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The Old Man of the Hills

Service to God in Life

  • First Public Dictation / Discourse:
    • March 25, 1937   Los Angeles, California U.S.A.   (1)

  • Service to Life
    • Ascended Master Orion, the Old Man of the Hills, works with Godfre and Saint Germain to expand the Fires of Freedom from the Heart of the Mountain to the Hearts of mankind. He was embodied in America and Ascended in the twentieth century. He maintains a Focus in the Rocky Mountains and works closely with the Elemental Forces of Nature and the Beings of the Elements to maintain the balance of Light in the Earth and through gold.

"My children, from out the seeming Mysteries of Infinity has come Freedom to mankind, in the Glory of this simplified Instruction which your Beloved Master Saint Ger­main has brought forth. In all My world of expe­rience, none so great has ever come forth. Think, my precious children, to-day in a world so greatly in need, all symbology and expressions which have been so confusing to mankind have been withheld and will no longer be allowed to act in the world.

"That which was once understood through great symbols and it was once necessary to use them, in for­mer cycles, has passed! Mankind to-day must have the "Law of Life" in the simplicity of the "Mighty I AM Presence." Oh beloved ones, while I speak to you tonight, will you feel as never before the Mighty Import of those words — "I AM." The Great, the Greatest Creative Word in the Universe is given into your use without limit. It only remains for you to apply It with firm determination, to enable you to stand in the Octave of Light where We do.

"Think how long We have endeavored to minister to mankind, and yet have seen so little evidence of accomplishment. Even that which has been accom­plished was but temporary. Now to-day, in this Great Knowledge, this Great Wisdom in its great simplicity which the Beloved Saint Germain has brought forth, mankind shall again be free. Not for more than two hundred thousand years has mankind had such an opportunity! I plead with you, Oh my children, feel how important it is that you apply, apply and never weary of applying, this Teaching of Saint Germain, which is absolutely certain and without question will bring you Freedom from every limitation, and then your Ascension.

"The struggle of mankind through the past few hundred years has grown more and more fierce, as the vibratory action and speed of all activity has intensified. You yourselves must see and know how great has been that speed. In your language—that stepped-up-activity has meant so much in transporta­tion. Then will you realize, that within your human forms there has been taking place the same identical activity, in the increased speed of the vibratory action within yourselves? It is the same as has taken place, only in a cruder manner in your world of transporta­tion.

"From the man with the rod and pack upon his back have come your marvelous airplanes today. Still more wonderful ones will come forth ere long. Think in how short a period such transcendent progress has been accomplished.

"You stand today, beloved Children of the Light, in the open door of so much greater transcendent activity. Even that, which is within your own scope of comprehension, seems small indeed compared to it. You must realize now, that in all of the magnificent Assistance which is being given you, no one should ever for a moment feel discouraged. After having battled the forces that sometimes rock a planet, then to-day, when you have before you your Freedom, how can any one ever again feel weary or discour­aged?

"Do you not understand, Oh beloved ones, that through the centuries you have continued to battle these forces of human creation continually? Now you have before you the remedy, the certain definite, sure remedy. How can you hesitate? How can you ever feel — ever again — doubt or fear? With the knowl­edge of the Greatest Presence in the Universe which gives you Life and beats your Heart, how can you ever again fear?

"I, tonight, give forth to the beloved Students of California, America and the world, in My Humble Way, My Assistance to enable you to be free, more determined in your application and yet always with a great calm serenity which knows the Mastery of conditions which have heretofore terrified you. Such is your right, such is your privilege, such is your authority, your ability. Will you allow Me — tonight to give you such Strength that no one in California, who is earnest in his application of the Light, will ever feel again one moment's doubt or fear? It seems strange how sometimes lovely Students of the Light will accept human suggestions that make them doubt this Great Truth which Saint Germain has brought forth. They even doubt the great honest sincerity of this good Brother, who has brought forth the Great Reality of the Law to mankind, in being the observer of the Great Law of Life.

"Last night, those who were present had such a transcendent privilege, of hearing one who has so recently achieved the Ascension, describe to you Her Experience. Beloved ones, no longer waiver, but with firmness and unyielding determination go forward in the Radiance of your own "Mighty I AM Pres­ence." There is naught that can stop you! nothing can interfere with you or prevent you having your quick and sure Freedom! Oh I plead with you, do not longer listen to human gossip and suggestions which make you waiver and feel disturbed. The pity! Oh the pity! that mankind will longer gossip or ac­cept vicious suggestions of another.

"We are striving so earnestly to help you to set your­selves Free, but without your co-operation and obedience it cannot be done. Your free will must be utilized and joyously; in order for you, Oh precious ones, to reach the Glory of Eternal Light and Free­dom. We, who have watched through the centuries, century after century, pouring forth, sometimes feel great Joy at the accomplishment. Then again, We see mankind relapse into the chains of their own creation. . . . "

" . . . The human is so strange is it not? It so hesitates to accept what it cannot feel and handle. Yet the greatest thing in the world in all activity is that which is invisible! You all know this! The Life that gives you activity, you do not see It do you? The radio which carried the lovely message to-night from the lovely Messenger, you did not see its activity, but you heard it! Then do you not see how in all of the greatest activities, all Life's action is invisible? Yet you have the use, blessing and benefit of it.

"Look at your great motors, look at your great en­gines. You do not see the operations going on in them, I mean the one who is not familiar with them—not the engineer — yet those who ride upon the train or within the airplanes, you are not as a rule familiar with that activity which is going on in the engine, as it carries you through the air or over the rails to your destination. Yet you accept it and use its blessing.

"Let us be very practical tonight, that once and forever there may be erased from your consciousness, whatever causes doubts and fears within you. Why do human beings continue to let the accumulated suggestion of mankind dominate them, for that alone causes fear and doubt? Do you think the Life which beats your heart accepts doubt or fear? It cannot, then what is it? Just the accumulation of human con­sciousness.

"Now today you understand how to enfold your­selves in Light's Invincible Protection and how to use the Violet Consuming Flame, to free yourselves from all discordant accumulation. If you will not do it, then you must remain in your limitations; but I plead with you! you, who have been so earnest, use this! Do not cease, when you are so near your Wondrous Victory.

"Remember, your world is a world of your own. You are calling forth the Action of your Presence. Thus you can and are surely clearing your world of all accumulation of the centuries. I plead with you, continue until the fulness of your achievement is attained. Then, you will feel the great Out-pouring from your Presence acting more and more quickly, until no longer does any doubt or fear touch your consciousness.

"This good brother is a living proof before you, and those who knew him years ago know the Victory that is his. You can all do it. We have watched him plead­ing, pleading, pleading with the people, to stand guard over their worlds, to shut out all inharmony, that the full pure perfect Energy and Substance of the Presence can flow forth, to fill their worlds with the Perfection which the Presence is. He will con­tinue, until you realize the Glory of the Scepter of the "Mighty I AM Presence" is in your hands, to command your world to be free.

"Beloved ones, tarry no longer, arise in the Glory and the Light of your "Mighty I AM Presence," ap­ply this Law with determination and never can Victory be withheld from you. Do you not see, be­loved ones, it is only as you waiver that disturbance intrudes? Out of the Glory which is yours, Oh be­loved ones, comes all that is good! Never doubt for a second, that every assistance through the power of Radiation is being poured forth to you constantly, and no sincere effort is ever lost. Every step you are gaining is sustained. You cannot slip back!

"Tonight, in the great calm atmosphere by which you are surrounded, in the great stillness and quiet which all need so much, you, who have had dif­ficulty in stilling your outer self, will find much less difficulty in the future from to-night with this con­tact. May I remind you just why these many Dictations have come forth in such rapid succession? To charge you and your world! for while you are listening to the various ones, a great Consuming Activity is go­ing on. Flow and why? Because you have made the call for the Violet Consuming Flame to dissolve and consume all discord and undesirable things from your world. So now in this call can the assistance be given.

"It is a joyous thing to see what is taking place as the various ones have dictated to you, each One sup­plying a certain quality that you need. Think of it! that you may feel, I know most of you do, that all may feel the deepest gratitude possible. Dear ones, think what it means for all these Great Beings to take the time from Their Great Cosmic Activities to come forth and give you the Assistance, which They do in these activities. Think of it! Think what it means to you! As you feel the greater and greater gratitude, praise and thanks, you will feel how much easier it is, for you to make your application; to feel the cour­age and confidence you require; to give more dynamic feeling and therefore produce more rapid results.

"You cannot fail ever in your application. We, from the Ascended State, are also decreeing this for you. Look! as you are decreeing for yourselves and for mankind, then do you not see, precious ones, that you have opened your door; for Us to not only pour forth through the Light Rays the Radiance to you; but you have made the way definite, for Us to give you the Assistance which your hearts so greatly crave?

"Now, because We do not immediately pick you up and set you into Eternal Freedom and Opulence, do not think that the work is not going on just the same. If We did that, you would cease making conscious effort, would you not? Until the human is fully dis­solved it will assert itself, if the human form is given nothing to do. That is why the Messengers and We are calling forth action into your Life and world; be­cause you must be active in something, dear hearts. Your mind must be occupied in some constructive activity, if you want to have the greatest results.

"Sometimes individuals make the great mistake of endeavoring to call forth the Presence all the hours of the day. That is not wise. You do not have to keep calling the Presence all day long, except where you are giving your twenty-four hour service. That of course is a very marvelous thing, but I mean in in­dividuals own lives. Do you not see, precious ones, how if you will utilize morning, noon and night to give forth your dynamic decrees and application for that which you require; then give your attention to the other activities of the day, you will find wonder­ful, wonderful results? Sometimes individuals in their great earnestness keep in meditation too long; or they keep revolving things in their thought and feeling until unknowingly, they make the things they do not want more real than the things they do.

"Be so practical, beloved ones in all that you do. When you apply, apply dynamically, firmly, then go on with your other outer activities, until you feel impelled again. Then give it again. With firm de­termination call your Presence to take command of you and give you to-day the perfect thing every hour of the day. You will soon come into the marvelous application which will not weary you; but will keep you in great joyous contentment continually. That is what We so much desire you to do.

"Now watch will you, every one of you? If you begin to feel weary in your acknowledgment of the Pres­ence, it is because the human is trying to be the doer. If you become discouraged it is the human, then simply say: "Mighty I AM Presence," now You are the Doer, through my attention to Thee. All things are in your hands. You take command and see that the perfect thing is done, and that I do the perfect thing also." Then you will have no difficulty, I as­sure you.

"Remember! We, Who have come forth to speak Our Wishes to you have made Ourselves a part of you. Think of it! We have willingly made Ourselves a part of you. Now you will not disappoint Us will you? You would not think of disappointing Us, in this Perfection which We decree for you. Therefore, will you buckle on your armor, the Strength of your "Mighty I AM Presence," Its Courage, its Dominion, and let It act to your great joy and Freedom forever?

"In the fulness of the Great Light which is the Light within every cell of your body, I command It to take on definite action for your Freedom! to ex­pand in Divine Order until all the density, with which you have clothed yourself, clothed the Light—. the Light pattern of your human form—is dissolved and you stand forth free in the Radiance of your Presence.

"Will you not accept this to-night, as I call It forth for you to become eternally sustained and active, for your blessing, happiness and Freedom? Feel the full Glory of It acting within you this instant and glorify it with Me, to be eternally sustained and active there, to produce Its perfect results without limit; that all human accumulations about you be now dissolved; that you go forth a free Being of Light, which you are; and in the Mighty Directing Intelligence of your "Mighty I AM Presence," receive, be and act Its Mighty Glory.

"When you wish to determine your activity say: "Would the Ascended Masters do this"? and you will have no difficulty in determining your field and mode of action. Be free from all human limitations this night! Accept the full Freedom which is yours and do not I plead with you, allow any activity to take place in your feeling world that will in any wise annul this which is offered! Accept, feel and be the free Glory of your "Mighty I AM Presence," which is released to you this night. . . . "

The Old Man of the Hills
through the Messenger, Guy Ballard,   March 25, 1937   Los Angeles, California U.S.A.   (2)

"I AM the Old Man of the Hills. You have not known my Flame, and yet you have known my Name. Orion, I am called, and you have sung to the aureole of the dawn. You have called me Old Man, and I have laughed with a twinkle in my eye; for if you could see me, you would wonder whether or not I am an old man, a young man, or perhaps something in between. I come scaling the summits of life. And I work with Elemental Life and with God Tabor, spanning the mountain ranges of North America. I AM in search of a chela, even as I was once in search of a guru, even as I met my Master in the mountain.

"I AM a devotee of Freedom, and I AM proud to be called a Patriot of Light. For I release the fervor of my Heart, and that fervor is a Sphere of Pink Light around every star aborning - the stars of your soul, the stars of the flag that blows in the wind, the stars of the nations, the stars of planetary bodies. And I walk with Godfre; I walk with Saint Germain, ever kindling, with the fervor of my Heart, the precious concepts of Freedom They hold for mankind. . . . "

Beloved Orion, the Old Man of the Hills
through the Messenger, Elizabeth Clare Prophet,   1975, Mount Shasta, California U.S.A.   (3)

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