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Goddess of the Air

Service to God in Life

  • Also known as:
    • Goddess of the Air

  • Twin Flame / Divine Complement / Twin Ray:

  • First Public Dictation / Discourse:
    • February 18, 1945   Ouray, Colorado U.S.A. (5)

  • Office in Hierarchy
    • Director of the Air Element
    • Hierarch of the Air Elementals (sylphs & fairies)
    • Elemental Hierarch of the Second Secret Ray (also known as the Second Elemental Essence, Second Prana, the Air Element)
    • Assists in the governing of the memory levels of the mental body (memory body)

  • Divine Ray & Sacred Fire
    • Second Secret Ray of Air
    • Liquid Currents of the Life Force of Air
    • Elemental Force of Nature of Air
    • Prana of a pastel color similar to Golden-Pink or Peach

"I AM Aries - the Director (with Thor, My Beloved Twin Flame) of the Air Element and of the Sylphs - those loving, intelligent beings who serve so ceaselessly in the atmosphere of Earth to keep that air purified enough to allow mankind to live upon Earth's surface.

"If you could see the amount of poison exuded just from the breathing out of polluted air from the physical bodies of mankind in one twenty-four period, you would realize much more fully the tremendous service which the Sylphs perform and certainly be much more grateful for it. These blessed beings - twenty-four hours a day - utilize the purifying powers of the Sacred Fire to keep mankind and imprisoned Elemental life (four-footed creatures) here from poisoning themselves to the point of causing them to experience so-called "death" - just through inbreathing again their own exhalations.

"As you have been told, the atmosphere of Earth has a 'ceiling' provided, in order to keep the dissonance and impurities released from the Earth from jarring the natural rhythm and harmony of the rest of the Planetary System, as well as the entire Galaxy to which the Earth belongs. This 'ceiling' beyond which no discord or impurity can rise, is a blessing to the Universe, but it is an added responsibility to Us because it gives Us much less space in which to perform the activities of purification. It also necessitates Our calling forth a much more powerful and therefore quicker, purifying action of the Sacred Fire - whereas, if there were no such 'ceiling', the tendency of the radiation from the Earth would be to rise and eventually transmute its shadows in the Fire of Purity which is the natural atmosphere of God and in which atmosphere abide the other planets of the Galaxy. Therefore, We are called upon to act much more quickly in a smaller area (relatively speaking) to make and keep the atmosphere around the Earth pure enough to sustain physical existence here.

"Whenever the Directors of the Air Element and the Sylphs under Their command withdraw from a Planet or Star (according to the direction of Cosmic Law), you soon have a "dead" Planet and even plant life cannot live upon it. It was just such a Cosmic crisis which the Earth faced when Beloved Sanat Kumara interceded on behalf of the Earth and its evolutions. All through the Universe, you can see drifting those "shells" which were once Planets and Stars, from which have been consciously withdrawn the Directors of the Forces of the Elements and the Elementals that serve under Them. These "shells" of former Planets and Stars finally disintegrate into Cosmic "dust" and return to the Universal. There, the electrons which made up the former Planet or Star may be repolarized and returned to the particular Sun from whence they originally came. From there, they are sent forth again at a later time to help create and sustain some new constructive creation which will benefit the evolutions of the Galaxy or System which has been chosen for such blessing.

"It is commonly known that mankind can live for several weeks without food; approximately twelve days without water; but only about three minutes without breath (excluding, of course, initiates who have mastered the art of the suspension of the breath and these are rare in the extreme). The newborn infant, breathing in the first breath, begins his existence in the physical appearance world. As long as he lives, provision of the life-giving essence of breath and the purifying of his polluted breath (exhaled from the body) is Our responsibility and obligation. When the individual "I AM" Presence chooses to withdraw the Silver Cord from a physical form mankind gives up his last breath and no longer continues to be - at least in the world of form.

"To purify the entire atmosphere of Earth so that all the life evolving here may be provided with and sustained by the purity of air which God intended for all in the beginning, is the end toward which we are working. We are grateful, too, that to this end we have the loving, marvelous cooperation of the Directors of all the Elements which serve life and the Beings who serve under them.

"The Beloved Neptune and the Undines provide the salt which anchors the substance of air into the lower atmosphere of Earth and gives assistance to the Sylphs to rise up and out of the polluted air in which they are compelled to serve. The Beloved Helios and Vesta draw the substance of the Water Element into the Air, giving the "ballast", so to speak, to the higher atmosphere which We provide. By the use of the radiation sent forth from trees and various plant-life, the Beloved Maha Chohan and the Nature Kingdom help Us to transmute the exhaled impurities of mankind and the animal kingdom and They also assist Us to purify the ever-increasing fumes, smokes and stenches from so-called "modern" factories.

"The Beloved Thor (My Twin-Flame) moves the great air masses to the points where they are needed most, providing cooling breezes for those who may be sweltering in humid heat; filling the sails of ships becalmed on tideless seas; directing the purifying energies of the North Wind which carries snow (the beautiful gift of the Elohim of Purity) to blanket and nourish certain portions of the Earth's surface preparatory to a new harvest. On the East Wind, Beloved Thor directs the precipitating clouds which carry the necessary moisture to arid areas. He directs the soft, warm breezes on the South Wind and the moisture-absorbing currents which etherealize excessive precipitation and dry up waters which are in their wrong place. It is certainly one of the tragedies of mankind's expressed consciousness that Beloved Thor has been pictured as a great, bloated figure, directing destructive energies through the wind to beset already distraught mankind!

"My service is to provide the essence of air! Like Neptune and Virgo, the events of the ages have required that I lower the vibratory action of the electrons which make up the Air Element so that the lungs of men could absorb, utilize and benefit by Its use. Beloved Thor's activity is to move that Air in kindness and wisdom wherever it is necessary to give the greatest blessings to the Earth and its evolutions.

"Like the other Directors of the Elements, after the shadows of mankind's discordant creations came upon the Earth, We had to draw forth much more power and God-control to handle the Beings of Our Element - the Sylphs. These have built, all through the centuries, an ever-increasing momentum of resentments, and rebellions against mankind because of his ingratitude for their service to him, as well as the continued careless and thoughtless pollution of the Air Element by human effluvia and that of mankind's ingenious power plants and manufacturing units. Beloved Hilarion and the Brotherhood at Crete have helped Us considerably by directing into the outer consciousness of certain sensitive individuals of research and ability, the practical ways and means of dissolving much of the pollution of the Air Element, through mechanization. We bless Beloved Hilarion and His Brotherhood, as well as those unascended ones who have devoted their lives to this process of purification - i.e., placing smokeconsumers on the smoke stacks of great factories - this being one example of their expressed endeavor.

"Within the Air are so many spiritual forces, which the average individual uses not at all. By some, this spiritually stimulating energy is called "prana" and that was the "food ye know not of", of which Beloved Jesus spoke. This sustained Him - not only during His temporal "fast" in the wilderness but also throughout the course of His strenuous ministry. Lord Gautama (former Buddha) also used the essence of "prana" to keep alive His physical body while He was away from it in the course of His long vigil, seeking Truth by the elevation of His consciousness.

The average member of the human race responds only to the almost involuntary inhalation and exhalation of the breath as regulated by the Holy Christ Self and the Body Elemental. The short, hurried, shallow breaths of man do sustain a certain amount of life within the physical body but do little to spiritually vitalize and nourish it. We do call now that mankind awaken again to the absolute necessity for developing the rhythmic breath, drawing deeply upon the spiritual energies in the atmosphere all about him; digesting the nourishment of the essence, expanding it and then giving in turn, a blessing to the Air as he breathes out the purified breath from his body. . .

"As in the other kingdoms, in ages past, many individuals learned how to use the breath to sustain life in the body for long periods of time in order to be able to perform certain feats of so-called "magic", thereby gathering around themselves great masses of credulous people. Becoming bolder, such individuals invoked certain of the Sylphs to assist them in the producing of phenomena which awed the people. These Sylphs, (like the Salamanders and the Undines; became attached to the lifestreams of the individuals who had so invoked them and followed such individuals through many embodiments-thus becoming often the master of the individual rather than his servant. Bold, blustery individuals usually have either the presence of such a Sylph or a momentum of such a Sylph's power in their auras. . .

"During these four days of Class, We are primarily concerned with the purification of the entire atmosphere of Earth and the removal of the "Veil of Maya"...when this has been done, mankind will again be able to see his own individualized "I AM" Presence face to face, as well as the Angels, Masters, and Beings of Light. You have no idea how much confidence, real faith, and spiritual strength can be drawn into one's consciousness by such confirmation of belief when the personal self actually sees the reality of his own Presence and Ascended or Angelic Beings with his physical sight.

Today, We are also concerned with the purification of the etheric bodies of mankind so that there are no longer desires to compel the forces of the Elementals to obey the destructive free will of human beings. We are concerned with the removal of the rebellions and resentments which exist at present between the Forces of Nature and mankind at large. When the Elementals know, through proven endeavor, that mankind really does seek to cooperate with Them, we shall see the re-establishment of that glorious Kingdom of Angels, mankind and Elemental life which will be externalized in Beloved Saint Germain's Golden Age of permanent perfection for this Planet in its evolutions.

"I AM" real! "I AM" your friend! Beloved Thor is real! He is your friend! The Sylphs are real too, and they want to be your friends. Despite so much ingratitude upon the part of mankind for the blessings received from the Sylphs, those Sylphs have proven their willingness to serve by making and keeping the atmosphere of Earth pure enough to sustain life here day after day - human life as well as that in the Nature Kingdom.

When you hear of or read about vortices of Air currents of a destructive nature attempting to manifest at any point on or around the Earth, call to Us! Ask Us for assistance and see how quickly We will come to the aid of you or those for whom you call.

In loving gratitude for your comprehension, your service, your desire to cooperate with Our Kingdom and Its inhabitants, I bless you in the Name of the One God and the Spirits of the Air, whose direction I have voluntarily undertaken to assist in making Earth a happy, beautiful and habitable Planet. Thank you and good evening."

Beloved Aries
through the Messenger, Geraldine Innocente,   September 29, 1956,   U.S.A. (4)


The sylphs are the air spirits. Their element has a highest vibratory rate than the earth and the water elements. They live hundreds of years, often reaching one thousand and never seeming to get old. They are said to live on the tops of mountains. The Hierarchs of the sylphs are Beloved Aries and Thor. Sylphs can assume human form but only for short periods of time. The vary in size and can be as large as a human. They are volatile and changeable. The winds are their particular vehicle. The work through the gases and ethers of the Earth and are kindly toward humans. Slyphs are usually seen with wings, looking like cherubs or fairies. Because of their connection to air, which is associated with the mental aspect, one of their functions is to help humans receive inspiration. The sylphs are drawn to those who use their minds, particularly those in creative arts.

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