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Cha Ara

                              Cha Ara                              

Service to God in Life

  • First Public Dictation / Discourse:
    • December 25, 1932   Chicago, Illinois U.S.A. (1)

  • Service to the Earth:
    • Lady Master Meta, the daughter of Sanat Kumara and Lady Master Venus, incarnated in Atlantis, where she served as the high priestess at the Temple of Healing, and in Persia, where she married and had three children. She has been called the Goddess of Healing and is the patron of doctors and nurses. The Master Cha Ara was originally one of the three children of Lady Master Meta. He became a master alchemist who formulated an "attar" made from rose petals. He is the protector of all Zoroastrians. He works with Saint Germain and Others of the Brotherhood of Light to bring in the Golden Age on Earth.

Persian Cave Temple

A World of Light, Love, Freedom and Perfection

" . . . Once you learn the Power of your feeling world, what a transformation will take place in your Life. Hold your feeling harmonious to the Great Presence, call It with great determination into action, to produce Its Perfection and hold Its Dominion in your world. Oh then, the Joy, the Beauty, the Freedom and the Happiness that is yours. Oh, dear hearts, you do not need longer remain in unhappiness of any kind. Oh, do not let the human any longer have dominion to make you unhappy.

"The Great Light which gives you Life and beats your heart is free - Oh so free! Yet the ignorance of the human tries to bind that Light, and to say, to that which the Light produces: 'You are mine! You must obey me!' What nonsense! Oh, the Freedom of the Light to give every human being Freedom! Once mankind learns to do that, then very great will be the Happiness mankind will experience.

"Is it not a tragedy, dear hearts, when human beings for any reason whatsoever, try to bind others to them. It is not the Law of Life. Freedom is the Law of Life. That does not mean license to do wrong things, not by any means! But it does mean — in the feeling world — each one should let every other one be perfectly free. Just call their Mighty I AM Presence into action and feel it. Then all must be in perfect harmonious accord. This does not mean that men and women should go out and pick up with each other's wives and husbands or anything of the kind. That is not freedom! It is worse bondage than ever; because when mankind sets up causes, God alone knows how far reaching are the effects. Freedom means — in your feeling world — to let every one feel the full Glory of his own Presence. Wonderful! wonderful! wonderful indeed! Only We who have attained that Freedom know just how wonderful It is. . . . "

" . . . Oh dear ones, do you not see how in the acknowledgement of the Great, the Mighty Presence, all the world becomes an expression of Divine Love? All the world becomes lovers — expressing Divine Love. Do you not see how wonderful it is? These Beloved Messengers have learned to do that — to pour forth such a Power of Divine Love to the students, that It gives them Happiness they never knew existed before in their Love to each other. Their Love before was very great and yet, It was not a fragment in comparison to this Great Love of the Mighty I AM Presence which pours forth to flood the world of the students everywhere.

"Oh precious ones, you have entered into a world of Light, Love, Freedom and Perfection. Accept it unto Its fullness in all activity of you and your world. Remember, dear ones, no longer need you accept or hold within you, the slightest inharmony in your bodies; for you know now the Light in your heart, your physical heart in your body, is your Mighty I AM Presence acting there. I leave this statement with you tonight. Remember, your Heart is your Mighty I AM Presence acting within your human form. Therefore, Its Radiance pouring forth in every cell of your body through the Threads of Light that come forth and the Points of Light within those cells, enables you to be a dynamo of the Energy from your heart. . . . "

Beloved Cha Ara
through the Messenger, Guy Ballard,   March 19, 1937   Alhambra, California U.S.A. (8)

Cave Temple in Persia

Sons of Belial: The Problem of Embodied Evil

"To Every Lover of Truth:

"As there is darkness in the world, so there is Light. As there is Truth, so there is error. As physical light banishes physical darkness, so Spiritual Light banishes the ignorance of spiritual error.

"There are many who have said that man was made in the Image of God. Let it be known, then, that as man was made in the Image of God, so he was also made in the image of creative opportunity – he was given the great opportunity to create himself in the Image of God. But it is not enough to be created in the Divine Image; man must also direct his life patterns toward the outpicturing of that Image. To assist him in that goal the Great Mediator, the Living Christ, was given to man as the Spiritual Light that would banish darkness and ignorance from his consciousness. (4)

"Now, the Indian Council has asked me to apprise the students that there are upon the planet sons of Belial (5) just as there are Sons of God. These sons of darkness have reappeared throughout the ages desiring the slaughter of the innocents. In the time of Moses they were there, making it necessary to hide him in the bulrushes; in the time of Christ Jesus they were also there, making it necessary for Him to be taken in the arms of His Mother across the desert in the flight into Egypt.

"Many are these sons of Belial scattered among humanity who would corrupt the Perfection of the Soul of man, who would obscure the Divine Image. These are the harbingers of destruction that you read about in your papers. Although their goals have remained the same, their methods of executing them have changed with the times.

"One day, by reason of the false patterns they have adopted in their lives, by reason of the darkness they allow to lodge within them, they will be no more. Yet, while the sun shines upon the just and the unjust, they continue their machinations as though there were no standard of decency in the universe. They lament their lot as well as the plight of humanity. Seeking solution in the hand of flesh, they deny the pervading Order of Spirit.

"Some have not considered the parable of the tares and the wheat in terms of the children of darkness and the children of Light, as Jesus explained it to his disciples privately. (6) Some have not even thought upon the problem of embodied evil. It is not our intention that any should become unduly upset upon discovering those evil elements in society which have been present for generations. All should recognize the operation of the law of cycles, the inevitability of the harvest when the tares will be gathered in bundles and burned. At the same time they should be vigilant in defense of the Christ Light, seeking to curb the nefarious influences of the sons of Belial upon their children, upon their governments, and upon the educational systems of the world.

"Unfortunately, the sons of perdition do not recognize the law of transference of authority given to the Sons and Daughters of God as filial dominion. Being of the 'bad seed,' they do not recognize the God-given responsibilities of the Christed offspring to hold dominion over nature. Nor do they see that the beautiful rose appears thorn-crowned, not as a divine act, not even as a manifestation of protection, but as the result of man's wrong thoughts, his sharp feelings, his bitterness and hatred toward his brothers.

"Nature is a champion mimic, always desiring to design as man thinks, as man feels. Being a reflection of the world of man, the world of nature is at the present time dangerously divided and unbalanced. Bowed down with the pollutions of mankind's consciousness, elemental life can no longer provide the vehicle for the pristine Power of the Comfort Flame as was intended by God.

"The feelings of the masses, side by side with reasoning minds, vie for control of men's lives. In most cases, neither the feelings nor the thoughts of men are imbued with Perfection; yet it is possible for man to so endow them, if he will. Let men understand that even the emotions in all their turbulence can come under the command of the Inner Power of the Christ Light, the Light of Spiritual Dominion.

"Peace, be still! The waves of mass emotion, choppy, engulfing and humanly erratic, are quieted by the command of the Christ, becoming thereby a calm reflector of the Splendor of the Light. The mind can also be stilled, becoming the bearer of good tidings and Holy Wisdom as the Mind of Christ or of God. Unfortunately, even the justice of human knowledge does not always appear to win in the battle between fact, opinion and feelings; for man is more often moved by his feelings of happiness, fleeting though they be, by his emotions and his opinions of himself or others than he is by logic and fact. . . . "

" . . . Unless spiritual opportunity be recognized, you may find only in part that which you seek. But when the hand of spiritual opportunity is seen behind all events as a conspiracy of Light calculated to adorn the soul with garments of greatness – in order that each man might be clothed upon with the proper spiritual thoughts and feelings – then you shall draw near to your own Eternal Design, then Christ shall come to live in you. On the other hand, your rejection of your own potential can temporarily destroy your spiritual opportunities for attunement with those great Cosmic Friends of Light who would bring your life into Perfect Balance.

"You are creations of Vastness, but unless the cup of your consciousness be rightly enlarged, you remain as unborn sons. When you accept as your very own the Authority of the Divine Master of Life, the Eternal Spirit in whose Image you were made, then true inner progress can occur; for in His hands are wrought such marvelous wonders as man seldom dreams of in his earthly state. But when he embarks upon the Higher Goal as the fires of imagination intensify, he sees with holy reason that the real purpose of life is to bring each man through the veil to the place where his Spiritual Merger makes him the author of his own Destiny.

"Thus, one by one, do all transcend the dust and day by day rise triumphant into the all-enfolding progress of a Higher Realm, right while their feet pursue the pilgrim path on Earth below.

"Heaven waits.

"Radiantly, I AM

"Cha Ara
Son of Meta"

Beloved Cha Ara
through the Messenger, Mark Prophet,   January 1971   Colorado Springs, Colorado U.S.A. (2)

Cave Temple in Iran

ascended master

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