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Corona Class Lessons

by Jesus and Kuthumi

through Mark L. Prophet and Elizabeth Clare Prophet

The Lost Teachings of Jesus are being shouted from the housetops!


Let the disciples of the Lord who have sat at His feet join Him and His beloved Francis to deliver to His own these precious dictations that enable the soul to make contact with the great truths of her immortal Being in God.

Let their 48 Corona Class Lessons lead you step by step up the Mount of Transfiguration as you learn with Peter, James and John the mystery of the Lord's Transfiguration - and your own.

Then take up the Lord's Mantle whereby he empowers you to preach His Lost Teachings to the world.

Yes, the Teachings are meant to be taught, God-taught, by each one who has drunk from the cup of the Savior. Hearts reach out to you who know the true meaning of His life and mission. They call to you to teach them the way of personal Christhood - the Path of Love that freely gives to all the living Bread which is come down to us from Heaven today.

The supreme joy of reading Jesus' own words after one has studied at His Inner Retreat, of finding His Teachings dictated to the Messengers Mark and Elizabeth Prophet - and of entering the Heart of Saint Francis - is beyond many a soul's hope for comfort and enlightenment in this life. Yet here it is - the most profound, the most essential knowledge about yourself, so needed by seekers for Christ's healing Truth, made simple and practical for everyone - even a child can understand it!

Let Jesus and Kuthumi open your understanding of the Divine Doctrine and show you how to face and conquer life with the Spirit of Christ's Victory, even as you show others how to prepare for the Lord's coming - bodily into their temple - with the Holy Spirit and His saints.

Corona Class Lessons -

written especially for you

who will not rest until you shout the Everlasting Gospel from the housetops and teach men the Way. all the way Home to God - with Jesus "my Savior".

"Psst . . . Come, we must not be late," your Angel Escort whispers. "Saint Francis is speaking of his conversion to Christ through Mother Poverty and the Nature Kingdom and of how the Love of God which burned in his heart was the key to his oneness with all life.

"Come, let us fly to the House of the Lord beyond the mountains of the Holy Land where many are gathered to hear the Corona Class Lessons taught by Jesus and Kuthumi.

It's a Spiritual Retreat . . .

               . . . for those who would teach men the Way."

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