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Angels of Grace

by Edna Ballard

You have often heard the phrase "by the Grace of God." Do you know what it means? In a hazy kind of way, it is generally interpreted to mean goodness of God or special dispensation of God.

There is, however, the condition of Perfection upon which this present universe is modeled and which is manifesting into form from that which has no form. This is above the law of opposites and simply automatically changes everything into Itself - which is completed Perfection.

There is, during the process of manifestation from no form into form, an exact law of balance operating everywhere in creation, which not even the finest atom can escape obeying. It has been called by various names: the law of compensation, equilibrium, cause and effect, and karma, It matters not at all what we call it, so long as we understand its operation and have the good sense to adjust ourselves accordingly, working with it instead of against it.

The law of balance or karma always says that whatever we send out in thought, feeling, word or deed, we will receive back into our own experience according to the same kind and quality. This is the law of Moses, spoken of in the Bible as the law of "an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth." We are, in our human sides, the thoughts, feelings, words and acts which we have sent out to others.

Let us stop for just five minutes and look at our habitual thoughts, feelings, words, and acts concerning the people and things we contact every day and then try to realize that the human side of us is just that and no more. If we observe the world around us, even occasionally, we can find thousands of examples where we can see the cause go out and the effect come back to the very individual that sent out the cause. We will gain more good from the observation, however, if we take ourselves as the field of examination, It will show us just exactly what we are doing to ourselves every time we think, feel, speak or act. Nothing in this life goes unbalanced. That is an eternal Decree of the Source from which we all proceed.

This means, that according to the decree of the former dispensation, if we injure anyone in this life in thought, feeling, word or deed, we shall by the law of attraction, draw to ourselves that injury - and through our own soul and body will pass the like experience. This should teach us that we cannot with impunity send inharmony to anything in the universe without redeeming our creation and neutralizing or balancing every force sent out from ourselves. We all as individuals sooner or later realize that there is only one way to an harmonious, happy existence and that is through obedience to this most important of all laws.

To the individual who is sincerely trying to correct the old race habits of thought and feeling, words and deeds in himself, there comes the desire to obey this law consciously. When that happens, he is shown the way whereby he may correct his mistakes and redeem his creations immediately. In answer to the very desire within him to right the wrongs done others, his Diamond Self - the Christ within, if he will listen to Its impulse, will show him how to make the balance harmoniously. It will open the way for him to do it, if he will but listen.

This is Grace - the way whereby we keep the balance to everything in the universe, but correct our mistakes harmoniously instead of through suffering. Every human being is always shown the harmonious way to make all balance needed in his life first; but if he will not hear or will not listen, then he compels himself to balance the account with the law of equilibrium from which there is no such thing as escape.

This is why Jesus, the incarnation of Light, said: "Moses brought law, but I bring Grace." It was the conscious understanding of this application that made him also say: "My yoke is easy and my burden is Light. Come unto Me all ye that are heavy laden, and I will give you rest." These words were not idly spoken. They carry a very great sense of Freedom when understood from this viewpoint. This is also the Law of Forgiveness. When we forgive anything we give something for that thing. Then, if we call upon the Law of Forgiveness and ask to be kept under Grace, and not under karmic law, we will find a harmonious way out of every inharmonious situation. For the Diamond Self in each one of us will open the channel whereby all adjustment that is necessary can and will be made harmoniously. This is also coming back into the Father's House, and it is His good pleasure to give us the Kingdom. The Kingdom is perfect, harmonious activity, every part with every other part. This is Grace.

Again, you must turn to that Glorious Diamond Self within you for the solution of whatever problem comes into your life, if you would be free from the discord of earth, if you would manifest that dominion which you have been promised from the beginning and which is your Divine birthright and prerogative.

Even in the parlance of human law we find reference to the Grace of God - meaning again Perfection, which is the Light. Therefore, meditate upon Grace - the Light. Live under Grace and adore the Light; for You are the Light, the very throne of Grace.

"Not how much, but how perfect."

"One key will unlock the largest door."

"One word of truth carries more benefit
than a library of half truth and conjecture."

This article by Edna Ballard is presented here as originally published in her privately printed newsletter from Chicago, The American Occultist, Volume 1, Number 5, June 30, 1930. She gained Immortal Freedom in the Victory of the Ascension, reuniting with God's "I AM Presence" - the "Diamond Self", on February 12, 1971 - becoming the Ascended Lady Master Lotus.

Great Central Sun Angels

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