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First Encounter with
The Temple of The Presence

Athena, Patroness of Messengers

"All your Strength is in your Union; All your danger is in discord."

The Song of Hiawatha by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, canto 1, lines 112-15)

As a young child, I avidly read various accounts of Mother Mary's appearances at Lourdes and Fatima, classical mythology, and Theosophical books. When I came into contact with the Ascended Masters' Teachings in 1968, I was filled with joy that what I intuitively knew to be true was now being confirmed in The "I AM" Activity and The Summit Lighthouse. Over the next 30 years I attended Conclaves and Conferences of both organizations.

At the end of August 1998, I learned of the existence of The Temple of The Presence organization. My first reaction was a cautious but open minded interest. I decided to see for myself and attend the next quarterly conference of The Temple of The Presence.

The Fall Conclave was held in Chelsea, Vermont on October 7 - 11, 1998. I assure you that it was a Joyous and Awesome Release of Light, Love, and Life from our beloved Ascended Brothers and Sisters. During this Conference, Discourses on Ascended Master Law and Teachings (inspired by The Ascended Masters) were presented by Monroe Shearer. Dictations were given through Carolyn Shearer from beloved Gautama Buddha, Kuan Yin, The Goddess of Light, Lanello, The Great Divine Director, Cyclopea, Pallas Athena, Maha Chohan, Mother Mary, Zarathustra, and beloved Vesta.

Beloved Vesta announced an unlimited Dispensation granted by Cosmic Councils to beloved Morya and Saint Germain for The Temple of The Presence, and noted the increased activity of our physical sun in recent weeks. She said:

" . . . There are those who are very aware of even the physical sun's new dimensions and activity. I tell you this is as a result of Our Dispensation being released from the Great Central Sun, for there must be a preparation for the holding of that Fire that would be released. Therefore there had to be an organization and a repolarizing of the axis of the Earth and of the Sun to inhabit that Fire. Therefore as We release this into the Center of the Earth, know that all is well, and know that it is not a sign of doom and gloom, but a sign of Victory. For Victory is here, and there is a New Day and the Golden Age has come into manifestation as We stand. For you are the beginning. You are that Spark of Light that will light and ignite the world. And you will carry My Torch and My Fire from the Heart of Truth and the Heart of the Sun. . . . "

Following the Fall Class, Acropolis Sophia was held October 12 - 18, 1998. This one week session follows each of the quarterly conferences of The Temple of The Presence, and is comparable to Summit University sessions. During this session, Discourses on Ascended Master Law and Teachings were again presented by Monroe Shearer. Dictations through the Messenger, Carolyn Shearer, were given from beloved Sophia, The Angel Deva of the Jade Temple, Meta, El Morya, Maha Chohan, Jesus, and Saint Germain.

An example of one of the Dictations is the following excerpt from beloved El Morya on October 16, 1998 through Carolyn Shearer:

" . . . The Blue Flame, the Will of God, is for your ability to propel into Action the Love of God, guided by the Wisdom of Illumination's Ray, that you might have the Fullness of the Opportunity to be the Christ in Action. As these times and cycles move forward, there should not be one concern by any of the Lightbearers who are true students of the Ascended Masters as to the Reality of God in Action. For if God were not in Action, if the Ascended Masters were not sending forth the Balance of the Action of the Ray of God into the Earth, there would already have been such cataclysm as to have started a cycle of transferring Lightbearers to other parts and other galaxies to continue to balance their karma.

"But We, in the Ascended Octaves, see the Vision, see the Potential, see the Light that is manifesting in the Earth. And the Great Central Sun is sending forth Currents of Light and Cosmic Rays to hold that balance. The Sun of Even Pressure is meeting that Balance with a corresponding Action.

"There is the anchoring into the Earth of Cosmic Currents of Fire from certain Ascended Masters to help hold this Balance. The students who are the true devotees of God are holding a Balance. Do not always expect that when something occurs in your life, that it is a personal reaction to one another. You must understand that many times you as a Lightbearer, as one who has consciously vowed to hold the Balance for the Earth, are holding a Balance for a particular need from Cosmic Levels.

"Not always is the circumstance of your lifestream dealing with something on a personal level. But you tend to personalize every action. Wake up to the Reality that you have vowed at Inner Levels, you have said 'I will hold the Balance. I will be a Whirling Sun of Light.' Understand, beloved ones, that you are doing just that, and there is great merit, - and the Ascended Masters do not forget Their Friends of Light!

"And where there is the Opportunity to intercede for and on behalf of those Friends of Light who have helped throughout the ages, believe Me, We stand for your Victory! We know who can be counted on. We know who We can depend upon. And We know the level of your commitment. We know the Fire that you can hold. We know just how much you can hold and no more. . . . "

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