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The Missing Link in Christianity

by Elizabeth Clare Prophet - with Erin Prophet

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"This is an extremely important book, a book providing profound insight and truth, a book which will open minds and remove fears." --BRIAN L. WEISS, M.D., author of "Many Lives, Many Masters"

"Interesting and accessible, this book on reincarnation is an imaginative and provocative study of one way of looking at being 'born again.' Elizabeth Clare Prophet's assertion that not only mystical Gnostics but also a Jewish wisdom teacher like Jesus taught reincarnation is sure to rattle your karmic chain."--MARVIN MEYER, author of "The Gospel of Thomas: The Hidden Sayings of Jesus"

Throughout the ages Christians have sought to bring the doctrinal stepchild of reincarnation into the mainstream of accepted belief. This massively documented work is a readable and highly sympathetic account of those men and women of good faith who have sensed that the Christian soul is on a millennial journey toward divine union."--QUINCY HOWE, Ph.D., author of "Reincarnation for the Christian"

A long time ago Christians believed in reincarnation. This groundbreaking work makes the case that Jesus taught reincarnation. Elizabeth Clare Prophet traces the history of reincarnation in Christianity - from Jesus to early Christians through Church councils and the persecution of so-called heretics. Using the latest scholarship and evidence from the Dead Sea Scrolls and Gnostic texts, she also argues persuasively that Jesus was a mystic who taught that our destiny is to unite with the God within. Your view of Jesus - and of Christianity - will never be the same.



Part 1:     What reincarnation Means to Christians

CHAPTER 1     A Martyr for Infinite Worlds
CHAPTER 2     Unanswered Questions
CHAPTER 3     Why They Believe
CHAPTER 4     Gods in Ruins

Part 2:     Reincarnation in Jesus' World

CHAPTER 5       reincarnation in Judaism
CHAPTER 6       Becoming God
CHAPTER 7       Moses Meets Plato
CHAPTER 8       Route into Palestine
CHAPTER 9       Jesus' Teaching on Reincarnation
CHAPTER 10     Karma Implies Reincarnation

Part 3:     Early Christians and Reincarnation

CHAPTER 11       Sifting the New Testament
CHAPTER 12       What is Gnosticism?
CHAPTER 13       Seeking the "Things That Exist"
CHAPTER 14       Does Resurrection Rule Out Reincarnation?
CHAPTER 15       A Spiritual Resurrection
CHAPTER 16       The Different Fates of Twins

Part 4:     The Church Rejects Reincarnation

CHAPTER 17       The Mystery of God in Man
CHAPTER 18       God in Man's Image
CHAPTER 19       The Stream Goes Underground
CHAPTER 20       A New Explanation for Human Misery
CHAPTER 21       Smoke Rises from Montsegur

Part 5:     Jesus' Secret Teachings on the God Within

CHAPTER 22       Your Divine Image
CHAPTER 23       The Original Christian Mystic
CHAPTER 24       Where is the Kingdom
CHAPTER 25       Breaking the Chain of Rebirth

Chronological Guide to People, Events, and Ideas
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Reincarnation: The Missing Link in Christianity

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