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     Cosmic Causal Body     

Elohim of the Second Secret Ray

Service to God in Life

  • First Public Dictation / Discourse:
    • April 9, 2009   Tucson, Arizona U.S.A. (1)

  • Divine Quality
    • Obedience to Hierarchy (2)
    • Authority (2)

  • Divine Ray & Sacred Fire
    • Second Secret Ray of Air
    • Liquid Currents of the Life Force of Air
    • Elemental Force of Nature of Air
    • Prana of a pastel color similar to Golden-Pink or Peach

  • Office in Hierarchy
    • Hyperion is the Elohim of the Second Secret Ray - the Second Pranic Breath. He is One of the Elohim of the Five Secret Rays (Elemental Forces of Nature / Pranic Breaths / Currents of Elemental Essence / Life Force) serving this System of Worlds. (1) (2)

"We Are Present"

" . . . I AM Hyperion serving God in Life as the Pranic Breath of Air. As Elohim My Consciousness touches your consciousness. For as you move and live within the elements prepared for you with Love, Wisdom and God Power, you are able to mount your own Victory. For coursing through these forces of nature presented to you daily are the elements required for every aspect that you will create. As you touch life, you know My Flame. As you experience bending the knee before the Hierarchy of your own God Presence, you know My Flame. As you conduct your affairs in the Christ-like nature holding fast to the high ideals that your Presence has fostered within the Mind of God for you, there is opportunity of Mastery. That Mastery, Blessed Hearts, is the Authority over your life. For you have been given the Creative Rod of Power so that you might uphold that Scepter of Authority and speak to all of the affairs of your life, all of the circumstances, all of those areas that seem to be so troublesome. You have at the core of your being sufficient Power of God as Love to Command Peace within your own members, to have the thoughts of your mind soar in clarity and your vision keen holding fast to the mark of the desire of your Heart for that thought to rest.

"O how simple life may seem to those blessed with the understanding of Our Glorious Ray of God Consciousness that streams forth for your benefit. The greatest trials that you will face will be the overcoming of your human creation, calling forth enough of the Love of God to put into the Flame your rebellion, your inattentiveness to your own God Presence leaving these outer vehicles to scrounge for the crumbs that would bless you.

"Is it not time for you to take command, to know who you are, to face a new day with enough strength and courage that as the Fire is deposited within your Heart, you lift your voice on high as the Christ and command your thoughts to obey; command your feeling body to be at peace; command your physical body to be healed, to be nourished, to be purified.

"These calls which you will make may not bring about an instantaneous response. Surely your Presence and the Elohim can accomplish the fulfillment of the task. But are you ready to have the Fire of God moving through you? This is a question you must answer. For that Fire will change your life. You will no longer think the thoughts of yesterday. You will no longer have the feelings welling up inside you, stirring you in anxiety and chaos. You will no longer feel you are ripped from limb to limb because you know not which way to turn or where to engage your energy. For there will be the stillness within you that only comes when the Power of God is transferred to you and that only comes when there is obedience to God. When you keep the watch day and night, never giving in to those lesser energies that you know well must go into the Flame and be no more, always extending your hand in compassion and service to God in Life — allowing for Illuminationís Flame to fill your consciousness so that you wisely move through your day, making the right discernments as to the allotment of your energy, and when you rest at night giving thanks and glory to your own God Presence for seeing you safely and victoriously through your day. †

"We the Elohim know well Our role in assisting the Sons and Daughters of God each day. We understand that oftimes you forget that We are present. Have you considered how the possibilities of your achievements and the expansion of the Flame upon the altar of your Heart might be accelerated if you on occasion were to think of the Elohim, calling for Their assistance, establishing the current that would fan the Flames of the Elohim that are deposited upon your brow, allowing for a transfer of Our Power to help you in those times of need when you have done all you are capable. When you have made all of the calls you can make, when you have established the right action in your life, then calling to the Elohim, do you not realize how quickly we are capable of responding? You need not traverse the Cosmos to find Our Heart — for right within you is the body consciousness of Our Flame. . . . "

Beloved Hyperion
through the Anointed Representative®, Carolyn Louise Shearer,   April 9, 2009,   Tucson, Arizona U.S.A. (1)

  1. Hyperion, April 9, 2009   More information
  2. The Names and Service of the Five Elohim of the Secret Rays were publicly announced by Monroe Julius Shearer, Anointed Representative® of the Ascended Masters, on April 9, 2009 at the Easter 2009 Conclave in Tucson, Arizona, The Cosmic Christ Command of Love, in a Discourse entitled "The Actions of the Elohim of the Pranic Breaths" (order this)

The Cosmic Christ Command of Love

Great Central Sun Angels

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