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Archangel Michael

Archangel and Archeia             Michael the Archangel             Archangels and Archeiai
Copyright © Marius Michael-George / Contact:

Service to God in Life

  • Also known as:
    • Lord Michael
    • Prince of the Archangels
    • Archangel of the First Ray
    • Defender of the Faith

  • First Public Dictation / Discourse:
    • November 15, 1938   Philadelphia, Pennsylvania U.S.A. (3)

  • Twin Flame / Divine Complement / Twin Ray:

  • Embodied as:
    • Ruler of an ancient civilization where Chicago, Illinois is now located

  • Divine Quality
    • Protection
    • Faith
    • Will of God
    • Power
    • Omnipotence of God
    • Perfection

  • Divine Ray & Sacred Fire
    • Blue Flame
    • Blue Lightning
    • Flame of Faith
    • White and Blue Flame
    • Blue Lightning of Cosmic Christ Protection (11)

  • Office in Hierarchy
    • In response to our free will calls and decrees, Archangel Michael protects our consciousness, being, and world.
    • Focuses the Solar Consciousness of the First Ray
    • Uses the Sword of Blue Flame to cut loose and set free from psychic and astral substance, as well as from other malevolent influences, all who make the call and invoke Michael's assistance.
    • Spiritual gift of freedom from doubt and fear (11)
    • Strengthening of one's faith (11)
    • Exorcism of malevolent entities (11)
    • Inspiration for leaders (11)
    • Improvement of government (11)

  • Retreat
    • Temple of Faith and Protection, located in the etheric realm over the Canadian Rockies and over Lake Louise in Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada, and extending over the border into the United States of America. (4) (read more)

  • Angels
    • Legions of Blue Lightning Angels
    • Angels of Blue Flame
    • Angels of the Sword of Blue Flame
    • Legions of Blue Flame Angels (1)

  • Historical and Literary References:
    • Michael's Name means "Who is like God." Angel of Deliverance. Considered by all three of the major monotheistic religions, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, to be the greatest of all the Angels. Also, Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael are the only two Angels mentioned in the Old Testament by name. According to Jewish writings, Michael was considered to be the "Viceroy of Heaven", which incidentally was a title applied to the great adversary Lucifer before his fall from grace. Michael has been credited as being the angel who stayed the hand of Abraham when he was on the point of sacrificing his son Isaac. According to Louis Ginzberg in The Legends of the Jews, Vol.2, p.303, "the Fire that Moses saw in the burning bush had the appearance of Michael, who had descended from Heaven as the forerunner of the Shekinah." In the Book of Revelation 20:1, it is commonly thought that Michael is the "angel coming down from heaven, having the key of the abyss and a great chain in his hand." He is usually depicted wearing armor or chain mail and an unsheathed Sword, signifying his role as God's champion. He was described as young, strong and handsome; very huge and militant; eyes looking like pools of fire with firm, chiseled facial features. His skin was described as the "color of copper which radiates and glows from being in the Presence of God".

  • Music Keynote
    • Eternal Father, Strong to Save by Dykes (9)

Archangel Michael and Faith
Archangel Michael and Faith
Copyright © Marius Michael-George / Contact:

" . . . Know that as the Authority for the Blue Flame of the Will of God and the Protection of the Faithful, We will stand to keep that Faith with you in all areas, regardless of your outer attainment if you will allow us. The Light of God is on your side and on the side of America! Do not think for one moment that America has been weakened by this attack! America has only been strengthened. There will be the great awakening to that which has been revealed by this attack: the areas of vulnerability of the American people. We will see to it that those who can take action immediately know of these vulnerabilities. Students of the Light throughout the Earth, know well that America stands for Freedom and will continue to do so! . . . "

Beloved Archangel Michael
through the Anointed Representative®, Carolyn Louise Shearer,   September 11, 2001,   Tucson, Arizona U.S.A. (9)

Full written transcription of Archangel Michael's Address on September 11, 2001

"Hail, O mankind of earth.I, Michael, Prince of the Archangels, salute this earth in the Name of the infinite Blue Lightning of Cosmic Christ Protection.I AM come this night by the Power of the infinite Grace of God to stand in your midst and to comfort you with the blazing Light Perfection of the Diamond Heart of God.

"Mankind today are scarcely able to conceive of the means by which I AM able to pass through the atmosphere of this planet and to flood the world with all the Power of Cosmic Christ Protection which mankind need.

"I tell you, people of Boston, mankind need the protection of the Ascended Masters, mankind need the protection of the Ascended Hosts, and they need the services We of the Archangelic Realm are able to render them. For Our service was unparalleled and unheard of by mankind, until this Dispensation came forth by which We are able in this age to speak directly to mankind once again as in the past ages, now long hidden from those who presently abide upon this blessed planet.

"Yet deep in the recesses of human consciousness in that Divine Memory of mankind from past embodiments, from the life-spans of Atlantis and Lemuria, mankind are able to have a dim memory of the day when We of the Angelic Host manifested in their midst and brought Our Beauty and Our Protection to mankind in a tangible manner.

"Blessed and beloved ones, once again that day shall dawn as the Golden Age of Cosmic Christ Enlightenment comes into full manifestation and mankind are able to shake off the lethargy and the feelings that they have of concern for their own finite self and are able to accept the great Master God-Plan for each lifestream upon this planet, brought forth from the Heart of God as a created Ray and intended to be a manifestation of all God-Perfection and all God-Light and all God-Victory.

"Blessed and beloved ones, the unfailing Light of God is everywhere.It goes unrecognized as it sheds forth Its Beams of Light! It goes unrecognized by mankind as It sustains their life and beats their heart. But It does not go unrecognized by the Cosmic Beings or by the Archangels or by the Angelic Host, for We bow in grateful adoration every moment for the great privilege of being a conscious part of the universal Power of God in full manifestation the Mighty I AM Presence of the Universe, the Power of the Sacred Fire, and the Grace of Almighty God made manifest in you.

"Blessed and beloved ones, there is no night through which the Light of God cannot penetrate. There is no condition in your physical bodies through which the Light of God cannot penetrate. There is no particular illness or densification of gross substance through which the Light of God cannot strike Its Power and immediately, on the instant, set it free from all discordant manifestations and flood absolute Christ-Perfection into full manifestation, on the instant!

"Beloved ones, when the woman touched the hem of Jesus' garment, the Glory of God flowed forth immediately and she was healed, although she had long sought for healing in other ways. (5) The Power of God has also the Power of Victory to bring into full manifestation a sane mind which formerly dwelled in a muddled, confused state of consciousness.

"All of this can be achieved by the Power of the Light. . . . "

" . . . Blessed and beloved ones, some of you are of advancing years, and it will not be long before you shall vacate your body temples. Some of you shall do so by the Ascension and some shall enter the Realms of our World in the other manner called death.

"I say to you, if you doubt that I AM speaking through this messenger this night, I will make you one promise: If you will call to Me secretly within your heart and ask Me to come to you at that hour, I, Michael, will materialize to you at the hour of your passing and you will see Me as I AM. And I will promise you that I will help to cut you free from the remaining portions of your karma and will help you to enter the Realms of Light with less of the attendant pain which results from human fear in passing. . . . "

Beloved Archangel Michael
through the Messenger, Mark Prophet,   April 22, 1961   Boston, Massachusetts U.S.A. (7)

Sword of Blue Flame

"Hail, Children of God! Living, breathing Fire Beings, representative of the three Great Kingdoms, Guardian Spirits from other Stars and Planets! Angels wearing the robes of flesh! Elementals, presently incarnate to help the evolution of the race - and Earthlings too! . . . I bring to you the Blessings of the Great Eternal Father and Mother of our System, before Whose Throne I bowed, kissing the hem of Their Celestial Garments and asking for the privilege - the Opportunity - to guard the souls of men, until each and every one might be transformed and transmuted into the Eternal White Fire Body and pass Triumphant from the wheel of birth and death, into their Eternal, Immortal God-Freedom.

"Do you know then how much I love you, individually! Each one of you is part of My Pledge to Life! I have watched over your souls from the very first day when your sweet feet touched the Planet Earth on the first lap of your great journey toward individual creative development and Perfection. Whether you came as a Guardian Spirit - whether you came as an Angelic Being, as a member of Our Own Court; - whether you came as one of the Builders of Form or whether you were among the sweet and Holy Innocents for whom the Planet was created and has been sustained to this day - I pledged My Life to see you Free!

"Ah! Through these long centuries that have been, have I walked by your side through incarnations in which the tears dimmed your eyes! Many times, as your heads were bowed and as you had seemingly lost faith in God and good and purpose, have I stood close and whispered - 'Faith, little brother - Faith, little sister', and again you lifted your head, straightened your spine and moved forward - endeavoring in that Earth life to balance your debts and to conduct yourselves in a manner worthy of the God Life which is your heartbeat.

"Many a time have I taken your weary soul (as the last breath was placed in the keeping of the Holy Comforter) into My Own Arms, and brushed from your soiled garments with My Own Hands the spots and stains of the iniquities which you consciously or unconsciously had woven into the substance of your being! Many is the time I have answered a heart call from someone who loved you more than you loved yourself - and in that heart call turned you back from the brink of the second death to renew your endeavors to complete your journey in honor and in dignity. Many is the time I have kissed your brow as you took upon yourself again the weight of the Karma alloted you by the Karmic Board and, passing into the realm of form forgot for a time your friends, the Angels! I AM your Friend, for My Life is pledged to set you Free!

"I remember well when the priests in the Temples were notified that the laggards of the other System were to be given habitation on the Earth and were told to make the application required to protect the evolution that had been living in the innocence of the 'Garden of Eden' from the effluvia and contagion of the thoughts and feeling of those who, on their own Planet, either did not or could not control the energies enough to proceed with their Planet into greater Light.

"I remember well My Own contemplation, pondering on how I might best serve in the ages that were to come. It was then I fashioned out of thought the Sword of Flame which has been with Me all through the aeons since and which has been constantly used to cut the souls of men free from the shackles of their own creation and to release imprisoned life caught in the thought forms of the humanly created entities that make up the astral and psychic realms, which is My self-chosen home and habitation for twenty hours out of every twenty-four.

"I fashioned that Sword of Flame by thought, for I knew that there would come a time when the souls of men should require more than the energies of their own lifestreams to cut themselves free from the shackles and creations into which they would weave their energies. I charged into that Sword My Love of men - My Love of the heartbeat - My Love of God. . . . It is not a Sword of which to be frightened - It is a Sword of Redemption, a Sword of Hope, a Sword of Freedom, and when the last soul has passed over the bridge into Eternal Light; when the last Book of Record has been closed and sealed; when the Ascension of the last lifestream is completed and every tiny electron that is presently functioning in distorted form is again redeemed and returned to the Sun - that Sword shall be no more - Then we shall sing our Hallelujahs together - 'Glory to God in the highest and Glory be to the Light in the hearts of free men'!

"Within man is the Kingdom of the mind where the elementals, responding to thought, become the form which is designed within the consciousness. Within man is also, the great emotional world which is the Kingdom of the Angels, to which they respond, amplifying every Virtue, every tiny pulsation of Hope, Purity, Peace or Kindness generated within the feeling world.

"The mind is the magnetic center for the Elemental Kingdom. The feeling world is the magnetic center for the Angelic Kingdom. Within mankind one day both shall be blended consciously and man will be master through controlled energy in the feelings coupled with definitely directed thought - that is why it is said that man is a 'bridge' between the two great kingdoms. . . . "

" . . . The great Angelic Kingdom came to your Planet Earth primarily as Protectors - as Amplifiers - of the Virtues of God - they came after the darkness had begun to gather round your Planet - to bring within Their Shining Bodies the remembrance of those God-Qualities from the Heart of the Eternal - they stand yet within the auras of men and women who are enmeshed in their own human creations and through the Power of Radiation, help them to continue to place one foot before the other moving onward and upward until the Cosmic Day dawns when more help can be given. . . . "

Beloved Archangel Michael
through the Messenger, Geraldine Innocente,   December 1953,   U.S.A. (6)

Archangel Michael
Copyright © Marius Michael-George / Contact:

" . . . I tell you it is time for My Angels to step into Action, and I have called them forward, not only for the protection of the child, but for the protection of those aborning Christed Beings who have so been caught in the astral plane. It is My Job to go into the astral plane and to clear those increments of desertion from the Light, that is necessary to bring forth the Christ Light, and to make your way safely through those octaves into the Higher Realms. I tell you, beloved ones, you do not realize what a travesty it is to be caught in between those realms. . . . "

Beloved Archangel Michael
through the Anointed Representative®, Carolyn Louise Shearer,   October 12, 1997,   Redlands, California U.S.A. (8)

Archangel Michael
Copyright © Marius Michael-George / Contact:

" . . . The Great Masters, the Ascended Beings, the Legions of Light and the Great Cosmic Beings are making every effort to give mankind the Assistance they require at this time; but humanity have not understood that they must give certain response; that they must make a call to Life, in order to have Its greater and fuller expression come into action through the human form.

"The nations of the earth whose action is the feeling of the people of that nation, should be an example to mankind of what it means to change the attention from constructive thought, feeling and action to the destruction of the ages. You have read and studied various histories of the earth, largely telling you of the wars which have swept the earth and the closing of civilizations; but this is one time when mankind shall not destroy itself!

"The Great Cosmic Light has said that humanity shall blaze forth more Light and that means the expansion of YOUR Light. It is the Light Pattern of your human form, not only through your heart but within every cell of your body. The "I AM" Students are the only people on the face of this earth today, who have the slightest understanding of what is required of Life, by Life, to have Life.

"The mankind of earth have so long forgotten their Source and turned from It, that Life is compelling them to come back to It again. Those who do not do it, will go out in destruction. Make no mistake about it, beloved people. The silly puny human beings, who believe they are sufficient unto themselves in just the human form in which they are manifesting, are strangely insane. The human being who thinks that his human form alone is sufficient is too childish and foolish to even be given consideration. . . ."

Beloved Archangel Michael
through the Messenger, Guy Warren Ballard,   November 15, 1938,   Philadelphia, Pennsylvania U.S.A. (12)


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