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     Holy Justinius     

Captain of Seraphic Hosts

Service to God in Life

  • Also known as:
    • Holy Justinius (2)
    • Captain of Seraphic Bands (1)
    • Captain of Seraphic Hosts (3)

  • First Public Dictation / Discourse:
    • 1967   U.S.A. (1)

  • Office in Hierarchy
    • Holy Justinius is known as the Captain of Seraphic Hosts.

  • Angels
    • Seraphim

"I AM Justinius, Captain of Seraphic Hosts. And I come holding in my Vision the purification of the consciousness of the Sons and Daughters of God, of the atmosphere all about you and the ability to transfer from your own God Presence into your outer consciousness more of the scintillating Fire that would be deposited, if greater purification were to take place in your outer vehicles. I have come with these Seraphic Hosts, to sweep the Earth with Our Consciousness, to make way for the opening of the Cosmic Highways so that great Cosmic Beings may release a great Light into the Earth; to facilitate more of the Sons and Daughters of God who have gone through the purification, the disciplines, and align their consciousness with their God Presence sufficiently to make the trek to the Great Central Sun — which can occur when there is a Dispensation to open up these glorious Byways of Light and the assistance that is held by Cosmic Beings.

"Blessed Hearts, perhaps you have lost sight of the Vision for yourself, but let me impart to you a Vision that I hold as Captain of these Great Beings of Light. I know that where we venture into, oft times it is troubled by negativity or energy that is not in keeping with the Realms of which we exist. But nonetheless, we must hold Our gaze upon the Perfection of the Heart of God, never lowering into the density in which are called so that we might forever maintain that Charge of Light that will perform the Perfect Work according to the cycle that is deemed by the Allness of God, that is called forth by Cosmic Councils and will facilitate in the raising of consciousness for the mankind of Earth.

"We understand that you likewise are called to live among energies that are not of the highest vibration. You are even called to work oft times day in and day out for most of an incarnation in realms of livelihood that are not conducive with the Vibrations of the Christ. Why do you suppose this is, Blessed Hearts? Is it because you have not galvanized enough of the Fire of your own God Presence to transmute those returning karmas that necessitate your standing in the midst of such negativity? Or are there lessons to be learned, that if you were thrust into the ideal conscious surroundings you would not have enough impetus and striving in your own outer vehicles to attain to that Vibration that is required for you to put on the Garment of the Lord?

"Consider for a moment how easily you are prone to be laxed in your disciplines. How if you go, or sometimes neglecting the service to the altar of your own God Presence, giving gratitude, calling forth the Light — you are more easily prone to deflect your consciousness into areas that are not in keeping with what you know to be the disciplines that you would call forth for yourself. Yet, it comes about so easily because the pressure of the Light is not there to remind you that the co-measurement of who you are, what you are to be about and the Mastery that you are gaining has gone, has receded back into the Realms of Perfection. Your Holy Christ Self, ever close yet so distant, for there is not sufficient Light to knit together these vehicles of consciousness and allow the pressure of Light of your own God Presence to be that constant stream of the thread of contact with the Allness of God. So you look for God in other places, in other habits, in other byways. And you find that the vision you might have held at one time, or the desire of your Heart to better your lot in life is no longer there. Having lost the vision, you wander in the wilderness separated out as an island not connected with anything save that which gravitates to the same negative vibration or wasteland.

"This is how important is your vision, Blessed Hearts, of your own God Presence, so that you might have the full recognition in your outer consciousness to remind you of those low tides of your emotional energy when you are not as charged with the Light of God to keep the faith, to maintain the discipline. For the goal is worth the effort to remind you to re-galvanize your energies and to amass enough strength so that you might call forth the Light of God.

Recharge your vehicles and be about the work that is the Will of God for you. Can you not see the parallels with becoming the Captain of Seraphic Hosts? You are the captain of your ship of state. It is your Identity in these vehicles that you must lower into manifestation. And likewise, Blessed Hearts, you find that when that Light begins to course through you, when you are disciplined enough to garner that Light and protect it, you are elevated in consciousness.  And no longer are there the travails of the day to day life, but the anticipation of what is to come, and how glorious is God at work in your life.

"For you to gain the Ascension, it requires the putting on of this Garment. For you to enter into the Ascension Temple, there must be a sufficient charge of Light, attainment already garnered. Yes, through your many incarnations and of this very one that give you the entree pass for the Keeper of the Door, to the secrets that are imparted to your finer bodies of how to accept the transfer of Light of the Ascension Current maintaining the fullness of the vision of your God Presence in the Realms of Light. All the while the Light is treating these vehicles of expression that you have come to know about with sufficient Light to set them spinning faster and faster with more Light, more Illumination. And then Blessed Hearts, you will be prepared for that final cycle, to take your Ascension in the Light. . . . "

Beloved Holy Justinius
through the Anointed Representative®, Carolyn Louise Shearer,   December 28, 2007,   Tucson, Arizona U.S.A. (3)

"I beheld the predication of God, the First Cause, unsullied, magnificent in brightness, qualifying each Monadic release with the intensely glowing similitude of the Divine. What a delight of sameness, defrauding none; jealousy was unborn. But the Fire remained — not tiny and not finite. It was a growing spiral of concept. From the dot, the circles emerged and, as the hands of a clock, spun a cone in space that, like a golden ladder, scaled the heights, probed the depths, and unified the diverse.

"Where is division, then, among Us? It is not. All that divides is not among Us. All that seeks to conquer is not among Us, for We are enamored by His Love. And the blush of a flower petal is translucent unto Us, for His Light streams through the substance as a window lattice of exquisitry.

"Naturally endowed and endowing nature, thy omnidirectional Rays flood forth translucent superiority — transparency — revealing as translucency, concealing and variegating the motif of a child's eye delight. I AM and because I AM you are, we are, they are — It is. All comes into focus as a thrilling, throbbing Unity of Purpose at work — action with no room for reaction, for all is automated to express individuality, purpose, action, heartbeat, unity, fire of purpose, and continuity. Continuity and immortality are one, and all that endures is of worth; and all that is of worth endures to repair its highest glory behind the veils of ever-receding transcendency.

"No ultimate save ultimate purpose. No end save new beginnings. No frustration but never-ending revelation. Youth and newness, friendships and light expansion as God's Vision beholds manifestation, as manifestation by God's Vision expands vision as an adjunct to creative re-creation. And limitation is perceived as imitation, schooling the manifestation within the microcosmic domain until, by reason of soul advancement, the imitator becomes the limitless Imitator. The soul is raised to higher dimensions of service as God goes into action to graduate the lesser manifestation of Himself to complete the Glory of His Plan.

"'Verily I say unto you, 'Except ye be converted and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the Kingdom of Heaven'. The surreptitious consciousness of man, like an ink cloud or the spew of a giant squid, opaques the atmosphere of Reality and holds man submerged. Now We break the bonds with all of their tenacity, and We feel the magnetism of the world being exchanged for the Magnetism of Heaven. . . . "

Holy Justinius
through the Messenger, Mark Prophet, 1967   U.S.A. (3)

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