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Ascended Master Bob Singleton

     Ascended Master Bob Singleton     
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Service to God in Life

  • First Public Dictation / Discourse:
    • March 26, 1937 in Glendale, California, U.S.A. (1)

  • Office in Hierarchy
    • The Ascended Master Bob was last embodied during the 1930s as part of a group of four individuals who took part in some of the activities during which Saint Germain was releasing the Teachings of the Mighty I AM Presence to Guy Ballard, the Messenger for the Brotherhood of Light during that time. Bob attained His Ascension during these times, along with His Twin Flame, Nada Rayborn. Bob's name in His last embodiment was given as Bob Singleton (a pseudonym), and He chose to keep His first name upon making His Ascension, in order to maintain the continuity and recognition of Himself after attaining His Victory. He gave a number of Dictations as an Ascended Master, most especially during the I AM Activity. His role now, along with His Twin Flame, Nada Rayborn, is to assist the "Ascended Master Youth."

  • Quality
    • Enthusiasm (2)
    • Obedience

" . . . Oh, Dear Ones, if once you understand the Power of your own Light to draw to you everything you desire -- for it is not out here, Beloved Ones. The appearance of it is here, but the Power is here [pointing to the 'Presence'] that draws to you these things. Won't you remember that?

"It is so powerful that if you gain the full feeling of that now, it would only be a matter of hours, days, possibly weeks at most until your intensity of feeling would draw from your Presence such Intelligence, Power, and Energy that all conditions in the outer world would conform in harmony and the releasing of money, happiness, health, and supply of all you require. It is not a matter of questioning, but a power of applying the Law which you have come to know. Therefore, Beloved Ones, stand unyielding, unwavering in your mighty Application.

"Now let us this morning just get this point so firmly within you. What is it that is making this Call? How and what is it that is issuing these Decrees? Do you think, Beloved Ones, that it is just the human form? If you do, then that is where you are still being limited. If you realize that the Intelligence, the Energy that you release is the Power of your Presence which knows no opposition to the Light, then you will see how your Application is All-Powerful — how it is compelled to produce the results you require.

"May I be able to pour forth such a conviction of this into your feeling world that you will never lose it for a single moment! If you don't watch your feeling --many of you as yet -- you will find the feeling inclined to accept that the outer is still responsible. It is not. It has made mistakes, true enough -- but the Presence doesn't mind that; but when you allow the feeling of the outer to accept that IT is doing something, then you are obstructing the way.

"Just realize in every minutest part of your Application: 'Now when I begin to make this Call, it is my Mighty I AM Presence whose Intelligence, Energy, Light and Power is acting; and that is the Energy, Intelligence, and Power by which I am able to make the call. Therefore, it is my Presence — Its Mighty Intelligence and Energy — that is making this Call. Therefore, there is no opposition to It!'

"Do you not see ho practical, very practical, it is once you gain the full conviction that in every Call you utter to your Presence, it is the Presence acting; it is not the outer. Through the outer Intelligence, Energy, and Power of the Presence is making the Call. The Presence, then, is making the Call and is also answering it. Do you not see how, then, all appearances of requirement contain the answer, because it is the Power of the Presence making the Call, and the Power of your Presence answering it.

"I want you, so much, to gain the Full Acceptance, Consciousness, and Feeling of this; and you will not have difficulty then in having the answer to your Call. There is only One Power, One Intelligence, One Energy to act, and that is from the Presence of all Life, the Mighty I AM. And while all of you have an Individualized Presence of God within you, yet the Great I AM of each one, is ONE in Quality and Perfection. Therefore, We can justly say that the I AM of all of you is One, while still Individualized. You are ONE, all of you, insofar as your Energy, your Life, your Intelligence, and the Substance which you use is concerned. It is but One Individualized and acting for you according to your qualification of It. Therefore today, let us feel that.

"Do you wonder why We are urging and urging and urging you on? Because you are so very near the Goal. You are so near complete Victory wherein you will have the full feeling of your Commanding Presence of Light to govern everything in your world, and hold your own feeling so harmonious that no person, place, or condition in the World can have the slightest effect in irritating or disturbing you.

"Of course I am known for My Enthusiasm (applause), but that is not over-enthusiasm — it is the real thing! And that is why I am calling your attention to It at every opportunity, because Dear Ones, you are the Victory of Light. . . . "

Beloved Ascended Master Bob
through the Messenger, Guy Ballard,   May 28, 1938   New York City, New York U.S.A. (2)

  1. "I AM" Ascended Master Dictation List (Schaumburg, Illinois: Saint Germain Press Inc., 1995) © Copyright Saint Germain Foundation
  2. Ascended Master Bob, May 28, 1938 I AM Discourses, Vol. 12   (Schaumburg, Illinois: Saint Germain Press Inc., 2010), © Copyright Saint Germain Foundation   (click here to order)

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