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Service to God in Life

  • Service to the Earth:
    • Hierarch of the Royal Teton Retreat in Wyoming. Beloved Lord Lanto was the Hierarch of the Royal Teton Retreat until July 3, 1958 when the Ascended Master Confucius succeeded Him as Hierarch of the Retreat. (1)   (5)

  • Divine Ray & Sacred Fire
    • Yellow
    • Gold
    • Precipitation Flame (Green tinged with Gold)

Royal Teton Retreat

Master of Mind and Circumstance

" . . . It is not enough to be aware of one's involvement in the universe. One should also be master of the mind and of the circumstances that enmesh the mind in outer conditions but produce neither success nor the sense of accomplishment which success brings. This sense is akin to the feeling of progress, of soul movement, of victory over the web of illusion and those devices that sometimes engage the thoughts and feelings, accentuating the worst aspects of a man's nature without providing any tangible benefits to the soul.

"I speak of the thousand and one lures of the senses, of the tragic sense of involvement in the world of maya that becomes a winding of circumstances upon the staff of a man's being, erecting a prison house that cuts him off from the Light and air of God's wondrous Mercy. How true it is that individuals, through fear and a sense of oppression, seem able to weigh themselves down with the weight of darkness right where the Beauty and Bounty of the Light should dwell.

"Now, at a time when the attention of mankind is turning toward the East, looking for the wisdom to be found there, it is proper and just that men should enter into neither a wholesale condemnation of that which comes out of the East nor a wholesale approval of that which comes out of the West. The world is one. Good and bad men dwell everywhere upon the face of the landed earth; but none are so bad as those who allow their consciousness to dwell in the cups of darkness, dipping again and again into a spirit of hopelessness rather than into a Spirit of Joy.

"It is to the general upliftment of the race, then, that I would recommend mankind's acceptance of the Good that cannot be measured by worldly thought or feeling but only by man's individualized sense of expansion. What a pity it would be if all men used different yardsticks. Yet this is exactly what they do when it comes to the things of the Spirit. Each one sets his own standard of divine or human values, especially of those which are difficult to measure by human means.

"I advocate, then, that in order to effect a greater soul freedom and a greater emancipation of one's personal energies, the individual enter into the Higher Consciousness of the Christ and its magnificent yet altogether dominant influences for God-Good. These may be evoked by a measure of the Universal Potential that is already active within all men if they will but open themselves unto the Divinity that is their True Being. . . . "

Beloved Confucius
through the Messenger, Mark Prophet,   April 1972,   Colorado Springs, Colorado U.S.A. (4)

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Great Central Sun Angels

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