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     Retreat of the Blue Lotus     

Manu of the Fourth Root Race

Service to God in Life

  • Also known as:
    • Lord Himalaya (4)
    • God Himalaya (2)
    • God of the Mountains (2)

  • First Public Dictation / Discourse:
    • Sunday June 27, 1937 in Pasadena, California U.S.A. (1)

  • Office in Hierarchy
    • Manu of the Fourth Root Race (3) (4)

  • Divine Ray & Sacred Fire
    • "Golden Snow"(4)

  • Retreat
    • Retreat of the Blue Lotus & The Temple of the Blue Lotus in the Himalayan Mountains (3) (4) "Oh, there are those that do not make the trek to My Abode for fear of the Absolute Will of God that I demand. But you can rest assured that El Morya made the trek. Kuthumi made the trek. You are invited to make the trek if you feel within your own Illumination’s Flame that you are ready." (5)

Himalayan Mountains

"When you allow your consciousness to soar beyond the bounds of your human creation, you begin to understand how glorious is the Body of God. Many often find themselves immersed in the day-to-day life that does not allow them to forge their True Identity. Therefore, there is a breach in the flow of what the Presence of God would convey to the outer vehicles moment to moment. And many find themselves wanting for that communion, striving in all manner of ways, but most of which are the ways of the world.

"You have come to know certain disciplines of the Law wherein you are able to call forth that Light, call forth that Momentum of God, and establish that Presence — if not for the entirety of your day-to-day life, certainly in those critical times when you must make wise decisions for your lifestream.

"The Will of God for many is intangible, for they have been so long under the guise of their own human will, their human ego, the desires of the emotional body and of the flesh. Not having learned how to forge the communion with God by the disciplines that many of you have come to know leaves them bereft upon the shores, beaten by the human riptides of thought and feeling.

"This, we, the Ascended Ones, would not wish for any of the Sons and Daughters of God. But every lifestream must awaken to that decision to be within the Presence of God for themself. Oftimes they do not even known that a decision must be made. For long, long ago the lifestream left the precinct and the Radiance of the Presence of God and entered into worldly living, masquerading as the Nature of God. . . . "

"Many have entered into so-called religious studies, both East and West, buying into the understanding woven out of the human mind of another that surely God would bestow upon them all his Gifts and Graces if they would but follow that particular way. Where is Christ Discrimination within the fabric of the lives of these Sons and Daughters of God? . . ."

" . . . When you make the election to go beyond what you have already experienced, you will find there are new vistas, new horizons for you to behold as you continue your journey. For though you have embraced the Presence of God, have made room for that Presence in your life, and daily strive to maintain your disciplines, I, Himalaya, am here to announce to you there is more!

"How glorious it is to know that there is more of the Presence that you can attain to in your life. No matter how far you travel in consciousness, how much you expand the Light in your vehicles, how disciplined you may be at present, there is always more of God to realize.

"Realization means that you have successfully internalized certain key elements of the Fabric of God Consciousness in all of the varied dimensions that God would have you maintain. Then, at any given time and cycle, you are sure to find new dimensions that your Mighty I AM Presence has elected for you to begin to draw forth into full realization of your life. This is why one can never become bored in the sameness of God; because, blessed hearts, your realization of the Presence of God is always changing, always expanding, revealing new dimensions, new awareness, new momentum. And that, blessed hearts, is the glorious Opportunity that abounds in the Grace that God continually bestows upon you by your striving, listening, absorbing God Consciousness, and adhering to every detail that you are required to obtain. . . ."

Beloved Lord Himalaya
through the Anointed Representative®, Carolyn Louise Shearer,   July 25, 2010,   Tucson, Arizona U.S.A. (8)

Himalayan Mountains

" . . . Many of you have been in physical embodiment for thousands of years — indeed, more than you would care to recall. In the silence, when you enter into your meditations, suddenly, all of those incarnations, all of the sense of struggle fade away, almost disappearing from your awareness. For you enter into a Realm where there is only the teeming pressure of God, moving you in a dimension that before seemed out of reach. So you return often to that place in consciousness, expecting to find the very same climate and atmosphere. But I, Himalaya, AM here to tell you, just as quickly as you become accustomed to the sameness of any plateau, you will be thrust into new initiations and cycles so that you might learn, so that there will not be too long a rest by the stream of the sameness of your life. Perhaps this does not seem fair, but it is indeed in order. For all of Life is constantly moving, accelerating or decelerating, but never the same state of being in a stagnant consistency.  

"Oh yes, you are given time to catch your breath so that you will have the strength and energy to make the climb. But don’t wait too long before you begin to exert your next step, your next opportunity to embrace, for the Will of God desires you to open your consciousness to the possibilities of all things under the Sun. And, indeed, is this not why you have been drawn to this Conclave and Journey to the Great Central Sun? Have you not anticipated what was to come? The change you would experience? The renewed, resurrected Flame, coursing through your vehicles and allowing you to move beyond the sameness of your life?  

"How many of you I have observed that have come just so far on your journey and have thought to yourself, “Well, this is far enough for this lifetime. I will be content to coast into the next life, for surely I have not achieved sufficient Light in my vehicles to make the Ascension. I recall this karma and that, even of this incarnation. Have I really invoked enough of the Light of God to transmute it and pay that debt to life?” So you wait for the final hour when the Presence says it is time.  

"Do you suppose you will make your Ascension the next lifetime if you come back into embodiment adopting the same attitude of life? If there is not enough of the Presence of God as a pressure of Light moving through you at the close of this lifetime, how can you be assured that you will remember the next time? Will you even make it to the Altar of the Ascended Masters? Or will you get caught in all of the malaise of the human thought and feeling going on in the world around you?  

"The Grace of God has given you the Opportunity to choose. This is why the Victory is so sweet, so glorious, so grand. Because it is you that will internalize the Light of God into this vehicle that you wear. It is the Flame of God awakened in the lower vehicles that will say, 'I stand and continue to stand as a Pillar of Light!' Will you will the outer vehicles by the Flame of God to be disciplined so that you might meet the appointed cycle of your Destiny?  

"Yes, Blessed Hearts, your Destiny has an identity. It is a thoughtform filled with the Desire of your God Presence. At each point of the awareness of this thoughtform is the firing of the Light Rays required to ignite in your outer vehicles the Determination, the Wisdom, and the Love, to bring it into manifestation. But if you decide to slumber on in the sweet comfort of your sameness, then all of Heaven bows before you. Even your own God Presence will release you at every level of your being. The freewill election reigns supreme. If you doubt, let your mind continue to rule for a time, absent the Consciousness of the Threefold Flame of the Heart igniting any Christ Discrimination, and you will quickly see how the deterioration of life begins to fall about your feet.    

"And this is the state of affairs of many of the Sons and Daughters of God that do not embrace a Higher Way of Life, a Godly Way of Life, a Virtuous Way of Life in the Christ. And yet, life continues on. And you would wonder why those very lifestreams still receive Opportunity to embody. It is because all is not lost as long as there is a Threefold Flame upon the Altar of the Heart. That is opportunity for the outer vehicles to be trained and tutored, oft times, to be cut off sufficiently in one or more of the vehicles from the Light of the Presence, long enough to create dis-ease so that that one will awaken to the reality that their life must change.  

"Is this harsh? The Presence does not think so. For would you allow a child of your very own to continue to be undisciplined, untutored and untaught, to the detriment of their own safety and well-being, time and time again, without interceding on behalf of that one, so little and formative, that has come into your responsibility? It is indeed the parents role, just as it is the role of the Mighty I AM Presence, to entreat you into the Flame of God, to nourish you, protect you, soothe your wrinkled brow, and allow you to have as much opportunity as possible to overcome, to awaken, and take the full Opportunity to exhibit the Virtues of the Christ, the God Qualities of the ONE, God, and a greater Nature of your own God Presence. . . . "

Beloved Himalaya
through the Anointed Representative®, Carolyn Louise Shearer,   January 2, 2010,   Tucson, Arizona U.S.A.   (5)

Himalayan Mountains

" . . . When the pulsating Light of God — as a giant finger — probed the darkness and touched the Earth below, it created in the Heart of man a Shining Chalice, spun from Heart Flames of Living Light! Like glorious filaments — like the turned-up cups of the sacred lotus — its petals surround the chalice, yet rising from the center is the pulsating Blue Lotus Flame of Eternal Goodwill, Illumination and Peace! As an ambassador from 'On High' it ever beckons from within; and men and women who respond to it — we call 'true blue!' Your Beloved Saint Germain, when embodied as Francis Bacon, said — 'Above all, to thy self be true.'

"Pause now to consider to what self men ought to be true. To the changing, varied, multi-colored kaleidoscopic patterns which like a quilt of many colors so questionably garbs those idle dreamers who are caught in the snares and delusions of their mere human self where eddying around them are pitfalls of misery, quagmires of sorrow, and those poignant disappointments found in an empty and meaningless life — or to the shining Victory of their God Presence as it assumes Its Dominion over life, nature and mind, permeating all with God Peace?

"The best-laid plans of men must ultimately go astray unless and except they coincide with God's Will! This is no dictatorship — this is not even compulsion — it is the Law in Action — otherwise, Perfection would now manifest everywhere on Earth! The fact that it does not is proof enough for those who require it that God has given free will to men. Only men of goodwill can return the gift to God by loving obedience and eternal determination!

"From My Heart — in the Temple of the Blue Lotus in the heart of the mountain ranges bearing My name — I, Himalaya, encompass the world now with the Radiance of My Blessing. I bring men Peace, in the name of the Prince of Peace! In the name of eternal felicity I endow in God's Name 'I AM' all men who love Life and Truth, with the Blessing of the Sacred Blue Lotus! Tangible and Real, Living and Eternal is this outpouring! I trust, then, the brave and the diligent shall endeavor now to come as on swift currents of the air to My Retreat, while their physical body sleeps — there to personally receive My Blessing! All the Sons of Heaven, all the children of Earth, ought to ask me to seal them daily in the great enfolding Peace — which We in Our Retreat hold so precious and which We so freely and lovingly offer to you today. . . . "

Beloved Lord Himalaya
through the Messenger, Mark Prophet,   September 1960,   U.S.A. (6)

Himalayan Mountains

" . . . Your human is the only one who can make a mistake. Your Presence never does! Think! all mankind has made a constant stream of mistakes. Now We are correcting that whole stream and you are correcting it. So, if you find in your earnest effort a mistake has been made, what of it? Simply say: 'Mighty I AM Presence, do not let me do it again.' Such is the Freedom, the Power which is being released in your world. Do you not see that if you crumple up because you have made a mistake, you undo all the work you have already done, and you have to start all over? Do not do that, but with the Infinite Joy of the Presence say: 'Oh no, you appearance world, no more do you have power! It makes no difference what stands before me that is less than Your Perfection, I declare: it has no power' and it does not have. If necessary, in order to give you time to get your breath and gather your forces, say: 'Stop! you shall not enter my world! I will have no more of this.' Then as you have sent forth this Great Power which stops everything, say: 'Mighty I AM Presence, rush forward here, take command of me and my world! Hold your Dominion and produce what is required for my Freedom, Happiness, my Supply, my Comfort, or whatever it may be.' Oh these are Great Laws, Mighty Laws, dear ones, that even a little child can use, and the children do use them wonderfully.

"It is only because, dear ones, you momentarily give way again to the power of appearances that your Freedom seems to be delayed; when they have no power except what you give them. Do not do that, I plead with you. Your Victory is so sure, so quick, as soon as you take your stand against the appearance world and know and feel that it has no power.

"Do you not see that you have been the creators of these limitations which beset your world and the conditions that are there? When you say to a thing: 'You have no power!' - you being the creator of it, take the power out of it to act in your world. Do you not see that beloved ones? It is so magnificent! Remember, let Me repeat again: You are the creator of every limiting thing in your world. Therefore, when you say to an appearance: 'You have no power!' - do you not see right then and there, you take out of such an appearance any power to further act in your world, to limit or to obstruct your way? . . . "

" . . . Beloved ones, when you see a need, instead of feeling critical, always say to your Presence: 'Oh Mighty I AM Presence, thank you! Here is another opportunity for me to call You into action to produce Perfection.' Oh precious ones, will you do that always? As you pass through the appearance world in your daily activities, wherever there is a requirement, hold yourselves in absolute silence from voicing any discordant thing. Than say to your Presence: 'Take command of this person, place, or condition. Produce your Perfection and hold your Dominion there.' Then be at Peace within your mind and feeling world. the results will be so great, so tremendous for you. . . . "

Beloved Himalaya
through the Messenger, Guy Warren Ballard,   June 27, 1937,   Pasadena, California U.S.A. (7)

Blue Lotus

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Great Central Sun Angels

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