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Service to God in Life

  • Also known as:
    • Spokesman for the Five Dhyani Buddhas
    • "Diamond Being"
    • Bodhisattva of Purification

  • First Public Dictation / Discourse:
    • June 28, 1993 (1)

"I ask you: What fragment of the whole body of the Teaching of the Law, of the Great Dharma, of your own Causal Body, beloved, would you now say is the prescription for the opening of the mind and the heart of one who has been in a state of doggedly following a materialistic civilization and way of life for God knows how long?

"Yes, people can change in the twinkling of an eye. People can change in a moment's insight when they see an event happening, when they have a sudden revelation, perhaps through a motion picture, a book or a scene of people interacting.

"Yes, beloved, in a moment through a point of Light, the very right point of Light, souls may be awakened, they may be quickened, they may come to a deep realization because you are the catalyst! You are the catalyst — not necessarily knowing in your outer consciousness but always following the inner guidance and the inner direction that says: 'Yes, give this little something to that one. Give this little something to another.' And suddenly, someone's world turns around, someone's world is changed.

"O beloved, take out of your pocket that precious tool that is called ingenuity, ingenuity, and think of something that applies so immediately to the situation at hand that it will reach that one who is in a state of despondency. . . . "

Beloved Vajrasattva
through the Messenger, Elizabeth Clare Prophet,     June 28, 1993,   Royal Teton Ranch, Park County, Montana, U.S.A. (1)

Ascended Masters

Vajrasattva is known as the "Bodhisattva of Purification", Vajrasattva represents the highest expression of the enlightened mind. Vajrasattva [Sanskrit, lit. "Diamond Being"] embodies the Qualities of the Five Secret Rays, the Five Elements, and the Five Personalities of the Five Dhyani Buddhas. He is the synthesis of the Five and has the Attainment of the Five. Therefore, each time you see mentioned the Five Dhyani Buddhas, their Virtues and antidotes to the five poisons, remember that the Sixth Aspect is the synthesis of the Five through Vajrasattva.

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Great Central Sun Angels

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