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Cosmic Master from the Great Silence

     Cosmic Master     

A "Cosmic Master from out the Great Silence" spoke these Words to an advanced civilization 70,000 years ago in the area where the Sahara Desert now is. At that time it was a semi-tropical and fertile land - with the people enjoying many comforts. This Message is presented here because it is as relevant today as it was then:

The Law of Love: Mandate of Eternity

"O Children of Earth, I bring you a warning of serious import, at a time of great crisis. Arouse yourselves from the snare of the senses that is engulfing you! Awake from your lethargy, before it is too late! . . . You have opened yourselves to the uncon­trolled ignorance and emotions of the outer-self.

"You give little attention and still less adoration to your ‘Source’ — the Supreme, the Mighty, the Radi­ant, the Majestic, the Infinite Cause of all that is — the Creator and Sustainer of all worlds. You give no grat­itude to the ‘Great Glorious Presence’— the ‘Lord of Love,’ for the very Life by which you exist.

"Oh why are you not even grateful, for the bless­ings Nature pours out so lavishly, for the abundance that comes to you through this fair land . . . ? You thank each other for favors — the things of the senses and forms that are so ephemeral, that pass from one to another and then are no more; but why, Oh why, do you forget the ‘Source’ of all Life, all Love, all Intelligence, all Power?

"People! Oh People, where is your gratitude to Life, for Love, for the magnificence of experience that you enjoy every moment, every hour, every day, year after year? All this you call your own, but it has always belonged, does now, and always will belong to the One Great Source of Life, Light, Love and All Good — GOD — the Supreme — the Adorable — the All-Pervading One.

When by your own misuse of the energy of Life, which this All-Pervading One showers upon you con­stantly, pure, perfect, and uncontaminated, you have created conditions so destructive and painful that they can no longer be endured, you turn in either desperation, agony, or rebellion and call upon God for relief from your misery. This is your offering to the ‘Giver of all Good’ in return for that Ceaseless Perfection which He continually bestows in Supreme Love. The only condition upon which the ‘One Great Self’ gives all, is its right use, that it may bless the rest of creation with infinite Joy, harmonious activity, and Perfection.

"When in the depths of misery, you turn again to your Source for relief from your misdeeds, you either cry in the agony of despair or, if rebellious, blame Life and the Source of All Good for allowing, what you call injustice and wrong conditions to exist in you and your world.

"It is you, the little personal self, who are unjust to Life; you who are unfair; you who create the misery of Earth; for only humanity, because it has free will to create as it chooses, each individual through His own thought and feeling, dares to bring into existence the discord, misery, and deformity that express upon Earth. This is a blight upon Creation and the Perfection that forever swings in the Great Cosmic Melody of Eternal Song.

"Only mankind is guilty of making a discord in the Music of the Spheres, for all else lives and acts in accordance with the ‘Law of Love, of Life, of Har­mony, and of Light.’ All else blends into the har­monious Whole — the ‘Body of the Infinite, All-Loving One.’

"All other Realms of ‘Life and Light’ move and create according to the fundamental principle upon which all Perfection rests. That principle is Love. . . . The transcendent and magnificent activities of Love and Light are the Natural Conditions in which God created and expected His human children to manifest, obeying His command ‘to Love.’ There is no such thing as a supernatural condition anywhere in the Universe. All that is Transcendent, Beautiful and Perfect is Natural and according to the ‘Law of Love.’ Anything other than that is sub-natural. The daily experience of the Host of Ascended Masters is the Perfection God’s children were meant to live in always. Earth’s children did express this Perfection once in a former cycle, which was one Golden Age.

That former civilization — that Ancient Perfection — is older than you dream, older than you believe the planet to be. All mankind at that period lived in a similar transcendent state, as the Ascended Masters. The condition of misery, that has followed since that time, down through the ages, came about because mankind chose to look away from its ‘Source’ — Love —as the plan by which to live Life.

When the children of Earth look away from Love, they are deliberately and consciously choosing the experience of chaos. Whoever seeks to exist without Love, cannot survive long anywhere in creation. Such efforts are bound to bring failure, misery, and dissolution. Whatever lacks Love must return to chaos the unformed, so its substance may be used over again in combination with Love, and thus produce a new and perfect form.

"This is the Law of Universal as well as individual Life. It is Immutable, Irrevocable, Eternal, yet Be­neficent, for creation in form exists that God may have something upon which to pour out Love and so express in action. This is the ‘Law of the Mighty One’ from which all else proceeds. It is the ‘Mandate of Eternity’ and the vastness and brilliance of that Perfection cannot be described in words.

"If there were not these actual, Real, Permanent and Perfect conditions of Life and experience, which far transcend human description, existence would be but a travesty upon the stupendous activity of Life that swings forever throughout creation. There are those Higher, Harmonious, Transcendent Spheres — Realms of Activity and Consciousness — Individual and Cosmic — where creation goes on continually in Joy, in Love, in Freedom, and in Perfection.

"These are real, real, real and much more per­manent than your bodies and buildings in the phys­ical world about you. These Realms of Life are created of Substance which is so charged with Love that they can never have a quality or activity of dis­cord, imperfection, or disintegration imposed upon them or registered within them. Because they are based upon Love, the Perfection of such a manifesta­tion is forever maintained, ever active, ever expand­ing, ever-blessing with Joy all that exists. . . .

"People! Oh People! Forever throughout the ages, only enough Love can bring you back to the Heaven you once knew and abided in. Here, you will once again embrace the fullness of the 'Great Light' that gives all through Love. . . . "   (1)


  1. Godre Ray King   Unveiled Mysteries - Saint Germain Series Volume 1 This book is a record of Godfre Ray King’s initial experiences with the Ascended Master Saint Germain and includes His instruction to Godfre on the Great Laws of Life.

  2. Great Central Sun Angels

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