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A Report on the Easter Conclave
of The Temple of The Presence

April 1 - 4, 1999

The stone rolled away from the tomb.

by Gene O'Neil

"I AM the Resurrection and the Life!"

I will try to share with you the vast Peace and Joy that has been released by the Ascended Hosts during The Temple of The Presence Easter Retreat in New York City . . . . but in order to approach an understanding of what occurred there, you would need to be in the presence of one of the many who attended, as their Heart Fire and the Light in their eyes would convey the unmistakable Glory of which they were and are a part.

The Retreat started Thursday with Decrees, Discourses, and Dictations. Beloved Kuthumi gave the first Dictation Thursday afternoon followed by Morya on Thursday evening. Morya took us to the Temple of the Holy Grail in the Etheric City over Glastonbury, England.

On Good Friday afternoon, the Lord of the World used us all to anchor the Immense Peace of His Heart into the Earth. This Action by Lord Gautama was preceded by instruction from the Messenger on how to prepare for what was about to occur during His Dictation. I struggle with these inadequate words to convey the Immensity of the Action of Lord Gautama's Release to the Earth. The pressure of the Peace and the Light during this Dictation was awesome to be in the presence of. It is my hope that all the Discourses and Dictations of this Easter Retreat will soon be available on CD or may be listened to at The Temple of The Presence web site. On Friday evening the Messengers told us that the Masters would go easy on us as Lord Gautama's Release stretched us all to our limits, Friday evening was light and joyous and then Lanello came and in His Dictation, filled us with Christ Love.

Saturday afternoon the Goddess of Liberty and Pallas Athena gave Dictations that again started to approach the Intensity of Lord Gautama's the previous day. Saturday evening Saint Germain came and filled us all with Electric Joy. Among the many aspects of His Dictation was another Dispensation for the removal of 10 more years of karma. (Please note that it is very difficult for me to announce a Masters Dictation with only a sentence or two - when the Action of each Dictation is a limitless cup of Sacred Fire for all whose hearts are afire with Love Divine.) Following Saint Germain's Dictation Elijah came - and many of us will never be the same. Elijah blasted us with whirling Sacred Fire and announced that He came preparing the way for the Resurrection of the Lord in our Hearts.

Easter Sunday Jesus served Communion after His Dictation. (What words can convey this???) His Dictation was equal to Lord Gautama's in the Intense Fire and Peace of His Release. I will need to listen to it many times (May you all listen to it many times). The Easter Retreat concluded with Lord Krishna taking us all to the Temple of the Resurrection Flame located in the Etheric City above Tucson, Arizona. (what words to convey this???) It was Lord Krishna who brought the Resurrection Flame to the Earth many millions of years ago. Many Keepers of the Flame from throughout North America who went to New York City for this conference did not realize that they were going to be doing the additional travelling, i.e.,. Lord Krishna's Retreat, the Goddess of Liberty's Retreat, the Temple of the Holy Grail in the Etheric City above Glastonbury with Morya, the Great Sea of Light with Lord Gautama.

In closing I would share with you that a member of the New York City Church Universal and Triumphant group who heard about the Retreat at the last moment came and attended Saturday and Sunday. He asked me in astonishment why it was that no one in the official Church Universal and Triumphant group told him of this . . . . . . he was overwhelmed with the Love and the Light and there were tears in his eyes. He told me, as dozens of others have from all over this country that they were going to pass the Word and that they will attend the July 4th five day Retreat this summer.

You can learn more by visiting The Temple of The Presence web site. The New Dispensation is expanding, and it is composed of all whose first allegiance is to the Presence of God: "I AM".

May we all be filled with the Light of Peace from His Heart . . . . which is our Heart!

Great Central Sun Angels

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