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Angel Deva of the Jade Temple

     Angel Deva of the Jade Temple     

Service to God in Life

  • First Public Dictation / Discourse:
    • July 23, 1944   Chicago, IL U.S.A. (1)

  • Service:
    • Healing (6)
    • Teaches meditation (7)
    • Teaches about the Music of the Spheres (6)
    • Guardian of the original release of the "I AM" Teachings (2)
    • Intensifies the Activity of Purification (4)

  • Divine Ray & Sacred Fire
    • Jade Green

  • Retreat:
    • Jade Temple in China (3) (5)

" . . . My Service from the Jade Temple is to intensify the Activity of Purification, because the Jade Temple and the Jade that is placed in the structure of Earth, as it grows through the Powers of Nature, is an Eternally Pure Substance. Jade will not take on the magnetic radiation of impurity from mankind's feeling. Therefore We can call forth through that a continual Flow of Our Purifying Power, the Light Rays and Cosmic Light Substance that continually radiate into outer world conditions Our Eternal Purity. If it were not so - that these Great Streams of Cosmic Light Substance and the Sacred Fire — if They were not placed within the structure of Earth itself; if We were to suddenly withdraw that, everything would return to the unmanifest.

"This is the Divine Plan and Action of Life, the Cosmic Life that surrounds this system of worlds by which manifestation is drawn into existence, is sustained, and goes on expanding its activity while mankind takes embodiment here to fulfill the Divine Plan of the Ascension. From the Ascended Masters' Temples of the various Activities of the Jewels of the Sacred Fire and of the Cosmic Light — the condensation of that Cosmic Light Substance — these are the Mighty, Sustaining Activities of the Cosmic Light that is the Great Manifesting Substance by which a world exists.

"So when We come from time to time and pour Our Radiation to you and intensify Our Outpouring through the Substance We have created here and placed within the Powers of Nature, it is that a certain proportion of Purity, Eternal Purity, flows continually here in this world in order to sustain it; and in order to have constructive activities in which mankind can function to learn the Great Laws of the Universe, to draw forth the Great Power of Life's Creative Activities, and to gain the experience here by which each individual becomes an Ascended Being.

"So when you think of Us, when you hear of the Angel Devas, remember always, We are the Cosmic Life's Activity that is constantly creating that which is constructive and pouring It forth into the Earth, the structure of Earth, and into the people, to fulfill the Great Divine Plan. Whenever you care to accept or call forth individually into yourselves or your affairs the Purifying Power that We are giving and that comes under Our Direction, you may have an individualized Stream of each of these Great Activities anchored in and around you - so long as you accept It, call for It, love It, give It recognition, and let Us have a chance to expand It in, through, and around you. So Our Gift is continually blessing Life and raising It into something greater and more magnificent in Its Perfection from Our Octave and Its ever increasing Happiness to Life in this world. . . . "

Beloved Angel Deva of the Jade Temple
through the Messenger, Edna Ballard,   May 4, 1962,   Santa Fe, New Mexico U.S.A. (4)

Angel Deva of the Jade Temple Album

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Here are descriptions of the 4 Addresses in this album from Beloved Angel Deva of the Jade Temple:

Welcome to My Laboratory of Light – August 4, 1996

The Angel Deva of the Jade Temple welcomes you and asks how you perceive to change your world. What alchemy do you plan? Will you follow in the footsteps of your Divine Mission? Before you start to perform your alchemy, you must know your direction; you must have God Vision. For every task an increment of Light goes forth qualified by your world. You must direct that Light; it must not be sent indiscriminately. The Angel Deva explains the roles of the Gold and Blue Rays in the alchemical process. The more precise and detailed the vision, the more exacting the return from the cosmos. As you go into the laboratory of your sanctuary, prepare a forcefield uncluttered so the mind is not running helter-skelter. All distractions must go — the worries of the day, the worries of the night — with only the Light of your I AM Presence blazing through each of the respective chakras involved in your alchemy. The longer you hold the vision, the longer you impress the Light of God upon that vision. Learn to feel and sense the cosmic currents. If the Ascended Ones are to assist you in your alchemies, it must be the right timetable for that alchemy to come forth. Purity of Heart and Purity of Vision are absolutely essential if you are to recall the Vibration and again experience being within this Radiance.

Healing and the Science of Music – April 19, 1997

Healing and music require the same action of the Cosmic Law, for both require the Christ Light, within which is Wholeness, Health, and the Music of the Spheres. The inner bodies of your lifestream require great attention, for if you are to have the Wholeness you desire in the physical, there must be Wholeness in the etheric double. You must work at holding the Immaculate Concept for this etheric double. Healing is a matter of Wholeness. Wholeness is a matter of the Light of Christ. And the Light of Christ is imbued with the Love of God. There can be no resentment; for resenting any aspect of life is ultimately a resentment of God. There must be only Love. There must be a renewed spark of Joy with the greeting of each dawn, for without Joy, the true Love of God cannot flow through your Heart. Once you have the Love of God flowing through you, the moment you put your attention on the etheric double and mold your body into its pristine Essence of Light, you will be whole. Then the Music of the Spheres will play a symphony – your keynote – which resonates all the way to the Great Central Sun. Your physical temple is like a tuning fork that resonates at a pitch and a rhythm that will allow you to come into total, absolute Oneness.

The Cosmic Law of Truth – January 1, 1998

You dictate the Law of your being. And in doing so, the resonance of what is presented upon your Heart corresponds with the Divine Blueprint of your inner need to experience certain Cosmic Law. Not everyone must experience exactly the same thing at the same time. So then, where is the Truth in all? Cosmic Truth contains the pure Vibration of God. The release of the Fire of the Emerald Matrix throughout the cosmos dictates the reality of Truth. Within the Emerald Ray is the complete Wholeness that accompanies healing, the Music of the Spheres, the Abundant Life. Cosmic Truth is written upon your Heart, but it is written within the action of the Threefold Flame. The Emerald Ray will reorder, rearrange, and heal all that is out of alignment in your world if you will invoke and call it forth. Pure Truth is only Truth to your being when you have become it. The Flame on the Angel Deva’s altar is round, almost as liquid Light, the color of the Emerald Jade. Visualizing this matrix will allow for the nurturing and balance of the very cell structure of your being with the Emerald Ray. It is important to have the attunement to know in which direction to place your attention. Invoking the Flame of Truth through the Emerald Ray can bring you such God Direction. The Angel Deva encourages you to mark the occasion of this Release so you can recall the Vibration and again experience being within this Radiance.

The Art of Meditation – April 11, 1998

You are the one who is the focus of the greatest attention of God. Each one is known of God, cared for by God, cherished by God. The God of very Gods is the Fullness of your God Presence, and the fullest attention of your God Presence is on all of the outer activities in which you engage. To gain mastery, you must harness your thoughts. But how? The Angel Deva instructs on how to enter into meditation. Meditation cannot be analyzed. You must allow the Mind of your Holy Christ Presence to come forth. There is an energetic process to meditation. There must be a determination from your Heart going forward, calling in, commanding the conscious mind. If your thoughts are in a contrary mode to your Heart, you must examine if it is truly the Heart speaking. The initial color experienced in meditation is usually the Violet Flame. The Rays of Light of your Causal Body are waiting to be commanded into action. Once you have established a momentum in meditation, it can occur in the blink of an eye in the middle of the chaos of a busy world. Traversing this Path, you cannot stop at any plateau and think you have arrived. For when you do, you stop the opportunity of all that God would teach you. You will discover with the art of meditation there is balance as you move forward. Do not lose patience with yourself. The Angel Deva calls forth the outer memory to recall every Word.


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