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Service to God in Life

  • First Public Dictation / Discourse:
    • December 31, 1993 (1)

  • Music Keynote
    • Beginning of fourth movement from Beethoven's Ninth Symphony

"Let the mind conform to the Mind of God. Then behold the great Sphere of that Mind. Then reach up, open the door and enter into the Sun behind the sun, the Inner Sphere of Being.

"Thus think of this as the gentle opening and entering in to the heart of God through the Buddhic Mind. Think of these steps as based on the simplicity of the Purity of heart, the Purity of desire, the Purity of the soul, the Purity of the mind.

"Purity is the antithesis of complexity.

"Thus in the simplicity of a Pure Heart, as a child, now enter in and let go, let go. Let go of all else but thine own Reality. When you do this, you shall contain all reality of the Spirit-Matter Cosmos and all Reality beyond it.

"The way seems intricate, but the intricacy is the intricacy of karma woven and rewoven. The intricate undoing of the threads of karma is what seems to make the Path so complicated. But when all is said and done and all of those components of the threads of karma are consumed in one great Violet Flame bonfire, you will come to know and you will remember one day that I have said the entering in is simplicity itself, humility itself, purity itself."

Beloved Akshobhya
through the Messenger, Elizabeth Clare Prophet,   December 31, 1993,   Royal Teton Ranch, Park County, Montana, U.S.A. (1)

Akshobhya means "Immovable" or "Unshakable". A principal Buddha within Vajrayana Buddhism residing in the eastern quarter of a mandala and a minor Buddha within the sutra tradition of the Mahayana. His color is blue. He rules over the element of water and personifies the skandha of form. In some systems, he is associated with the skandha of consciousness.

Akshobhya is believed to transform the human failing of anger into a clear mirror-like wisdom. With this wisdom, we see things just as they are, impartially and unaffectedly. Akshobhya’s blue color is closely linked to the mirror symbolism. Blue is the color of water, and water has the capacity to act as a clear mirror.

Akshobhya’s emblem is the vajra, the symbol of Vajrayana Buddhism. The vajra essentially signifies the immovable, immutable, indivisible, and indestructible state of enlightenment. Thus is Akshobhya touching the earth with the fingertips of his right hand, the earth too being a symbol of the immutable, the solid, and the concrete.

Akshobhya’s mount is the elephant. An elephant places its foot upon the earth with unshakeable certainty. It has the same unalterable quality as the Buddha’s fingers touching the ground, and the same determination that carried Gautama Buddha through his tribulations.

The Buddha Akshobhya established the enlightened intention that all sentient beings could purify any degree of nonvirtue. Even the extreme nonvirtue of hatred, violence, and killing can be cleansed through relying on him as the focus of meditation, acknowledging and abandoning nonvirtuous actions, and invoking his blessings of purification. In the Akshobhya sutra, the Buddha Sakyamuni himself extolled the perseverence of Akshobhya in actualizing this intention so powerfully that countless beings have been saved from the intense suffering of lower states of existence.

Ascended Masters

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