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The Lost Teachings of Jesus: Volume 2

by Mark L. Prophet and Elizabeth Clare Prophet

The Lost Teachings of Jesus

Somewhere in the galaxies . . . .

. . . there is a small planet. Once it was a paradise. Ages ago it became a focal point in a system-wide battle of Light and Darkness.

Aliens arrived and corrupted its lifewaves. After many centuries, a Supreme Exemplar of the Light came to expose those who personified the Darkness. And to give the inhabitants the keys to defeating them.

Many of His Teachings were written down. But after He had taken His leave, "the wicked," as He called His detractors, tampered with the Sacred Scriptures - destroying some, deleting and altering critical passages of others.

The wicked were largely successful in wiping out all traces of their evil doings - and even their identity. For centuries they wreaked havoc on an unsuspecting world, creating wars, economic catastrophes and persecutions, keeping many of the people in religious and political bondage.

But at a crucial turning point in the history of that planet, the Valiant One, watching from other dimensions, returned and gave His Lost Teachings to His Messengers. They wrote them in a book and sent it far and wide so that all those who espoused the Light would find it and save their souls and their planet.

This is not fiction. The planet is Earth. The time is now.

The Lost Teachings of Jesus, Volume Two will change forever your understanding of the life and teachings of Jesus. As never before, this volume lifts the veil on planetary history and takes you back to the lost continents of Lemuria and Atlantis - to the heights of their spiritual and scientific achievements. And to their fall.

The Prophets tell how events on those lost continents set the stage for Jesus' Mission and the real reason he was executed.

They also reveal the unseen work of the Ascended Masters, our elder Brothers and Sisters who with Jesus are the true teachers, initiators, and protectors of the children of the Light.

This volume contains the Lost Teachings Jesus gave to His disciples 2,000 years ago - and the very personal instruction he is imparting today to those whose hearts are receptive to Truth:

The Lost Teachings of Jesus, Volume Two sets forth the Everlasting Gospel dictated by the Master to His Two Witnesses for the enlightenment of an age. It is the key to the Sacred Mysteries essential to the fulfillment of your Immortal Destiny.

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The Lost Teachings of Jesus - Volume 2

The Lost Teachings of Jesus - Volume 2

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