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     Beloved Mercedes of the Violet Flame     

Lady Master Mercedes, the Cosmic Being that is the Sister of Kwan Yin, the Goddess of Mercy, long ago transcended beyond the confines of this Planet and Ascended to "The Heart of the Silence". She came back to the Earth, to assist in the present efforts to bring in a permanent world-wide Golden Age. She, along with her Sister Kwan Yin, has taken a voluntary vow to Helios and Vesta that They would never leave until the Earth and all her evolutions are completely free of distress.

Q & A with Mercedes

1. "Beloved Mercedes, what is the Violet Transmuting Flame?"

"It is the Sacred Fire which is God's Pure Energy qualified by Divine Beings to purify all discordant energy."

2. "How can unascended beings avail themselves of this merciful blessing?"

"By the Invocation of the Divine Beings Who have dedicated Themselves to this Service."

3. "Who are these Divine Beings?"

"Those Who serve on the Seventh Ray - Arcturus and Victoria, Zadkiel and Holy Amethyst, Ascended Master Saint Germain and Portia, Kuan Yin and Myself, and the Ascended, Seraphic, Cherubic and Angelic Legions Who serve with Us. My Beloved Sister, Kwan Yin, and All of Us have taken a voluntary vow to Helios and Vesta that We would never enter Nirvana until the Earth and all her evolutions are completely free of distress."

4. "How can These Divine Beings be invoked?"

"By thinking about Us and being able to accept Our Reality and Capacity to render this service; by requesting Us to give the required Assistance. This will be easier of accomplishment for those who have served with Us through the ages as this strikes a respondent chord in their feelings."

5. "Where is this Violet Transmuting Flame?"

"It is a Fourth Dimensional Activity which is Omnipresent, Actively Directed by the Divine Being when invoked by the individual requiring Assistance for himself or others."

6. "What happens when this Violet Transmuting Flame is called into Action?"

7. "Where does this imperfection go?"

"Into the Sacred Fire which purifies it and returns it to the individual with the required specific God Quality."

8. "How long does it take for this Transmutation?"

"It is dependent entirely upon the amount of the effluvia, the acceptance of faith, and the perseverance of the individual."

9. "What is required to sustain this state of purification?"

"Rhythmic use of this Blessed Purifying Agent until Perfection is manifested and sustained."

10. "Can this be used for those not in embodiment?"

"Yes, until an individual has made the Ascension. Through the use of free will, more imperfection can be created. Eternal vigilance over the creative faculties (of thought and feeling) will result in God Victorious Achievement!"

11. "Why do the Divine Beings serve on the Seventh Ray?"

"The Seventh Ray is particularly active under the two thousand year cycle of the Ascended Master Saint Germain begun in 1954. Will you My chelas, join with Us in this glorious redemptive process? Many of Us have come out of The Great Silence for this specific purpose. . . . " (1)

Ascended Masters

  1. The Bridge to Freedom Journal June 1961 (Mount Shasta, California USA: Ascended Master Teaching Foundation: Reprinted 1989) page 12

Great Central Sun Angels

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