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Praise Your Diamond Self

by Edna Ballard

All great, illumined minds agree that the God-Self in each of us is Free, All-Powerful, All-Knowing, and everywhere present; that It is our Life in all Its Good, True and Harmonious Impulses and is therefore - Perfection.

One would think that when we give this subject our attention, we would all realize as self-evident fact that It is the most important part of us and, therefore, should receive the major portion of our time, energy, and effort. Yet, many there are who never devote any particular thought, time or attention to the only Source from which our happiness comes. Too often we fail to think of our Source or inquire into the Laws governing our lives and affairs until some problem, more than ordinarily troublesome, demands solution.

The greatest things in the universe are done in absolute silence. Nature, when she accomplishes her greatest marvels, works in silence.

The Diamond Self has been referred to as "The Voice of the Silence." It sounds like a paradox perhaps, yet it is absolutely true. If each of us would take a few moments several times a day, sit quietly and listen to the silence inside of our own bodies, we would receive much rest and illumination with very little effort.

If, during our moments of inward contemplation, we thank, praise and bless our Diamond Self for the many good things we are receiving every moment, or if we just give praise for the good there is in each experience as we pass through it, we would be astonished at the increase in the blessings we will attract into our lives. The Bible says that: " . . . the scepter shall not depart from Judah," and Judah means praise.

Praise keeps the human self in an attitude of expansion, for it is a giving out, which opens the way for the Diamond Self to pour forth the gifts of the Kingdom. Love, praise, and blessings are the tao, or pathway over which the Diamond Self sends Its glories into manifestation. It is the magnet which sends down into the individualized consciousness, the Perfection of the Absolute. Service, when lovingly given, is also a magnet to make Heaven manifest on earth. As the Diamond Self has manifested a form for each of us, through which to pour out Its perfection, let us every day give It at least as much time and attention as we do to the eating of our meals.

If we decide to get an education along any particular line in the physical world, or the without, let us try to give at least a third as much time to educating and attuning our human self to the receiving of instruction and illumination from the within. This is most easily accomplished through love, praise, and the expression of gratitude to the Diamond Self. A little continued practice will convince the most skeptical of the practical side of this effort. The lawyer spends many years, giving all his time every day, to the study of what we call human law. The psychologist gives much the same amount of time and energy to the study of trying to understand the laws under which the human mind operates. In school, we are taught the laws of this, that and the other physical operation.

Let us consider what the same amount of time and energy devoted to getting acquainted with our Diamond Self will do for us. One hour each day, say thirty minutes in the morning and thirty minutes in the evening, in love, adoration, praise and communion with our Diamond Self - asking It to tell us about Itself and to illumine all things for us as we contact them each day - will bring us more permanent growth, happiness and accomplishment than any physical study we can indulge in.

Let us definitely get acquainted with our Diamond Self, which after all is the Power House of the Universe. The quickest way is through praise, love and gratitude; and for even the little that we give, we receive infinitely in return. There is no such thing as failure to the Diamond Self,

To those who comrade with the King of Kings, there is no opposition. Let us go to school once more, become as little children and be taught by Him who knows all. There will be nothing we cannot do when we have learned that He is the only Doer.

If we will dare to turn away from our sense consciousness and listen to the Voice that speaks in the silence within us, we will be living at the heart of our being. There we shall be shown and taught what never in all eternity can be learned in the world without. The Diamond Self, knowing all and having all under control, can flash to us in an instant an entire lifetime of experience. This does not mean that we should leave the outer mind unperfected by education and cultivation of the intellect. The human mind must be taught order, system and focus of the energies to a single point. It does mean, however, that we should give at least as much time and attention to that which is permanent as to that which changes.

The Diamond Self is the only Source of permanent Happiness. We are all seeking that, and he who will, may enter in and be taught by the Knower of all knowledge. Praise, love and gratitude for the good which exists in everything, will move mountains. It is the royal road to Peace, Happiness and Perfection,

As long as we give all our time, attention and energy to the little selfish self and its human desires, we have no right to expect the good things of life to be given us by the Diamond Self. Until we are willing to give this Larger Self our all, and put It first, we need never expect and have no right to ask for our Freedom and Happiness. Therefore, there is only one real Law of Life and that is: Be loyal to your Diamond Self. Praise It! Bless It! Worship It! Adore It! Put It first above all else and It will open the flood gates and pour out treasures beyond your fondest dreams. Loyalty to It is all It demands of you and me and that is no more than an ordinary businessman asks of the employees to whom he pays his money. Surely we can be as fair in our attitude to this beautiful Giver of every good and perfect gift as we are to the business world.

Therefore, praise, praise, and praise your Diamond Self during every waking moment. Experience what it means to be a child of the Emperor of the universe here and now, physically, mentally and spiritually. So shall the Kingdom of Heaven be made manifest on Earth under Grace in His Name and Service.

"Love is the greatest force in the world, and love of fellow man
is the greatest love, for to love man is to love God."

"May you be blessed with an understanding heart, for understanding is the door to Wisdom."

This article by Edna Ballard is presented here as originally published in 1930 in her privately printed newsletter from Chicago, The American Occultist, Volume 1, Number 10. She gained Immortal Freedom in the Victory of the Ascension, reuniting with Her Beloved "I AM Presence" - the "Diamond Self" - on February 12, 1971, becoming the Ascended Lady Master Lotus.

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