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Ruler of the Secret Planet that Guards the Earth

     Ruler of the Secret Planet     

Service to God in Life

  • First Public Dictation / Discourse:
    • Sunday May 9, 1954 in Santa Fe, New Mexico, U.S.A. He also spoke 3 additional times: May 10, 1954, January 22, 1956, and December 30, 1956. (1)

  • Office in Hierarchy
    • Guardian of the Earth (2)

"Your Heart Command to Life"

"Beloved Ones of the Heart of God's Love, I bring you Greetings from Far Heights. That Love, in Its Great, Protecting Presence, offers to enfold you until you feel and see Our Power in action-and the Fullness and the Reality of the Victory for which you have called-in outer physical conditions that require Our Assistance.

"In the Heart Flame of Eternal Love, My Beloved Ones of Earth, abides all of everything you could ever desire; and also abides within that Heart Flame the Power to manifest the Fulfillment of your desire, your every Heart's Desire - for yourselves, for your fellowman, for Life everywhere. I wish you to feel today the Strength, the Power, and the Victory of the Protecting Love which the people of the Light require in this hour of the changing affairs of men.

"The Protecting Love to which I refer is an Inner Action of. the Sacred Fire from both the Great Central Sun and the Secret Planet that Guards the Earth, for I assure you, as the shadows of human distress cast their appearance into the atmosphere of Earth, Our Hearts of Love offer Our Loving Protection to that which is seeking its release from human creation. And so as Our Guarding Love enfolds the Earth, intensifying Its Action of the Sacred Fire, the Inner, Secret Processes of the Great Central Sun's Command to the Earth are set into action to bring release to the Powers of Nature and the Beings of the Elements, and through that, bring release to mankind from the shadows of distress.

"If you would like to feel the Intensity of Our Guarding Love to that which is of God, your attention and Call to Us will bring the Response that will make you feel the Reality of Our Presence; and I say ‘Our’, because there are Those who come with Me who are offering Their Guarding Love at this time to all who will give any recognition to this Great Provision of Life for Assistance in the hour of the world's greatest struggle.

"When you know of Our Existence and you want to know more of Our Existence, the Call of your Heart will reach the Protecting Love within Our Sphere of Activity - the Secret Planet that Guards the Earth. It is 'secret' only from those of mankind who do not understand the Law that brings It into existence and sustains Its Love to Life. While mankind has sought through the ages for certain information concerning the Heavenly Bodies, and to some degree has recorded some manifestations, yet, My Dear Ones, you can only know the Truth of all that lives through the Heart Flame of your own Blessed I AM Presence and the Heart Flame of the Great Beings who give Their Blessing to the Earth and who are the Illumination and the Answer to the Call of your own Heart Flame.

"When the Love from your Heart comes to Us, then the Heart Flame of Our Protecting Love returns to bear to you Our Greater Love, for in Our Cosmic Service to Life, the Protecting Love of the Secret Planet that Guards the Earth is a very necessary thing for mankind's Freedom. Therefore, in the Mighty Service which your Beloved Saint Germain has given to the Earth, He stands very close in Our Hearts, for We are One with His Heart-Protecting Love to that which guards God's Freedom to the Earth and offers Its Release to suffering mankind and the imprisoned Beings of the Elements and the Powers of Nature.

"Long, long ago did He give you a slight mention of Our Existence, and there have been those who wanted to know more of Our Presence. When the Call of the Heart, the Love from the Heart of Life, calls to Us for Our Presence with you, then the Great Command of that Love must be fulfilled with the Answer that Love forever gives to the Call of the Heart. I wish you to feel today as never before the necessity for mankind to know more of the Eternal Truth, the Fiery Great Central Sun Truth concerning Our Existence, concerning Our Service to Life, concerning Our Love to Life, concerning the Gift of Ourselves to Life - that the Greater Perfection and the Fulfillment of the Divine Plan may manifest Its Blessing to those who have passed the way of Earth.

"The Heart Command to Life cannot be denied, and therefore, when the Mighty I AM Presence in the Great Central Sun speaks Its Heart Command to the Earth, then All that is offers Its Assistance for the Loving Protection of that which is seeking its Freedom into the next Octave - the Ascended Masters' Realm of Life. Therefore, Those who guard the Power of Loving Protection in Its Projection and Radiation to the Earth are the Life Streams who answer the Call of the Heart in each human being. When the Heart Call comes to Us, the Heart Call of Our Octave answers Its Own, and so when We offer Our Loving Protection to that which is of the Light throughout the world, you will find Us very Real! You will find and feel Our Power very tangible; and if you so desire, you may know Us in a very wonderful, wonderful way that might seem to the outer world a ‘secret way’, but to the Heart Flame there are no secrets. For I repeat to you what I said in the beginning: within the Heart Flame of Life is All you could ever desire the rest of Eternity. Within the Heart Flame of Life is all the Power of Manifestation to create worlds and systems of worlds and sustain and expand their Happiness forever. You cannot be happy without the Love of these Great Transcendent Beings who govern the Universe around you. You cannot even survive on this Earth without the Love of Those in the Ascended Masters' Octave of Life.

"So the more you know of the Heart Flame of God's Love, the more you will enter into the Secret Place of the Most High, wherein abides the Power to manifest what you will and give Its Unlimited Happiness, forever expanding to all the Universe around you. Therefore, Our Guarding Love is that which the people of this Nation require to keep them disconnected from the destructive forces that seek to connect with them in order to destroy them. Since the United States of America is the Heart Flame to the Earth, then the Guarding Love which "/ AM" from the Secret Planet that Guards the Earth must come to the Assistance of the Nation and intensify the Sacred Fire within her borders to hold the Protection of that which is of God.

"The hour is at hand when the Mighty Powers that watch this world are joining the Heart Flame in each one to release Its Cosmic Action and Loving Protection to those who seek the Light and call to the Heart of Love for Assistance. Those who come under My Direction, Those who are My Legions of Love to the Earth, are the Heart Command to Life, My Beloved Ones, and I wish you to feel Their Reality and Their Love to you that brings Protection in and around you for certain activities that must be held within the Heart Flame of Immortal Love in order to fulfill the Great Divine Plan, and let each Heart go forth and expand the Freedom of Perfection.

"If you dwell within the Heart Flame of Our Loving Protection, you will learn much concerning Our Existence, Our Service to the Earth, and Our Power to dissolve the shadows of distress when that which is not of Love seems to appear. And since the outer world knows naught of Our Existence, there are many Powers you may have as you recognize Us and use the Secret Power of Our Heart's Command to Life in your daily affairs, in the affairs of your Nation, and in the affairs of the world. The Secret Power of Our Hearts' Command to Life is yours, My Loved Ones, if you wish Our Assistance. (applause -audience rising) Thank you, Precious Ones. Won't you be seated, please.

"Now I wish you to understand that Our Hearts' Command to Life is the Sacred Fire that has made Our Planet a Sun, and by the giving of Our Loving Protection to the Earth, Our Sun grows greater; and so when you understand what the Heart Command to Life means, you set It into action to fill your world with the Sun Presence of ever-expanding Blessing and Happiness and Perfection to Life everywhere. You will not be concerned with the shadows or the mistakes or the limitations of those around you. You will remember your Divine Command to yourself. You will remember your Divine Source. You will remember your duty to Life to forever command that the Loving Protection from the Heart of Creation is forever flowing through you to bless all that is constructive and to raise it to greater Perfection. Therefore, your Heart's Command to Life will be the release of Its Protecting Love, that your own Heart Flame, your Heart Command to Life, may expand the Sun Presence of your Beloved I AM Presence and let the Fullness of Its Cosmic Power in Eternal Action produce Manifestation in and around you that glorifies your Presence, the ‘Beloved I AM’ forever.

"When you understand that the Heart Flame in each one and Its Heart Command to Life is the Great Central Sun's Expanding Power in you to compel Perfection into manifestation, then everything you desire in this world can become manifest to you through the Heart Command of your own Heart Flame of your "Beloved I AM Presence." I say again, in the Heart Flame and Its Command to Life is All of everything you can ever desire the rest of Eternity, and is All the Power you require to manifest the Perfection that brings Ever-expanding, Boundless Joy to all that is. Your Loving Protection then to your own Commands that are to go forth and fulfill the Divine Plan needs to be recognized and charged into your affairs, and when you dwell constantly in the Heart Command to Life, Love takes Dominion of Its Own, and Its Loving Protection ever increases the Radiance of the Sun about you, and shadows can no longer approach.

"So the Secret Planet that Guards the Earth has many Secrets within Its Heart Flame and Heart Command to Life that are yours for the asking, and that in Our Release to you of the use of those Powers, Our Sun becomes a Greater Sun, and you each become a Sun, and in ever expanding that Loving Protection to that which is of God, your Sun Presence takes Its Dominion, fills the world about you with Its Perfection, and Freedom is automatically yours. The limitations and the remembrance of their distress can no longer reach your consciousness as you make up your minds to be a Sun Presence of Our Loving Protection to Life, and Our Heart Command from the Secret Planet that Guards the Earth, that It may surge into all around you and command God's Perfection to express with Loving Control everywhere.

"Oh try to understand, sometime each day, a little more deeply what the Heart Command of the Heart Flame in your own bodies means to you, means to the world, and means to the Universe. I have many more Secrets to tell you, but if I bring you one each time and you make it your own, and I see the Sun expanding of the Secret I have given, I will call again and give you another. (applause) Thank you, Precious Ones.

"So at present you need, most of all, the Loving Protection of the Secret Planet that Guards the Earth. May Its Invincible Power at your Call enter into you and your affairs and stand about you as the Invisible Power through which that which is of the shadows cannot reach you nor distress you, nor interfere with that which you wish to accomplish. In the Service which We give and the Love which I AM to Life, there will always come whatever you require to fulfill your Heart Command to Life; and so may Its Guarding Protection, Its Guarding Love, rather, and Its Invincible Protection and Its Heart Command establish around you the Secret Control of the atmosphere in which you move, so that that which is of the destructive activities of mankind will not know what abides within and will be unable to penetrate or interfere with Our Power to the Earth.

"When We envelop the Earth in Our Heart Command to Life and Our Loving Protection, It is so intense in Its Almighty Concentration and Power from the Great Central Sun that It just enters in and is in Full Control wherever you abide. May you feel Our Presence deeply and call everything you desire from the Secret Planet that Guards the Earth into your own affairs to guard all that will bless this world with the Fulfillment of the Great Divine Plan whose Heart Flame of Love is soon to take Its Dominion through the mankind of Earth, and close the door on the shadows until those shadows can no longer exist anywhere.

"Today the Secret Planet that Guards the Earth sheds Its Radiance and Living Flame in greater concentration and Cosmic Command around all that comes under the Direction of your Beloved Mighty Saint Germain and the Family of His Heart. His Heart has loved you so long! His Heart Command for your Freedom has brought you thus far in the Light, thus far to your Freedom; and now Our Hearts' Command to Life shall clothe you in Our Loving Protection to give you greater Strength and greater Assistance to enable everything He desires to come into action and move over the face of the Earth That which must perfect and cleanse all. We love Him for His Courage and Strength through the many, many long centuries when He loved and loved and loved mankind and they would not listen. Today I am pleading His Cause, and My Love comes to serve Him, to serve those He loves, and to be the Loving Guard of His Work that is culminating into the Power that must take Its Dominion everywhere throughout the world! . . . "

Ruler of the Secret Planet
through the Messenger, Edna Ballard,   May 9, 1954   Santa Fe, New Mexico, U.S.A. (2)

  1. "I AM" Ascended Master Dictation List (Schaumburg, Illinois: Saint Germain Press Inc., 1995) © Copyright Saint Germain Foundation
  2. Ruler of the Secret Planet, May 9, 1954 The Voice of the "I AM"®, , March 1993, pages 5 - 13   (Schaumburg, Illinois: Saint Germain Press Inc., 1993), © Copyright Saint Germain Foundation   (click here to order)

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