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Messages of Love to Mother Teresa

     Mother Theresa     

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Our most sincere condolences on the loss of a saint. Now, more than ever, must we remember her teachings, and pray for love and peace on Earth. Amen

St. Matthew's College, Argentina   ([email protected])

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A truly great soul has left this earth. Dear Mother Teresa, recommend us all to God as I know you will. You shall be sorely missed.
Love,   S.

Sister Samantha   ([email protected])

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I could not believe my ears this morning ..... no more suffering, Mother Teresa has taken our hurts and earthly troubles to God by special invitation to His Kingdom to watch over us all. I found your site only one or two hours after Mother Teresa's earthy departure this morning. I hope you do not mind, but I found it to be so wonderful I wanted to share it right away. White Light and Blessings to all.

Clarisse   ([email protected])

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We are very sorry to hear of the death of Mother Teresa. My wife and I went to mass this evening in her rememberance. May God bless her and place her in a very high position in Heaven. Her work will never be duplicated. God bless all.

Tom & Ann De Hoff, Cheyennne, Wyoming USA   ([email protected])

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Let God bless you for this wonderful page for Mother Teresa. We were born in sin, but she is right: We were created to be saints. She was holy and she is sitting now on the right hand of Jesus Christ. Alleluia. Amen.

B.C.   ([email protected])

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As we are all already aware a great soul has passed from the Earth this week. The press has given considerable attention to the death and funeral of Lady Diana Spencer and only scant attention has been given to Mother Teresa, but that is the way she would have wanted it.

She was a humble woman of humble origin who lived her life for others. She based her life on ideas and ideals from past times; works of charity, self-sacrifice and caring for the sick and downtrodden. Her good works have been too numerous to mention. She lived a long, hard life devoted to the poorest most forgotten people on this planet, and like many of us was a proponent of homeopathy.

It is indeed ironic (or perhaps appropriate) that Mother Teresa and Lady Di will be forever linked in passing: one was short, the other tall; one plain, the other elegant; one poor, one rich; a long life, a short life. Indeed Lady Di was the princess of the entire world and championed charitable causes by her fame. Through her all of us were a little more noble. Mother Teresa was the world's Saint for our time and through her we were each a little more saintly. The gaps that are left by the passing of these women are going to be difficult to fill.

Joe Golando   ([email protected])

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It was shocking to know about death of Mother Teresa. We feel that we have lost one of the finest human beings in the world, and we feel that we have become orphans. We pray to Almighty God for her and may her soul rest in peace. It's a loss to the entire world.

Farooq Abdullah & Family   ([email protected])

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A very well made page to a very incredible person. Thanks.

Murugan Pandian   ([email protected])

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It is very sad to hear that Mother Theresa has died. She was a great follower of God. She loved everyone. She took care of so many sick and dying people. I call her a saint. It just's sad that she died.

[email protected]

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Prayers and offerings of rememberance will be shared in our homily on our first Cathechismal Day of Mass for our Religious Education Class Program which begins on September 21, 1997. As Asst. Director of Our Sunday School Classes, I will ask for a moment of silence for both Mother Teresa and Princess Diana, and share words of inspiration from both these historic and wonderful examples of Christ's Teachings. May God Bless all those they touched!

CAS, Holy Trinity Church, Nanticoke, PA USA   ([email protected])

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What can we say that millions have not already said. Our thoughts, prayers and admiration are with the greatest woman to live in modern time.

Jim & Nancy Edgar   ([email protected])

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Please forward my condolences to all of the sisters in Calcutta. If anybody ever deserves to be remembered forever, it is her.

Oktavia Carstarphen, Attorney at Law + Mediator   ([email protected])

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To the Dearest Mother Teresa, Your Spirit will be in all man's hearts. May the Higher Hands bring you to the best place in Heaven.

Albert Wong   ([email protected])

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We are wrong to speak of Diana as a "saint," as even her own brother said yesterday. We speak of Mother Teresa as a saint because we must look up to observe her work - we have to stretch our belief and test our faith to even comprehend such selfless devotion to those unnoticed, untouched, and unloved by others.

But we see that by so doing, as you've noted, we are all elevated, and encouraged to find some forgiveness in human frailty by virtue of one woman's work and model. She was a model of everything that Diana was not ... she was not a fashion model, nor an aristocrat, a royal, or the mother of a future king.

Mother Teresa and Princess Diana

Diana, Lady Spenser and Princess of Wales, we must remember as well because she rose like a phoenix, used and consumed by her station to the extent of great sadness, disappointment, and loneliness, to give her energy, like Mother Teresa, to highlighting those who suffer, to the extent of taking on as her last mission the political dynamite of landmines and the terrible human toll they take on civilian populations, the awful legacy of human maiming and crippled economics of landscape. It is a landscape that can not be safely occupied until each and every landmine is located and safely detonated.

These people who are trying to reclaim their lives in landscape littered with landmines have never had a public voice until now. There are millions of them in many parts of the world. Landmines are still being made and sold. It has been said that this is a "sophisticated" matter that should not have been made into a charitable mission by Diana, who could not have understood the complexities of military matters and the aftermath of occupation and its political aspects. Yet here is a weapon which is not carried away after conflict. It is as insidious and persistent as types of warfare which have been banned under global terms of engagement, such as biological warfare. What a great work she has done at her very last. Yes, she is a heroine.

There are many ironies in the deaths of these two women. One died the quiet, peaceful death we wish for those who suffer long and quietly in devotion to duty. The other died in a violent accident, hounded by her own best tool, the media. .... Yes, she was a tragic heroine with an "Achilles heal" - she wanted romantic love, and *in* this she died. But she did not pine away her days in a tower waiting and wishing. She seized the day and used it with full knowledge and power of human suffering which perhaps could only be illustrated so dramatically by one who had it all and yet had to face that she had nothing if not love. Having realized love in her sons and her blood family, she went on to see it all over the world, and if she seemed to work tirelessly to look elegant and to be loved in these charitable missions, as her brother said so well, it was not out of pompous self-adoration, but out of transcendence of such emptiness and in the rebound of flying into the arms of humanity.

Yes, we will always link these two ladies in their lives because of their humanitarianism and their close deaths, the Saint and the Heroine. Media coverage did indeed favor the worldly royalty of one over the spiritual inheritance of the other, but only magnifies them both for the good. Now that we have somewhat satiated ourselves on the images of sadness, we will never forget how the world wept for its heroine, one who was so human that so many found some article of faith in her many struggles...and we will never forget the week and the day that so many acknowledged her passing and affirmed her work. How can it matter if our path, like hers, is riddled with frailty and fault, rather than straight and narrow with the rare devotion and focus of Mother Teresa's path. Diana has left us a mission; to remove landmines from the pathways of the world, to remove judgement and fear from our hearts, to embrace the love of humanity. What a crowning touch! In this she and Mother Teresa, and the little saint in each of us, are one.

Etta B Dickerson, Virginia Beach, VA USA   ([email protected])

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Mother Teresa has been a light to this world. She has been an example to show that giving is a part of our life. We are one family. Pray that her soul rest in peace. Indeed she is a wonderful mother to this world.

Mohana Merry, University of Malaya   ([email protected])

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Thank you for the tribute to Mother Teresa. And thank God for all people to work to carry on with the work that she started.

"Create in me a clean heart, O God; and renew a right spirit within me. Cast me not away from Thy Presence; and take not Thy Holy Spirit from me. Restore unto me the joy of Thy salvation; and uphold me with Thy free Spirit." -- Psalm 51:10-12

William Dixon   ([email protected])

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We would like to send our deepest regrets for the death of Mother Teresa. It is more an expression of sadness for the world which won't be the same in her absence.

Ladan Esfahani, Nicholas Genever   ([email protected])

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I had the good fortune of working with Mother at Missionaries of Charity's New Bombay Project with title,"Home for the sick, dying and the destitutes". My family also had the rare fortune of meeting her. I worked in New Bombay for 12 years and have now migrated to Australia in the year 1995. I had written to Mother on many occasions and in spite of her busy schedule she always replied and said kind words about me. Her words have become guiding principles of in my life.

We heard the shocking news of Mother's death and have still not recovered from the shock. We cannot easily cope with this great loss. We join you, Missionaries of Charity and millions of others who loved her in praying that her soul may rest in peace in Heaven. We have this great task in continuing her work.

Some of her words which I remember always are:

"Feel often during the day the need for prayer and pray. Prayer opens the heart, till it is capable of containing God Himself. Ask and seek and your heart will be big enough to receive Him and keep Him as Your Own.

The fruit of silence is prayer.
The fruit of prayer is faith.
The fruit of faith is love.
The fruit of love is service.
The fruit of service is peace.

Make us worthy, Lord, to serve our fellow men throughout the world, who live and die in poverty and hunger. Give them today, through our hands, their daily bread and through our understanding love, give peace and joy.

Prayer from Saint Francis

Lord, make me a channel of Your Peace,
that where there is hatred, I may bring Love.
Where there is wrong, I may bring the Spirit of Forgiveness.
Where there is discord, I may bring Harmony.
Where there is error, I may bring Truth.
Where there is doubt, I may bring Faith.
Where there is despair, I may bring Hope.
Where there are shadows, I may bring Light.
And where there is sadness, I may bring Joy.
Lord, grant that I may comfort, rather than to be comforted;
that I may understand, rather than to be understood;
that I may love, rather than to be loved.
For it is by forgetting self, that one finds it.
It is by forgiving, that one is forgiven.
It is by dying that one awakens to eternal Life.

Prayer for Peace

Lead me from death to life,
from lies to truth
Lead me from despair to hope
from fear to trust
Lead me from hatred to love
from war to peace
Let peace fill our heart, our world, our universe
... peace, peace, peace.

Prayer for the Holy Spirit

Breathe in me, O Holy Spirit, that my thoughts my all be holy
Act in me, O Holy Spirit, that my work too may be holy
Draw my heart, O Holy Spirit, that I love but what is holy
Strengthen me, O Holy Spirit, to defend all that is holy
Guide me then, O Holy Spirit, that I always may be holy.

"You Did It To Me"

"When I was hungry, you gave Me to eat.
When I was thirsty, you gave Me to drink.
Whatsoever you did to the least of your brethren, you did it to Me.
Come and enter the house of My Father.
When I was a stranger, you opened your doors.
When I was naked, you gave Me clothes.
When I was tired, you gave Me peace
When I was frightened, you calmed Me down.
When I was small, you taught Me to read.
When I was lonely, you gave Me your love.
I was in prison, you visited Me.
I was sick, and you took care of Me.
In a strange country, you gave Me a home.
When I had no job, you found Me one.
When I was wounded, you took care of Me.
Looking for friendship, you gave Me your hand.
Whether I was black, or white or yellow, mocked at or insulted,
you carried My cross.
When I was old, you smiled at Me.
When I couldn't find peace, you brought it to Me.
You saw Me: full of spit and blood; dirty with sweat,
still you said you knew Me.
You were on My side in times of despise.
In the hour of joy, we were together."

My family and I wish to share your grief and wish to assure you that we would play our parts in contributing to the work of the Missionaries of Charity. God Bless the Missionaries of Charity and all those associated with them.

M.Ramesh Kumar   ([email protected])

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"I see God in every human being. When I wash the leper's wounds, I feel I am nursing the Lord himself. Is it not a beautiful experience?"     Mother Teresa

Amazing how certain individuals have the ability to instigate compassion in us. It is almost as if they have the ability to remind us of our true nature as spirits experiencing life in the form of human beings.

For me, she was that beacon that would guide me back to the saftey of certitude when life would become too confusing. I will sorely miss her.

Albrik   ([email protected])

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The Newman and Lawrence family of Widhoek wish to express their sincerest condolences for the loss of the Order and the people of the world of a woman that has been an individual that has made a difference in the turmoil of the world.

Franklin Newman   ([email protected])

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I am saddened by the death of Mother Theresa. The world is left poorer in a way that the death of Princess Diana could never have left it. Whenever I hear people compare the two women I want to scream: they are not my words, but the words of a caller on a radio talk show that say it best: Diana used her greatness for goodness, but Mother Theresa's goodness is what made her great. I am sure that if I had a chance to have an hour talking with either of these two women, I would have wanted to spend it with Mother Theresa. I look forward to meeting her at the Lord's Great Feast.

Kathryn Mary Schmidt Dillon, Stevens, PA USA   ([email protected])

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We have just enjoyed reading and listening to the music about Mother Teresa. What a wonderful tribute to her!

Martin and Rose Therese Cecil   ([email protected])

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My prayers and condolences go out to the people of the world. Her death was a very large loss in all fields of her endeavors. She was a living Saint and now will be a Saint in Heaven with our dear Lord. Her works will never be forgotten and I hope it continues even though she can't be here in this world. God Bless and keep all in His prayers and love.

Frances June Freeland, Gallatin, TN USA   ([email protected])

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We would like to give testimony of the emptiness that we feel in receiving the news of the death of Mother Teresa. Wonderful souls as hers fill this world so rarely. We will miss her light, her force, her love. We will never be able to be as her, to imitate her. We thank God to have given this joy to us, to have given us the means of meeting her and the joy of her life. With all our hearts, we will pray for her - as we are sure she is doing for all humanity.

Antonella Molvetti, Francesca Jovane, Daniela Piragine, Cinzia Di Blasi   ([email protected])

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Mother Teresa is a model for us all!

[email protected]

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We'll remember you forever, Mother!

Nur Jihan bte Jamil   ([email protected])

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Thanks Mother for your life and your example of extraordinary solidarity to the poorest. You will be always in our hearts.

Katarzyna and Sandro from Bovolenta (Pd) Italy   ([email protected])

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Please accept our condolences to Mother Teresa, and Patty and I would like to leave you with a thought of an unknown author which we feel is appropriate. It reads as follows: "Some people come into our lives & quickly go. Some stay for awhile & leave footprints on our hearts and we are never the same." She was a very special person to all of us and she will be missed dearly.

Joe and Patty Graul   ([email protected])

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I feel very sad for the death of Mother Teresa. After her, the world will never be the same. May God bless her soul.

Antoine Alexandros   ([email protected])

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Mother Teresa,
Thank you for the many gifts you gave my family and me. May you know, now, the peace of Jesus you sought so faithfully.

Mark Hierholzer   ([email protected])

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Mother Teresa, I hope that the small things I do with some people can be the right thing, and I hope that it pleases you.

Marbi   ([email protected])

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Thank you, God, for the example Mother Teresa showed to all of us in this world.

Lena Kwapinski   ([email protected])

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Here is a nice tribute to a sweet person that should be shared.


While others speak of 'works'
And her earthly 'sainting',
I will speak of "angels",
And try to form 'a painting'.

I see her in the heavens
In regal residence,
An everlasting address:
"Divine Providence".

She's earned a special spot
In that Holy Place ...
Humility and labored-love
Etched upon her face.

A little, 4 ft. lady,
Much 'bigger than her size':
Beautiful things are sometimes 'small'
And sometimes in disguise.

"Thank You, Mother Teresa",
For humane sacrifice.
Enjoy eternal peace
In God's Paradise.

Joan Phyllis / September 12, 1997
Submitted by [email protected]

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Our deepest sympathy to the Sisters on the passing of Mother Teresa. One of God's Divine Lights has gone home. Rest in peace.

Leona & Isabelle Ezekiel   ([email protected])

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The loss of Mother Teresa was a very big surprise to me, but I am positive ahe is no longer hurting, because she is with her Father. Mother Teresa was a very amazing woman, and she will always be remembered in our hearts!
With Love and condolences,

Cathy Beebe   ([email protected])

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The world has lost one of the greatest servants of God in this century. She was one magnificent lady and now she will be in Heaven with God, Jesus, The Holy Spirit, Mary and all the Angels and Saints. My aunt visited her and her monastery in Calcutta about six months ago, to deliver nitroglycerine patches for her heart, and I am planning to write a prayer in her memorial and sending it to the Vatician. I am hoping that when she is canonized, the Pope will use my prayer for the Roman Catholic prayer to Saint Mother Theresa of Calcutta. Now, I say to Mother Theresa that you were a great servant to God, and I love you and will miss you!!!

Judy   ([email protected])

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FAREWELL to a great woman - you will be missed. I am going to try to live a better life in rememberence of you.

Anonymous   [email protected]

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I was sad to hear that one of the greatest saints that ever lived is now with GOD above. Her work was remarkable and really reflected the love of Christ. It was so sincere and from the heart that looking at it is enough to make anyone cry aloud for her passing. Still, the fact that she is now with GOD really makes up for the sadness - as now GOD can look after her and keep her beside HIM. May GOD's perpetual light shine upon her as she rests in peace.

kiasujp   ([email protected])

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To our dear Mother,
You will always be in our hearts. Thank you for showing us the way. God bless you forever. I will work for you, for God, and for the God within me and within my neighbor. As I grow up, I know you will be with me. For many, you will forever be, simply, our Mother.

Christine Thiering   ([email protected])

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Thank you for the tribute to Mother Teresa. She greatly deserves it. In my opinion, she is the most influential person in history. She helped those in need and prayed for everyone. May she rest in peace forever and ever!!

Kelly Holub   ([email protected])

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My greatest condolences to Mother Theresa. Being so young, she still made the greatest impact on my life.
With much love,

Alyssa, age 14   ([email protected])

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Mother Theresa, help me to help the poor, and to see Christ in all people. Lead me in the mission God has for me on this earth. Help me that I will not waste time in serving Him, whereever He may be calling me. I know God has already crowned you with Sainthood, and that your prayers before Him are powerful. You are an inspiration to many, may you continue your work on the earth from heaven.

Lou Grass   ([email protected])

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I love you Mother Teresa.

Joseph Lore   ([email protected])

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Mother Teresa is such a loving person and it is a shame she is dead. At least we know she is in heaven. We can learn so much from her and we all should.

Joseph Jednak   ([email protected])

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Angel Ruiz   ([email protected])

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Mother Teresa, I say a prayer for you; for in the deepest reaches of my soul you taught me the Love of our Creator is true. The cord you touch inside my soul has no words but sings the song of Love. I thank you for standing in the Light and loving souls for who they are, no matter what faith, race, or gender. I pray that you have all the things that make you happy for eterity, for you made so many happy while you were here with us. I love you.

A Ho   ([email protected])

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Mother Teresa was a role model for us all. I think God sent her down to do what she did. I think we should all try to be like Mother Teresa, because then the world would be a little better. I think God sends us all on a mission to be as Christ-like as we can. We will miss you Mother Teresa!

Eizey   ([email protected])

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I think Mother Teresa is wonderful. She saved lives all around the world. In my opinion she is a hero. So Mother Teresa if you're listening, you're my hero!!!!!!!!


Victoria Najera   ([email protected])

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We send our love and best wishes to the Missionaries of Charity, and hope and pray they will carry on the work started by Mother Teresa.

Love from Kelly Brennan               

Kelly Brennan   ([email protected])

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You were an asset to this world. You gave many hope, and let them see the Light. I am grateful for this. Thank you.

George Neville   ([email protected])

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She is so great that when she was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize she informed the committee to cancel the banquet and use the money to feed the hungry of the world!! No one has ever done that again as no one can love like her. She is the very definition of Peace. Works of love are works of peace.

George Bliss   ([email protected])

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May it please God to raise up more saintly people on earth like Mother Teresa. Her toil is over, may she rest in the arms of our God.

Caddy Medford, Barbados, West Indies   ([email protected])

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Mother Teresa was a loving, caring, honest person. May her love be shared by others.

Ana, Sam and Nicole 14yrs   ([email protected])

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Mother Teresa was surely directed by God. I heard her interviewed on radio. At the end of the interview the announcer told Mother Teresa he was certain many listeners would like an address because they would want to send her money. She refused to give an address and ask for money. She simply told him that those who wish to send her money seem to find her somehow. Words are useless to describe her. She was love, she was humility, she was a saint.

J. Glea   ([email protected])

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I am only a young child, and I'm doing a project about Mother Teresa, and I have learned so much. She was an incredible person, that followed God's words to her. It is very sad to know she has passed away — but very happy to know that she's in a place that the love she gave is being returned to her. She's in heaven with her Lord. She devoted her whole life in serving God, the poor. For the poor are God.

Claire Mortera   ([email protected])

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Mother Teresa, though I am only young and haven't known you very long, the moment I heard about you, you touched me. I was especially touched when I read about a time when you were picking the maggots off a dying man in the streets of Calcutta when a man walked past and said "I wouldn't do that for a million dollars!" and you said "neither would I!" From then on I knew just how dedicated you were in what you did. I am sorry that you had to die, but if God wants you in heaven then you will answer his call as you always have. I will always remember you and that you touched so many people in your life (including mine). Goodbye Mother Teresa and may you always be remembered.

From A.J.B, aged 13   ([email protected])

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My feeling of Mother Teresa are that she was a Saint on Earth and I always wanted to meet her. I always wonder how can a person be so unselfish. The poor were her children. She is truly still with me and always will be my hero.

Iris Kowalski   ([email protected])

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                 The Beauty of the Century

Her frail petite body betrays power within.
Her eyes look so cloudy, but see souls having sin.
The skin that's so weathered and furrowed so deep,
Has a softness and beauty that is hers for to keep.

Her nose though not lovely, on a small narrow face,
Can sense need and despair any time any place.
But her real glory lies deep within her own being,
And is well worth the effort of all mankind seeing.

For the Mother Teresa who's beauty is love,
Can only be judged by the Power above.

Your love and kindness are now part of history for all of us to imitate. We thank you.

Pamela Wagner, Stow, Ohio   ([email protected])

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                 THERE’S AN ANGEL ON THE WAY




Franko, September 5, 1998  ([email protected])

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                 Angel Among Us

Around and around the world she did go.
Wherever she stops the people do know
About the old lady that's as good as gold.
Deeds she did for both the young and the old.
She helped people out with no fuss because,
An Angel among us, that's what she was.
Her life began in August 1910.
The world would never be the same again.
The sick and homeless were all in her hands,
She was there to help all across the lands.
To give God's love to the poorest of poor,
If you were in need, she was at your door.
To the home for the dying, they did come,
And were calmed till death by a gentle hum
Of peace and happiness that she brought.
For you are loved by God, that's what she taught.
A home for the babies was started next,
When her deeds began to go down in text.
It wasn't just the houses she founded,
Her voice about abortion she sounded.
The Nobel Peace Prize she received
For the many things that she did achieve.
To all that she met she became a friend,
The memories of her will never end.
Like a dove she soared, though she had no wings,
A song of hope for the helpless she sings.
Mother Theresa, Angel among us,
Because of her people will feel God's Love.

Brandi Hamm, April 12, 1999  ([email protected])

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Mother Teresa of Calcutta
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Placed on the Internet in 1997 to honor God's Love as expressed in the life of Mother Teresa.

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