, visible and tangible to the physical sight of all mankind, until We can have the loving; constant, rhythmic service of those upon whom we can depend to magnetize that Sacred Fire at least once every day. . . "

  9. At the Transmission Flame Activity, held at the Chateau de Liberte, in southern France, on July 19, 1958, Chohan Paul the Venetian gave us the following: ("Bulletin", Vol. 7, #17)

    " . . . In case of many elderly people who do not have an understanding of the Ascended Host of Light, especially where they are gathered together in large institutions, there is so much repetition of the various individual and collective distresses which create in, through and around those places (which should be places of Haven, but really are places of incarceration of the unwanted and the socially discarded) a pall of etheric substance which you would not want to look upon with the inner eye unless you had a vision above the capacity to connect with it through sympathy but in self-mastery use the positive consciousness of compassion wherein and whereby you could invoke the Angels of the Violet Fire, particularly Lord Zadkiel's Legions, to remove that tremendous accumulation and then call to the beautiful and magnificent Beings Who are the Angels of Ministration to come and abide over those places and to radiate through them that love, that happiness, that hope, that sense of security which can become a life record on the constructive side to replace that discordant vibratory action which causes unnecessary distress, which makes it so difficult for Our Lord Maha Chohan, particularly, and for Those Who are engaged in removing those blessed souls from the physical form at the time of so-called death. . . "

  10. The Maha Chohan: ("Bulletin", October 16, 1955)

    " . . . Every individual belonging to the human race affects mankind enmasse by the nature of the thoughts and feelings that emanate from him. No man lives unto himself because - the vibration flows through the entire humanity of Earth, within a period of a few seconds. (You know of the velocity with which the blood courses through the physical body.) The mechanical and scientific world has proved the transcendance of time and space through the medium of the telephone, radio and television. An individual speaking in New York is heard in China, Australia, San Francisco at the same instant that the vibratory action of his voice reaches his New York audience.

    "If man understood that his so-called 'private' thoughts and feelings are being instantly broadcast through the Universe by an invisible 'hook-up' and furthermore, that these same thoughts and feelings affect the lives of all the people on the Planet, as well as the animal and nature kingdoms according to their quality, he would endeavor to live more in accord with the principles expressed by the Master Jesus, Whom a vast number profess to accept as their Guide and Exemplar. . . "

  11. Addressing the students at His Own Retreat at Transylvania, Hungary, on July 16, 1955, during the Transmission Flame Activity, Saint Germain said the following: ("Bulletin", Vol. 4, #17)

    " . . . Now, beloved friends, with your permission, I will give you an object lesson on the Power of Precipitation.

    "First, you must realize that in order to become Masters of Energy, it is necessary to use the Instruments of Power with which we were endowed in the beginning, to both draw and dispense energy. These powers, beloved ones, are symbolized by the crown and the scepter.

    "The scepter is the symbol of the Rod of Power. This is the same symbol that Sanat Kumara uses to keep this Planet and its people from flying off into space. It is, also, symbolic of the Rod of Aaron, mentioned in your Scriptures.

    "The crown is symbolic of the raised consciousness.

    "Within yourself, the scepter is your Power of Invocation — The power of concentrating your energies in mental or physical Invocation on the Higher Octaves, by which concentration the currents from above are drawn down and charged and charged and charged into the condition to be rectified.

    "At the same time, the heart and mind (consciousness) must become still long enough to let the Presence of God reveal to and through you that which should be done in the particular situation which prompted your call.

    "All the Power of the scepter is worthless unless there is a receptacle (crown) into which the concentrated energies may be released, transubstantiated and prepared for dissemination to mankind.

    "The Power of the crown is likewise worthless without the invocative Power of the scepter.

    "When you combine the two activities - the power of Invocation (scepter) with the quiet and reverent listening of the raised consciousness (crown), you will have a complete operation - otherwise it is only half-finished - which is the main reason there are not more satisfactory results from calls. . . "

  12. In one of His numerous Discourses to the students, the Great Divine Director related that Napoleon, in his early years, and before his rise to power, was a modest and obedient student of Saint Germain. The latter's purpose was, by pushing Napoleon to the top to bring under one rule all the states of Europe, abolish war and, eventually, create a United States of Europe.

    Napoleon was fully aware of this and, for some time, adhered closely to it. But as his victories increased, his fame spread and his "friends" multiplied, he soon lost sight of this noble purpose and, reversing his modesty to arrogance, one day boldly told Saint Germain that from then on, he was going to give orders.

    Seeing the trap in which Napoleon was following, Saint Germain most earnestly tried to dissuade him. But "when human arrogance rushes in, Perfection rushes out" and, instead of following his preceptor's advice, Napoleon followed that of his "friends" who, joyfully, saw him on his way to St. Helena.


About the Author

Tellis Papastavro was born in Greece and spent his formative years in the radiance of Beloved Pallas Athena's Temple of Truth. When he was 17 years old, he came to America where he spent his life seeking the answers to the questions "Who am I? Where did I come from?" Tellis found his answers in the information and teachings that were being released to Humanity, in an accelerated fashion, in accordance with Cosmic Edict. This information and teachings came from several key sources and was preparing Humanity to work in cooperation with the Ascended Host for the purpose of transforming the Planet into Her Divine Heritage, which is Heaven on Earth.

Realizing the necessity of a publication that would make these teachings available to every seeker - neophyte and experienced alike - Tellis compiled this information into "a handy manual of ordered teachings" and ""The Gnosis and the Law" was created. The material is considered the "Jewel Teachings" of the Spiritual Hierarchy.

Tellis was a selfless servant of the Light, and his sole purpose in publishing this sacred book of illumined Truth was to expand the wisdom and knowledge of God on Earth. Our Beloved Tellis returned to Greece in 1988 where he made his final preparation to leave the Earth. He was called home on February 3, 1989 at the age of ninety nine.

  1. Papastavro, Tellis "The Gnosis and The Law" Chapter 26   (Copyright for The Gnosis and The Law was given to Patricia Diane Cota-Robles by Tellis S. Papastavro on October 29, 1980. This information may be copied for the benefit of Humanity, however, please give credit as to the source.)
  2. Pearls of Wisdom ®, (The Summit Lighthouse, 1958 - 1972)
  3. Luk, A.D.K.   The Law of Life: Book II, (Pueblo, Colorado: A.D.K. Luk Publications, 1989)
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