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Twin Flames / Twin Rays and Self-Consciousness

Twin Rays
1937 The Voice of The "I AM"
© Saint Germain Foundation

Saint Germain: "When You, the 'Mighty I AM Presence', will to come forth into an Individualized Focus of Conscious Dominion and use the Creative Word, 'I AM', Your First Individual Activity is the Formation of a Flame. Then you, the Individualized Focus of the Mighty I AM Presence, begin your Dynamic Expression of Life.

"This Activity, We term Self-Consciousness, meaning the Individual who is conscious of his Source and Perfection of Life, expressing through himself. Only the Self-Conscious Individual has ALL the Attributes and Creative Power of the Mighty I AM Presence. Only He can know who and what He is, and express the Fullness of the Creative Power of God whenever He Decrees, by the use of the Words, 'I AM'.

"The Almighty God-Flame, breathing within Itself, projects Two Rays into the Great Sea of Pure Electronic Light. This Intelligent Light-Substance becomes the clothing, as it were, for these Rays of the Mighty I AM Presence. Each Ray has all the Attributes of the Godhead within It, and no imperfection can ever enter into or register upon It. The Individualized Flame sends down into each Ray a Focal Point, or Spark, forming a Heart-Center upon which gathers the Electronic Light-Substance, creating the Electronic Body."

(The Magic Presence - Saint Germain Series Volume 2, Chapter IV, pages 89 - 95)

The Revelation of Beloved Saint Germain that revolutionized world religion at the beginning of the Twentieth Century was the first public Revelation outside of the Mystery Schools and Ascended Master Retreats that YOU ARE THE I AM PRESENCE IN EMBODIMENT. Each of us is the incarnation of the Individualized God Presence. Each person is not a mere "soul" but LOVE INCARNATE as the Individualized "I AM" Presence.

When Individualization of Divine Identity and Consciousness from out the Great Source — THE ONE, the Great "I AM" — takes place, after affirming "I AM", the first activity of the Individual "I AM" God Self is the formation of a Body that is made of a Light Substance from which may appear as White Fire. The Individualized God Flame may choose to project two Rays into the Pure Electronic Light of the Great Central Sun (also known as the Ascended Master Octave) to form the Twin Rays: one with masculine qualities predominant and the feminine submerged, and the other with feminine qualities predominant and the masculine submerged. Each of these two Rays focalize a Threefold Flame which then coalesces the Universal Light Substance into the Twin Flame Electronic Bodies which become the Garments of these Spirits, these I AM Presence Divine Complements. For all Eternity a connection (a Lifestream) is maintained by the two Twin Flame Electronic Bodies with the White Fire Body of the Individualized God Identity of the Great "I AM", forming a "Holy Trinity". Yet there always remains an uninterrupted sharing of Oneness with the ALLNESS of God.

Experimental Use of Life, Action and Reaction

There are Seven Octaves (each composed of Seven Planes / Dimensions) of the Spirit / Matter (Energy/Matter, Force/Mass) Universe that have been created for our individual expressions of Immortal Identity to interact with other parts of Life. Each "I AM" God Self projects down into the substance of this physical, emotional, mental and memory world the Threefold Flame of It's Heart, somewhat similar as the roots of a plant go down into the earth. This portion of Individualized Consciousness goes through many physical embodiments, sometimes masculine and sometimes feminine, through the incarnation of the Threefold Flame from the Heart of the I AM Presence, and the returning memory body.

Since the "fall of man" during the time of the incarnation of the Fourth Root Race, imperfection, limitations and discord increasingly entered into our world. The memory body has become known as a "soul" - and this temporary personality has taken on the false sense of a self that is separated and not connected to God.

Attainment of Mastery

The re-embodiment of each Twin Ray (Twin Flame) takes place repeatedly, sometimes in hundreds and sometimes in thousands of embodiments. It continues until each individual manifests complete control and Mastery of all energy and substance in all outer activities - physical, emotional, mental, and memory. It is only through the individual that the selective, discriminating, consciously directed Intelligence acts to govern the flow of the Universal Substance and Energy.

This results in the attainment of Mastery over Substance and energy, by the free will conscious command of the individual, through the use of the Great Creative Words, "I AM". This is the journey every individual has chosen to take through this world of physical substance, to expand the Perfection of the Presence. This means through a physical body made of the atomic substance of this physical Earth.

Each one, having decreed his own journey through the world of physical substance, must fulfill his own decree. Being the Creator individualized, he is the ONLY Authority in his Being and world and MUST fulfill his own Plan to expand Perfection through activity in this world. This is how the Great Supreme Source of all Life and manifestation governs the Universe and its activities, through the individualization of Itself at various points in the Universe. Thus, every human being is the Creator, individualized. This means all the Authority, Power, Ability and Attributes of God-Life are focused in the individual to create and expand Perfection through an incarnation in a physical body.

The Individualized Flames or lifestreams, by taking physical embodiment, can develop further attributes that express a unique Identity, and attain the fullness of the use of light. This is done by mastery over matter planes that have a slower vibratory action which requires more energy to externalize form. Physical embodiment gives them opportunity to expand the God Qualities and Christ Virtues of the Presence. In this way an individual may expand the Flame in the Heart and externalize the Perfection of the Allness of God's Love in the Created Universe, eventually becoming an Ascended Master and later a Cosmic Being.

According to the Ascended Master Teachings, gaining "mastery over matter planes" means learning to consciously use 100% of one's Creative Power of thought, feeling, and spoken word to draw forth from the Presence greater Perfection, Joy, and Love in the world, as opposed to using thoughts, feelings, and words to create greater limitations, bondage, and chaos in one's own experience and in the world at large through carelessness and lack of awareness of the extent of one's influence in the world. "Matter planes" refers to the differentiations of atomic and molecular structure in which incarnation takes place, the lower planes (dimensions / wavelength frequency resonance) sometimes correlated with physical solids, liquids, and gases; the higher subplanes of the Physical Octave are sometimes referred to as "etheric" and are not normally perceivable by the physical senses. The emotional octave and mental octave are also made up of atoms of feeling and thought substance and differentiated into levels of density and vibratory rate.

Cosmic Service to Life

When both Twin Rays (Twin Flames) have made the Ascension, then They may choose to work with entire Systems of Worlds instead of just in one world. This is the way Divine Life is ever expanding the Perfection of Itself throughout Infinity and keeping order throughout interstellar space. The Perfection of the Scheme of Creation is magnificent, awesome, and eternal. All manifestation in the vast Universes is based on the Conscious and Intelligent control and direction of energy and substance, which are the result of the "Three Outpourings" from out the Great Central Sun of Love, Light, and Life.

When the Ascension of both Twin Flames has taken place, each is the complete balance of all masculine and all feminine qualities within. The "Individualized I AM" God Flame, the Masculine Ascended Master "I AM Presence" and the Feminine Ascended Lady Master "I AM Presence" become a "Holy Trinity" at Cosmic Levels, and manifest the "Cosmic Power of the Three-Times-Three". Then the Three-Fold Flame of Life is completely unfolded, and the Ascended Twin Flame "I AM Presences", along with Their Individualized God Flame in the White Fire Body, may choose to work at Cosmic Levels of Creation with entire Systems of Worlds, as well as this physical Earth. They may become the First Logos, Second Logos, and Third Logos in the Central Sun of a System of Worlds (as in the case of our System with Helios, Vesta, and Their Eternal Individualized God Flame), a Galactic System, or even an entire Universe.

Why Is There Discord and Destruction on the Earth?

People may ask: "If we are the Presence of God individualized, the substance is from God, the energy from God, which after all is but another name for Life, and God is all Perfection - all Good - then how does it happen that discord is manifested here on earth and destruction seems to have such sway at times throughout the Earth?"

The Ascended Masters say: "The human intellectual consciousness, through using only a few of its God Attributes, has the capacity to form judgments and conclusions just from the input of the physical senses, without taking into consideration the full knowledge from within the Presence of God. If the human mind wants to know more of the Truth of God Reality, then it must call forth that Truth from the Individualized Presence of the &I AM", which is using "vehicles of expression": the Electronic Body, Causal Body, Holy Christ Presence (Higher Mental Body), memory body ("soul"), mental body, emotional (astral) body, and physical body (along with the etheric double component).

Thus the human intellect has only partial information upon which to make its decisions. Unless it calls for the full Illumination to bring forth Perfection, it falls short of the Perfection which is within Life, and which should be expressed; because it has forgotten to keep its attention upon the Supreme Source of its Being, The Presence of the "I AM", and use ALL of its God Qualities and Christ Virtues. The attention of the intellect has been focused into the outer world of form or upon the things of the physical world most of the time.

The Rays of Light - which are Life - flowing down from the Electronic Body into the lower bodies, including the physical body, do the same thing for it, that the Rays of Light and Life from our physical Sun do for the plant life of our Earth: because all expanding of Perfection, on any plane of Life, takes place by the projecting down of Life energy, through Radiation from that which is above into that which is below. All is a constant raising, expanding activity of Perfection. All energy and substance forever act under Law, but they do not discriminate. The discriminating Intelligence is located in the Higher Mental Body (Holy Christ Self) and acts through the individual who says: "I AM".

The supreme purpose of every human being's physical embodiment is to attain the Ascension: having taken dominion over the lower planes by balancing at least 51% of one's negative karma and achieving at least minimal Mastery on all Seven Rays, as well as fulfilling one's own individual Divine Plan (dharma) freely chosen before taking the very first incarnation in this System of Worlds. That is the full expansion of the individual's Perfection, into and through the substance of this world. Everyone must do this sometime and somewhere, and each one will continue to re-embody until this is accomplished.

The First Commandment

The First Commandment is the whole of the Law of Life: "THOU SHALT HAVE NO OTHER GODS BEFORE ME". Whatever our attention is on, is our "God" for the moment; because wherever our attention is focused, there our Life Energy flows and whatever the individual gives his Life to is his "God". Since the "I AM" within the Electronic Body is the Source of each physical Life, then nothing should ever come before It in our attention our daily activities, or our Love.

A true Ascended Master Student should not be concerned about discovering who his Twin Flame is. Always place God, "Mighty I AM Presence" first in your life. This is the very first Law of Life you have made for yourself - and this remains throughout Eternity.


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