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Ray O Light

Fearlessness Sword
Copyright © The Temple of The Presence®

"I AM Ray O Light, and I come in Fearlessness Flame so that you might understand how to embody Fearlessness, how to become the Christ, how you might internalize the fullness of that victorious mode of Courage, Strength and fortitude that is required for your accomplishment all that is the desire of your Mighty I AM Presence, all that is come forth in the creative endeavors of your lifestream.  

"Understand, Beloved, that Fearlessness is not merely a will of the divine that comes forth absent Wisdom or absent the Love of God. For it takes the balance of all of the Threefold Flame coming forth so that  truly you may wield the Sword of Fearlessness into all of your endeavors. Understand that as you adopt the right mode of consciousness, that which is come forth from your own God Presence and Holy Christ Self, you can stand in the full, unmitigated, determined Will of God, releasing that Power, guided by the full understanding of its right use – when to release it, when to hold, when to accomplish with the Fire of the Will of God and then for you to wrap it all within the Love of God as you would not dare harm any part of life that was not to be harmed, but to destroy and annihilate all of the human creation, not only within yourself but that is lodged still within the Astral Plane and is moving in and around the Sons and Daughters of God to keep them from their appointed hour of Victory.  

"I tell you, Beloved, you know not how undaunting your own God Presence can be if you will but connect with that Light of your God Presence and release the Fire into the Electronic Body from your own Heart’s desiring in this physical octave so that those Rays of Light from your own Electronic Body can go forth and command the legions of angels that are within your purview that have been assigned to you. How many have forgotten that they can command 10,000 of Archangel Michael’s angels daily into all manner of conditions on the Earth, especially those associated with your own life.  

"Know well, Beloved, that it is not enough to bend the knee in silence and think that you have amassed sufficient Power of God through your countenance to connect with the Fire of God that can make a difference.  You cannot be in a lethargic state that will allow time and space to continue to revolve in and around you.  You must surpass that time and space and enter the flow of your own God Presence that allows you to be in the Infinite Body of God.

"O Blessed Ones, as the Ray of Light in your own Electronic Body goes forth qualified with those aspects of Life which you have called forth, do you not understand that you might quiet all manner of human creation, that you might annihilate it and stop it on the instant? If there are sufficient numbers of Christed individuals calling forth the Divine intervention of God, do you not see how this Earth may be indeed changed into the Golden Age?  

"I have come to give you the Gift of Fearlessness Sword.  That sword, Beloved, is a White Sword of Purity’s Ray that scintillates with the luminosity of the Diamond Shining Mind of God. It has written upon it the fullness on one side of the fiat:  'Beloved Mighty I AM Presence, you take command of this entire situation and all human creation. You have the Power and it has no power. Its day is done.' On the opposite side, a call you well know: 'The Light of God never fails, and the Mighty I AM Presence is that Light.'    

"Then, surrounding each of those letters and the very edge of the sword is the emerald green of the Christ Consciousness, the Emerald Matrix that will indeed bring forth the fullness of that which is the edenic blueprint of all that it touches. You have then the White Fire cleaving asunder all unreality to that which is pure, holy, that which is the Divine Estate which comes forth from the Heart of God in the White Light of the Mother Flame. And the Emerald Ray that will restore the Christ Perfection in the Christic emanation of that which is come forth from the consciousness which is pure and holy.

"Blessed Hearts, this is a very powerful sword.  For you cannot begin to imagine how, when you hold this in your consciousness, you stand before your altar and you raise your right hand to hold what is that thought form of the sword in your right hand and you give these calls and other calls that you will associate with Fearlessness. I understand you, Beloved, will be astonished.  You will not be expecting what comes forth. You are not ready, if you have any doubt, to enter the use of this Fearlessness Sword. For I promise you, no doubt can be cast upon it.  

"Therefore you approach your altar in the fullness of the resolve that your call compels the answer.  And you raise your sword, seeing the Light of the Mighty I AM Presence galvanized with that sword and the Rays going forth from your own Electronic Body.  All manner of circumstances will have to yield to that Fearlessness that you send forth.  

"Then tell me that you have doubt, fear, human questioning in your world. It will be time for you to put those things aside, for they are indeed childish.  It is time for the fullness of the Christ to come forth in Fearlessness, in the steadfast determined will that is the Power of God, that is the Wisdom and that is the Love of God going forth to accomplish all that is the requirement of your lifestream.

"How do you think Ascended Masters deal with circumstances that they have to deal with when they elect to enter into such areas as the astral plane or other areas needing their assistance?  They do not back in. They move forward, looking straight way with the eyes of the Electronic Body, with the Mighty I AM Presence: 'You have no power.'  And it is done. As simple as that.  

"You cannot begin to imagine until you have worked the alchemy yourself how this Light going forth, commanded by the resolve of your own alignment with the Mighty I AM Presence, can indeed accomplish all that is required.  The Earth is in dire circumstances. You well know this. I need not tell you of the ills of the world. It requires your calls. It requires the integration with your own Christ Consciousness so that you might be more who you are to be to stop the hordes of desecration of God in their tracks, to send the Light forth that will consume that unreality, that maya, that illusion, and it will be no more.  . . . "

Beloved Ray O Light
through the Anointed Representative®, Carolyn Louise Shearer,   July 4, 2004,   Tucson, Arizona U.S.A. (2)

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  2. Ray O Light, July 4, 2004 during The Gifts of the Gods Conclave, Copyright © 2004 The Temple of The Presence®   (click here to order)

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