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I AM Presence
Portrait of The Presence   Copyright © The Temple of The Presence®
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The I AM Presence

The Reality of Who You Really Are

The above "Portrait of the I AM Presence" illustrates the relationship of the human self to the Divine Presence within and above us. The Upper Figure in the Portrait is that of the Electronic Body of the Mighty I AM Presence. This is an Immortal Body of Light Substance that serves as a Vehicle of Expression for the God Presence, which is a Spirit. As often as possible, we should attune our attention on our Real Self — that Part of our Being that was Individualized from the Great "I AM" of all Life: GOD THE ONE. We are all familiar with the Genesis 1:26-28 account of our coming forth in the Image and Likeness of God. This "Likeness" refers to God's Nature — the Essence of All that God Is. Our Real Self, our Individualized God Presence, has a unique and Immortal Identity that is different from every other God Presence, yet at the same time is ONE with the Mighty I AM Presence in the Heart of the Great Central Sun.

The Christ Presence, pictured standing just behind the human form, is our Higher Mental Body — the Pure Christ Mind of our lifestream. The Current of the Mind of God, the Mighty I AM Presence, holds the Thought / Vision / Image of It's Perfected Self, and sustains It until we are wholly Ascended in the Light and Free. This Holy Christ Presence (sometimes called the "Higher Self" or "Guardian Angel") is projected forth from the Electronic Body of the I AM Presence. This Higher Mind has sometimes been likened to a "step down transformer". The Energy Vibration of the Holy Christ Presence is slower than that of the Electronic Body, but both are as tangible in Their own Realms as a physical body is here on the physical plane. The Christ Self is a Body of blazing Light, and is wholly Perfect and will not accept or allow any imperfection into Its Nature. The Holy Christ Presence is aware of the limitations and discord around the outer self, but will not accept it. Instead the Christ Discriminating Intelligence can assist us in our return to Oneness with our Source ("our Father") — the "I AM" God Presence of our Lifestream.

We can realize more of who we are in God by placing our God Presence first, last, and always in our attention and in our life. This Presence is our Eternal Identity and the Authority of the Universe! Thus we can gradually decrease the human (limited) consciousness and nature, and increase the Divine (Unlimited) Nature. This is not actually so much an evolution of our consciousness as it is a restoration of the awareness of our Original Divine Nature. We have chosen to experience Life in this matter sphere, and we can choose to return again into the Authority of our own I AM Consciousness, drawing Primal Life and getting Power and Direction from our God Presence. With such Mastery and Control, we can again live a Life of Joy and Love until there is not an apparent separation between the human self and the God Self - but only GOD!

ANIMATED Portrait of the Presence

Great Central Sun Angels

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