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Ascended Lady Master Najah

     Cosmic Light     
The Cave of Light
A Mighty Powerhouse of God's Love
A Great Blessing of Love, Happiness, and Abundance

Service to God in Life

  • First Public Dictation / Discourse:
    • November 26, 1938   New York, New York U.S.A. (1)

  • Service to Life
    • Najah is One of the Guardians of the Cave of Light, which is described in the last chapter of the book, The Magic Presence. The Cave of LIght is a Mighty Powerhouse of God s Love, Happiness, and Abundance. Godfre, Rex and Pearl, Bob and Nada, and Electra went with Chananda to the Palace of Light in India. From a doorway in the Palace of Light, they enter into the Cave of Light. Najah is the sister of Chananda, the Head of the Indian Council.
    • Najah teaches and assists the youth of the world, and often appears as a young girl in parts of India and China.

"Good afternoon, Beloved Ones of the Light! I bring you Greetings from a far Land, a Land whose Light none will ever dim, a Land whose Light shall reach across the seas and join yours, until the Earth one day shall blaze like the Cave of Light in India, and that Light will once again speak Its Heart to the Universe as in that former time when the Earth was Self-luminous, and mankind had not learned how to defy God.

"I wish you to feel today how close you can come to that Powerhouse of Light, which it is My Privilege to help Guard. Great are the Blessings which have poured forth from the Cave of Light throughout many, many centuries, and those Who have Guarded, have naturally been the ones who have received much of that Blessing.

"Now since you are in the activities of the outer world, and yet by the turning of your attention to Us, can connect with that Power of Light in the Cave of Light in India, you, too, may help be the dispensers of Its Blessings, and as you carry them to Life everywhere, you, too, will receive the Greatest Blessing because of that Service. You do not realize how surely, how absolutely certain is the arrangement of Life by which you may enter into Our Great Powerhouse in the Cave of Light, and receive from time to time as you are able to use without money, without price, without any demands from Us except that through your attention become One with That which pours forth to Bless you and world at your Conscious Command. Now you know when you want something from each other in commercial world, you desire something which some firm has as a product, you take your telephone, you make your desire known, and you have shipped to you what you desire, but you have to pay for it, don't you? You have to do something besides let your attention rest on it in this outer world arrangement which you live in. You have to give something back to the channel from whence you gain it, but Dear Hearts, We don't treat you like that. It does not cost you anything to turn your attention to Us, but a little happiness and willingness on your part; and We can reply, We can send back whatever you ask Us to pour forth from that Light, and it does not cost you anything to receive It. It does not cost Us anything to send It. We do not have to pay any express charges. You do not have to pay any telephone money for your conversation or to again get your idea over to Us as to what you want. It does not cost you anything to get in touch with Us, and it doesn't cost Us anything to give you Our Gifts, and We can give more than all the money on Earth could ever buy, and yet We receive so little of your attention.

"Did you fully understand what that Cave of Light means; did you fully understand the Power which is There; did you understand what It could do for you, you would not forget Us. So today I AM here to remind you of Our Presence, because there are many Gifts which are the natural Outpouring from that Cave of Light - Gifts which you can have just as well as you can have air to breathe; Gifts which will bless you, all you contact and will pour forth through you to the rest of mankind, and will raise everywhere you go all that you contact. So I AM here to remind you of some of Our Gifts!

"As you move in the business activities of the outer world, you, many times, feel the depression, the impurities, the obstruction and the struggle, due entirely to the fact that the people won't put their attention on Our Light and for no other reason. If they continue to look unto the source of darkness, when they continue to look unto the shadows instead of turning about and facing the Light, they will only know and become that which is within the shadows. If they seek the shadows for entertainment, then they will have the misery that is in the shadows, but those, who with Wisdom seek Our Divine Gifts may have all the Blessings which abide within the Cave of Light in India; and who call tell Me how much is within that Light, what is within that Light, and what that Light has done for thousands and thousands of Life Streams throughout the centuries?

"I AM privileged to be One of Its Guardians, and I have cause to know the Blessings which have come forth from that Mighty Powerhouse of God's Love; and to prove the Power of My Gift today, I challenge you to give Me just five minutes a day in uninterrupted silence and Love to the Cave of Light in India, and let Me, in that five minutes, pour back to you a stream of Energy which will unite Its Blessings with your Life forever, Blessings which you can never give except you receive Them from Us; Blessings which you can never lose, because They will become a Permanent Part of your Life Stream, and yet Blessings which forever grow and expand as you give Them to others. You may give all that you receive from Us, and yet, as soon as That is sent forth to lift the rest of Life, you have been given a thousand times more in Its place. You can never deplete the Gift We give. The more you give It, the more you will have of It in yourselves, because Our Gift of Light ever contains within Itself Its Eternal, Expanding Power and Perfection and Boundless Manifestations of Love and Joy which are indestructible in the Universe. Because I tell you Truth when I say that the Love from the "Mighty I AM Presence" in the Great Central Sun, which produces a Manifestation of Light such as is concentrated in the Cave of Light in India - that Love is the Immortality of the Universe.

"Therefore, when We give you the Light of that Love, We have given you the Eternal Love from the Great Central Sun, the Eternally sustained, ever-expanding Joy of Life. Just living in the Universe according to Its Own Great Law of Love ever expands Joy which none can destroy. When you realize that That Love alone is the Immortality of Life - only Love is Immortal - then when you see the Manifestation of Light, you will realize that Love has brought the Illumination of Its Happiness into outer Manifestation as Light. And since the Cave of Light in India is such an Intense Concentration of that Love which the Great Ones have held there for centuries, and which produces so intense a Light that you can scarcely look into It, yet if you are fearless enough to walk into Its Blazing Heart Center you become Its Immortal Happiness. That is the Overpowering Presence of God! That is the Mighty I AM Presence in the Great Central Sun's Own Heart's Flame of God's Overpowering Presence; and you may call upon Us through your attention any moment day or night, We are always available. It costs nothing to connect with Us. It costs you nothing to receive Our Gift, and yet the shadows have made you think you did not have time for Immortal Happiness. Strange isn't it! Isn't it strange the hypnotic power of this outer world that demands and demands and demands your energy and makes you believe you cannot have the Immortal Happiness of the Love which produces all Creation?

"Now if you will begin to use the phrase: 'I AM THE OVERPOWERING PRESENCE OF IMMORTAL LOVE, AND THAT VICTORY OF ETERNAL HAPPINESS SHALL FREE ALL I CONTACT', try this expression for a week and see for yourselves That which becomes a permanent part of your world. Then will you find the Desires in your Hearts - Desires which have been the Divine Plan of your Life Stream from the beginning, Desires that should have long ago outpictured their manifestation in the physical octave - you will find Them fulfilled one by one in the natural sequence of normal events of the outer world, I mean mental. From Our Standpoint, that begins to set your world in Divine Order, and then will your Hearts leap with Joy as you realize the things you are going to bring forth this time are imperishable.

"'I AM THE OVERPOWERING IMMORTAL PRESENCE OF GOD'S LOVE IN THE CAVE OF LIGHT, ILLUMINING ALL WITH SUCH LIGHT AS MANKIND CAN SCARCELY COMPREHEND!' Strange isn't it that Those Gifts of such magnitude, so freely offered which are Eternal in Their Blessing and Happiness that We have to come into the darkness of the outer world and beg mankind to take Them. Strange isn't it, this darkness, into which mankind has continued to explore in its sinking, sinking. sinking desires!

"Who of you can tell Me the Happiness which is within that Light? Who of you can tell Me the Happiness which is the Immortal Love that can illumine the atmosphere wherever you go? You think you have Happiness temporarily here and there in the physical octave by physical sense, but you know not Happiness! You have never touched the fringe of Happiness until you have entered into the Immortality of that Love which can produce Light, Music, and Manifestations on the instant by just the Joy of Its Expanding action. . . . "

Beloved Najah
through the Messenger, Edna Ballard,   February 26, 1950   Chicago, Illinois U.S.A. (2)

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  2. Najah, February 26, 1950   (Copyright © Saint Germain Foundation, Inc.)

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