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Solar Logos

Service to God in Life

" . . . Alpha and Omega were among the Seven Suns Who chose to become Central Suns and the Seven now serving under Them as Suns were Their Planets when Alpha and Omega were just a Sun in Their previous System! So beneath the Central Sun of Alpha and Omega is the First Sun of Osiris and Isis; the Second sun Apollo and Diana; the Third Sun Krishna and Sophia, and the Fourth Sun Helios and Myself. Then the other three Suns below us.

"This may seem difficult to understand but everything in this Universe is a succession of experiences. First you are a Planetary Lord, then you have an opportunity to become a Lord of a Sun! When this course is completed, Alpha and Omega presently breathing in, Osiris and Isis, will be the first Sun to return home into the Heart of Alpha and Omega. When all seven of the Suns have returned into Their Hearts, We will then determine what size the next Galaxy will be; that is whether Helios and Myself decide to try and be a Central Sun, or whether We stay within the Heart of Alpha and Omega and work from there. . . . "

" . . . Once more let Me repeat: Alpha and Omega, as one of the twelve Suns in that Galaxy, qualified to become a Central Sun. In like manner, the other six Suns, qualified to be Central Suns, in this Cosmic Galaxy, and not twelve. The Suns that now run down in Our present System were in a Horizontal position out from Alpha and Omega when They were a Sun. Beneath Helios and Myself, you have a very strong Sun - Hercules and Amazon. Then you have a more delicate one, Aureole and Aurea; and the last one is Dawn and Luz. This one will be the last to return into the Heart of Alpha and Omega when we have Our Cosmic Council and decide whether We, in turn, with the Planets of our System wish to create a new System. . . . "

Beloved Vesta
through the Messenger, Geraldine Innocente,   1956,   U.S.A.   (2)

Rose Nebula

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  2. Vesta, 1956   The Bridge to Freedom Journal, The Bridge to Freedom (1956); reprinted by Ascended Master Teaching Foundation

Great Central Sun Angels

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