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Goddess of Victory

Goddess      Goddess of Victory      Victory
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Service to God in Life

  • First Public Dictation / Discourse:
    • September 2, 1945   Chicago, Illinois U.S.A. (1)

  • Service:
    • Archangel Michael speaking of the Goddess of Victory: "She comes from Venus and is of the Angelic Host, therefore, My Co-worker. . . . She comes into the atmosphere of Earth to anchor a Permanent Stream of Her Love and Victory from Venus to assist those who have given their love and recognition to those Great Ones from that Blessed Planet." (3)

  • Quality:
    • Flame of Victory (5)
    • Cosmic Victory of the Love from Venus (3)

The Beauty and Victory of Cosmic Love

" . . . More Beauty must come upon the Earth, Beloved Ones. More Beauty of sound, of form, of substance, of action, because that is the Victory of Perfection. You cannot have Beauty in the without, if you have not Beauty within. So, may I say to you, that if you choose to accept My Victory of Beauty and Love, make your feelings within, that same Great Power of Love to all mankind.

"I would like to take you into one of Our Temples of Cosmic Love, wherein the Intensifying Power that is drawn keeps revealing, from within that Flame, ever new Designs, ever greater Power, ever greater Happiness. Would you care to experiment with a room in one of your Temples or homes or schools, wherein you could have a Focus that was dedicated to the Beauty and Victory of Cosmic Love? If you were to offer the energy of your Life Stream sometime each day into the Great Love, and charge forth sometime each day some of your own Life's Energy into that Focus, with your Call for Its Power to be drawn, Its Love to be intensified, Its Beauty to ever expand, and Its Victory to be limitless and Invincible — then just await the Action of the Law, and see each day as you went within that room, the change in your own feelings as you gave the Command of Life, the energy of your Life Stream would be charged with those Qualities into a Focus that was offered for the Expansion of That to the World. You would automatically, as you drew It forth, have Its Qualities registered in every atom of your flesh, and as you did that day after day, do you know what would happen from the Inner standpoint? As you give your energy and love for those Qualities in the physical octave, if you could see what takes place at the Inner Level, you would see that duplicated in the Octave above by Those who were assisting you. Every time you drew forth a Wave or a Flame of that Intense Love and Beauty and Command for Perfection, commanding It in the Full Power of your own Life Stream, there would come from the Octave above, another Flame duplicating the one you had drawn forth, only of much greater Power and Brilliance. Your Flames would then be enfolded in Their Flame, and each day as you intensified That and expanded It, would those from the Octave of Light above you answer your every Call for Love; and then you would draw their Qualities into the physical octave. Sooner, sometimes, than you dream, would Manifestations take place to bless all.

"Do you remeber Beloved Jesus' Statement: "As above, so below. That which is bound on Earth is bound above. That which is loosed on Earth is loosed above." There is a very, very great Power in the recognition of that Statement. If I were you, I would use it — as above, so must the below become — and then draw that into the physical, day after day, commanding, now mark you, the Full Beauty and Victory of Cosmic Love Supreme within that Life to reveal Itself, and manifest whatever fulfills the Divine Plan, or whatever would be the Manifestation fulfilling the Ascended Masters' Divine Plan. You would leave the door open to many wonderful, beautiful things to come about, that your intellect knows nothing of, and in time, things would manifest that none of mankind had ever seen or comprehended. . . . "

" . . . Beloved Ones, you have had some Manifestations in the Answers you have had to your Calls when you called forth Divine Love; but, oh, you do not, any of you, yet realize a fragment of the Power that is within your continued, conscious, dynamic stand and Demand for the Mightiest Cosmic Love of Creation to blaze Its Substance in and around you, and give to you Its choicest Blessings! Then will your troubles fade out, and on the Wings of Flame will there come into your hands and use whatever is required, from time to time, to outpicture the greater Beauty and Perfection of expanding the Divine Plan in action.

" You are reaching the point, My Loved Ones, when you must blaze forth around yourselves that Cosmic Flame of Love Supreme that mankind are compelled to see and experience and know is your Mastery! You have done wonderfully in coming along this far on your journey, and passing through the frightful experiences that have almost engulfed the World; but I say to you, ask for the Full Power and the Mightiest Cosmic Love of the Cosmic Christ and Its Victory from Venus. You see, Our Planet has nothing upon It that is qualified with human limitations or discord! There is Tremendous Activity and Glorious, Creative Accomplishment, but no discord. Therefore, you cannot call anything from Our Planet that would not bless you with Perfection, and the more you call It forth, the greater is Our opportunity to give. . . . "

". . . As you send your love to Us, so shall Ours come back to you, and you will understand, as time goes on, that to make yourselves the most concentrated Focus and Almighty Power of the Cosmic Love of the Cosmic Christ, means to express your Mastery over everything that is of hate or discord. There is no limitation whatsoever to the amount of energy or substance or the Sacred Fire of Our Cosmic Love that you can draw forth. . . . "

". . . I ask you to try something for your own great enjoyment. Acknowledge frequently from now on: "I AM" THE COSMIC VICTORY OF THE LOVE FROM VENUS! "I AM" THE COSMIC LOVE AND THE VICTORY OF ITS BEAUTY! You acknowledge that, and at the same time feel your connection straight through to the Great Ones of Venus, and let Us have the opening to show you, in your own experience, how great and how quickly will come the Response to your Calls. You will find coming, in this recognition, an Inner Stillness that you have never felt in your emotional bodies before; because when you begin to feel the Victory of the Cosmic Love from Venus, then you will know that all disturbance of this physical world not only has no power, but the very feeling that begins to surge within you will repel everything else. You will rest within a Relaxation and a Strength of Our Love that will bring you health and blessings you have never experienced, because none of you yet has fully experienced the Victory of Love; none of you! . . . "

Beloved Goddess of Victory
through the Messenger, Edna Ballard,   September 2, 1945,   Chicago, Illinois U.S.A. (3)

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